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Just like her eyeliner, she always wings it 😉 (just realizing i havent posted any pics from that trip (besides the ig story) 🌈🌻❤️ #sunny #summer #thailand #good vibes

“O, I am slain” (falls and dies)— William Shakespeare, Hemlet. *reaction to my LT211, English Literature* #midtermcrisis #candid #deadinside #2hrsgonesofast #shakespeare #readings #poetries

Fake smile for the gram with the Titang! Last night was filled of joyous!!

Great and Good friends! Thank you the US embassy and YSEALI for having me here. Both parts were important to make this happen! I spoke on the microphone and could die happily now. Also, got the free ticket for Michael Jackson tribute BBK’s 20th international festival of dance and music and the t-shirt from 10 times of handraise and getting only 2 questions right (out of so many) 🤪 worth being there tbh! #yseali #networking

To where I felt most motivated and confident with the lovely P’Bambam ❤️

“Not a bitch boss but sure thing imma be a boss, bitch” 🤪🤩

My favorite MUNer. I don’t know her personally, but I do admire her a lot 🤩 looks exactly like I haven’t slept for consecutive days Zzzz

The UN officer giving a speech about the world issues along with youth’s power in creating the sustainable solutions, impacts and possibilities to all the problems our world is encountering! Better talk with youth instead of just talking about them. We, youth, might be estimated to be harebrained, dogmatic, unsophisticated and innocent but don’t be quick to judge and to underestimate our capability. We do have that purpose in our lives to creat an impact to our society and we’re in a transition, always ready to be on the express train into becoming the change makers. We’d like to take part in making it a better place. We can be the power of nation building if people in older generation share of their talents, resources and workplace with us. Intergenerational collaboration is certain to be a very important thing for our society, supporting each other and extending benefit both ways—individuals and the society. You’re not asking for the moon! Together, we can make a significant impact and dynamism. Thank you UN for tapping into our creative boundless potential and for such an event provided in order to raise the awareness to us to become more globally active. Such a precious time being there, surrounding myself with such assertive yet friendly and intelligent people. #internationalyouthday #unescap

Formality much

Thank you guys for making this memorable! Making up my mind out of impulse when a friend of mine who is an AIESECer under the IGV asked if I’d like to join in this project as a buddy since buddies are urgently needed for there are some technically unforeseen circumstances happening, is one of the best things I’ve done. As a girl who has been indulging in her introversion for ages, by participating this event really helped boost up her confidence and overcome the fear of meeting new and different people. I took myself out of the comfort zone and I didn’t regret losing a lot of energies at all for they’re so well-wasted. It’s a must try experience and I’ll always be taking a part in this again of course!!! #aiesec #buddyprogram #sawasdeeproject #aiesecthammasat

Because the vibes still runnin through!!! ❤️ #aiesec

dyed my hair black already and cut my bangs again lols. realistically no, I just throw back.

TedxThammasatU attendees! Thank you for being my partner in crime in this journey. Let’s join in the TEDxTalks family next semester. Be well prepared!!! 🤨🤟🏼🤩

came across this and realized how much of an addiction I had in fast food after immersing myself in the world of bad-eating at night, burning the midnight oil for 5 consecutive days to get that academic report about fast food done 🤯

with the bilingual host of the event, P’Grace ❤️ she aced it on the stage! Last year she was one of the speakers, I sadly missed it simply because I wasn’t here, still was a high schooler in the northeastern region far away; but, I came across her talk and watched it several times on YouTube although the vibes weren’t exactly the same as attending the live performance at least I also got inspired and gained some really cool ideas though. fortunately, I made it this year. ps. some say we look alike but I don’t personally think so too with that. 🤨

brilliant talks! totally like a dream come true for me though you know as a girl who has been watching Ted for years finally she made it to the live ones, getting the actual vibes! been asking myself how is actually feel like to sit in that red chair next to such people who have similar goals as mine...i would say this was so surreal!!! #tedxthammasatu2018 lost in definitions ❤️😁 #tedtalks #inspiration

Never seems to get a long but BUNNY loves DOGGIES though ❤️

Impressive, very much so! Indulging in my extroversion for this and celebrating my 19th trying something new was definitely worth it. Get out of your comfort guys because life is all about the balance. In the end of the day you still can recharge your battery and solitary so come on! 🤪