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mostly illustrations and my giant sheepdog

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I’ve got some pretty happy lil sunflower seedlings 🌱🌻

dreamers retreat 💫

Stephanie Vandewalker

14 Days 20 Hours Ago

Drinking up that star stuff. 🌺 ⭐️ I started another insta just for my art and ideas so if you are into it head on over! This is a little doodle on bent up paper to sorta get it goin!I'll tag it in this

Stephanie Vandewalker

15 Days 20 Hours Ago

A really nice place to dream. And drink the coffee. And eat a cookie. This gorgeous solarium has me like 😍

Stephanie Vandewalker

16 Days 21 Hours Ago

Places where you only hear the wind blow. ...and the occasional marmot.

Stephanie Vandewalker

18 Days 23 Hours Ago

little boxes made of ticky tacky. A fun custom portrait heading to the Bay Area. #customportrait #illustration #familyportrait #yellowhouse #customillustration #happyfamily #commissionedart

Stephanie Vandewalker

22 Days 21 Hours Ago

Red rocks looks majestic today and so do you 🦄

This morning is brought to you by coffee. And smiles. But mostly lots & lots & lots of coffee ☕️ it's helps fuel you to move forward to accomplish those goals&dreams

Rocky Mountain Hummer in her snow blanket. #goldencolorado #publicart #donkennell

Stephanie Vandewalker

27 Days 20 Hours Ago

Trail run day. body+mind+spirit

Stephanie Vandewalker

29 Days 22 Hours Ago

Octopus speed draw video. Another WIP to add to my ever expanding list of works in progress. Is anything ever really "done" tho #speeddrawing #illustration #octopus

When I'm not drawing silly pictures you can find me hanging out in haunted mountain top dwellings 👻🌲

A work in progress. It's not done but it's midnight thirty already.

Concept sketch. There should be fun ways to learn about cat anatomy right?? #bugscatcheris

Had a fun opportunity to do a custom portrait for a British fam living in Wales totally obsessed w the 49ers and all things nor cal. Banana slug is reppin' for the UC Santa Cruz alum. I feel like I know them now without knowing them. #customillustration #redwoods #poppies

Party cat wonders what kind of party even is this #sketchbook #doodles

Time lapse winter feels doodling

A revisit to that color theory class with James Mai that tortured us all. ☠️ gray is in the eye of the beholder. #artschool #flashback #somanyswatches #colortheory #illustration #digitalart #kidlitart #childrensillustration #eskimo #nordic #nordicstyle #illustrator #procreate #artoftheday #coloradoartist #snowlove

she has a hard time sharing the lift with friends. #cephalopodprobs

What am I up to? Oh nothing, just hanging out with rainbow snails. #artoftheday

blue skies white snow red rocks

exploded view diagram - a tasty ice cream cone #maineblueberries #localhoney #strawberryicecream #wafflecone #getinmybelly #andallovermyface

a wild hive with purple bees because why not? And what is this bee kick I'm on? I have about 100 more ideas for bees and honey and honey and bees.

daydreaming about this daydreamy moment frozen in time

Urban binocularing with Jack Landon

doodle creatures that live in my sketchbook

It's better in the mountains

Eskimo kisses!

Goin' wherever the winds take us #oes #coloradodog

Good crepes, good coffee, good company

Sir Derpenstein is excited for the road ahead.