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Happy Hump Day - Let’s talk BCAA = Branch Chain Amino Acids. (Sidenote: this is what I have learned if you know extra information about this let me know! Always eager to learn more) The basics: 💫 What were they? It’s a popular supplement in the fitness world. A supplement to take before, during or after a workout. It can be taken as a tablet or powder form (with added water) and can be found in many pre-workouts. Looking at general research they’re considered the top supplement for people looking to put on mass. - 💫 How do they work? When you are cutting calories, your body will be in a catabolic state. This means that your body will be breaking down tissue (fat, some muscle etc.) rather than making it (which is known as being anabolic). Muscle loss can occur when cutting since your body opts to use the amino acids which would have otherwise been utilised for protein synthesis (to build muscle) as an energy source. So to get around this. By incorporating BCAA into your routine can stimulate the protein synthesis and help maximise muscle recovery. In a nut shell: muscle repair = muscle growth. - 💫 My experience : So I know the science behind supplements but I’ve never committed to taking them. I’ve always thought I can get most of my energy and protein from a plant based lifestyle. Since taking the BCAAs which I’ve tried for around 2 weeks now I’ve noticed a difference in my performance at the gym and feel my recovery from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) has improved. Even better most BCAA are cruelty free 🍃 and the one I’ve got from @proteinworld in flavour Iced Peach Tea tastes like archers and lemonade. It’s not fizzy, no side affects and if I’m getting a better performance in my workouts I’ll be benefiting from the maximum output. - If you want to check this out properly check the link in my bio. - - Wearing: @gymsharkwomen @gymshark Supplement: @proteinworld BCAA Peached Ice Tea - Not sponsored. Honest review 👌🏻 - #365gainz #proteinworld #bcaa #fitness #fit #weigtlifting #weighttraining #progress #muscle #protein #squat #fitfam #fitmum #gym #gymshark #leggings #gymwear #fitnessmotivation #motivation #humpday #happyhumpday #squats


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