E quando chega uma gostosura dessa na aula não tem jeito, todo mundo fica babando 😁 . Tivemos o pilateirinho Emanuel hoje junto com a mamãe @dhenydanielly , que delícia de aula. Tia Fran morre de amor 💙💞 #studiopilatesfrancielesonoda #pilatesposparto #pilatespregnancy #pilateirasdeplantao #mamaesarada #pilatesgestacao #pilates #pilatesbrasil #pregnancy
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Opssss sorry for being my self 🙊🙊🙊🙊

Broooooo what are THOSEEEEEEEEEE

It’s always incredible to me to stumble upon poets or artists who really have the same thought pattern as I do, finding such commonalities among strangers. Whenever I’m composing or writing or painting I make a point to NOT listen to music or read too much or view too much because I want to avoid outside influence, even subconsciously, but I’m breaking my own rules now. So, it’s always shocking but interesting to see how art can develop in blind parallels. . The Solipsist BY TROY JOLLIMORE . Don't be misled: that sea-song you hear when the shell's at your ear? It's all in your head. That primordial tide— the slurp and salt-slosh of the brain's briny wash— is on the inside. Truth be told, the whole place, everything that the eye can take in, to the sky and beyond into space, lives inside of your skull. When you set your sad head down on Procrustes' bed, you lay down the whole universe. You recline on the pillow: the cosmos grows dim. The soft ghost in the squishy machine, which the world is, retires. Someday it will expire. Then all will go silent and dark. For the moment, however, the black- ness is just temporary. The planet you carry will shortly swing back from the far nether regions. And life will continue— but only within you. Which raises a question that comes up again and again, as to why God would make ear and eye to face outward, not in? . . Photo by @monkeypress.de

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Ahhhh não gente! Vontade de morderrr essas perninhas

Dheny Danielly
29 Days 8 Hours Ago

A melhor aula da vida 😍😍😍😍 obrigada Fran, tanto carinho assim❤️ jaja a Valentina vem completar o time 🙏🏻