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If you aren't doing some things that are crazy, you're doing the wrong things. || Things aren't important until they need to be

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Thanks for 4 months of adventures, late nights, fun times, and putting up with my crap. Here's to the times we've had and the many more adventures to come!

A plus of me chopping part of my finger off is that I always look like number one☝️

Lake Tahoe sunrises are the prettiest things in the world🌅🏔️

Stephen Lockett

10 Days 14 Hours Ago

Enjoying the view😉

Stephen Lockett

15 Days 23 Hours Ago

Happy New year! Thanks to this one for making it one to remember🎉🎊🎆 @victory_nicole

Great way to end out 2017!! @victory_nicole

I wouldn't rather adventure with anyone else❤️

Stephen Lockett

27 Days 15 Hours Ago

This was right after she had a super hero landing😍

Apple crisp in front of the Christmas tree nights are always the best nights. Ft. Star Wars Band-Aid and fuzzy socks.

I'm too tired to make a caption. #finals

Late night hot chocolate dates👌

Digging the pixel 2 camera📸📵

Happy turkey slaughter day 🦃🔪

Happy thanksgiving🦃

The last rose of the season

Gotta love folsom

SF with this one today was pretty great if I do say so myself

Hey everyone! Been working super hard with @brosephh94 and @a_aron1872 to bring this awesomeness to the market! Check out our website, and show anyone you know with a tesla! Check out and

42,000 feet in the air, and going 505 mph really forces you to see things from a new perspective


It's here! We are proud to announce the launch of our new business! We are working hard to fillout the services and products we offer, with new ones being added this week to celebrate our grand opening!

*caption this*

Hey everyone!! @brosephh94, @a_aron1872, and I teamed up to create something amazing! More details coming soon!

The sunrise was beautiful as we left camp this morning so I thought I would decide to post a clean unfiltered picture of it

"Oh look my water bottle..." #humesummer2017

Hume lake is an amazing place, and I'm happy to have spent it with even more amazing people! I took so many pictures and IG only limits me to ten so expect more #humesummer2017

You can tell who meant to drop me and who didnt #humesummer2017

At the top of Rancheria Falls

Cruising off into the sunset at Huntington lake

Another pic from Yosemite

So we went to yo-say-might today