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I just walked into the print shop to check my honey bee proofs and my printer handed me cash because she sold some prints to people who saw it! Amazing! They will be ready soon if you are interested! #honeybee #savethebees

doodle creatures that live in my sketchbook

It's better in the mountains

Eskimo kisses!

Goin' wherever the winds take us #oes #coloradodog

Sir Derpenstein is excited for the road ahead.

Totally scientifically accurate with polkadotted guts. Where are all my bee lovers!? πŸπŸ™‹πŸ»

Stephanie Vandewalker

11 Days 23 Hours Ago

Pizza movie night πŸ•πŸŽ₯mozzie thinks he's human too. #zonedout #pizzacoma #mytribe #sheepie

This is a first. My own table! So peaceful until the popsicle sticks are reached.

Some coffee doodles. Two smitten mittens separated by space. #welcometoearth

Part one of a little series for the kids "galaxy" room. 4 little astronauts. Can you guess who's astronaut this is?

2017...farewell. It was a hard one. Getting the car totaled by a crazy hail storm and the video going viral, a pretty significant relationship ending, I lost 20lbs and then gained 16 back, doing some serious soul searching and dream chasing. Other than nobody ending up in the hospital, the best part is gaining this ridiculous fluffy maniac of a dog as a sure companion and muse. A lot can change in a year, but be like a gentle stream and let 2018 just carve it's way through your story.

Stephanie Vandewalker

22 Days 17 Hours Ago

Mozzie just brush the hair out of your face and smile already. #saycheese #oldenglishsheepdog #traildog

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! And I am seriously considering spending the year developing a Christmas treats food truck that looks just like this. It'll be the family business, like Bluth's Banana Stand πŸŒπŸŽ„

changed up the Christmas card style a bit this year. I love illustrating for this cute fam. #christmasart #illustration #commission #familygoals #moredogsthankids #winterwonderland #gingerbreadhouse #childrensillustration

Fresh snow in the mountains! Ahhhhh so fresh and so cleannn

Fun little digi sketch this morning to just pause and breath. School is out for break, the house is super loud and I have so much to do. In my head it feels a bit like the McCallister house right before they all left for Paris and left Kevin behind. ☺️πŸŽͺπŸŽ„

I was thinking of just making hats out of mozzie fur for everyone for Christmas this year πŸŽ„

I have a filthy tank but happy snails. #reeftank


Do you ever feel like there are too many penguins on your iceberg? I sure do these days...This one is for an old friend!

That butter tho πŸ™ƒ ...Jack!!!

🌲+ πŸ” + 🐢 = best medicine

It's not a proper hike w moz if there isn't a slo mo video #oes #backcountrypaws #traildog #sheepie #ruffwear #adventuredog

Work in progress. What to do with this chick #illustration #spacegirl #originalart #drawing #sketchbook #instaart #imagination #wip

Making breaky πŸ³β˜€οΈ

We'll order up two bowls of chili settin the woods on fire πŸ”₯ #shortshorts #sketchoftheday #illustration #kidlitart #sketchbook #lumberjack #koala #childrensillustration #beanboots #backwoods #maine