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Family First💖Proud Dad👪!Don't let your dreams be dreams❤...ATHLETICISM HAS LITTLE TO DO WITH AESTHETICS👊...I Control My Destiny...Ali'm💝🏡💯i

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Давно не было булочек 🤭😈 Ph: @murbo.official

Hace un tiempo @gerardxmallorca entró a formar parte de mi vida ♥️. Si alguien adivina de cuántos meses estoy hablando, mañana... ¡HAGO UN DIRECTO! 🎉. . . 📸 @angelromofotografia 📰 @3qmag . . #equipo #pareja #couple #portandratx #3qmagazine

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✨MAMASHARE ✨”10 minutes old :) trying to find his way onto the nipple! Your beautiful page has been such a source of encouragement to me so I wanted to share :) this sweet boy has had a pretty prominent bottom tongue tie since day one and it hasn’t affected him one bit! Every baby is different, every mother’s breast/nipple is different so getting it clipped isn’t always necessary. Know your options mamas! “ @emilyvondy • • • Thank you for sharing! Tongue ties are only a problem if they are a problem. Babies can often compensate well. Important ways to know if things are going well despite tongue tie are 1. Are you in pain 2. Is baby transferring milk? 3. Is baby gaining weight? Tongue ties don’t always need to be corrected during infancy. It’s important to see a #ibclc #lactationconsultant if you are concerned!

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අද තමයි දවස 😜 ඔයාලා බලනවද?? රාත්‍රි 9.30 ට... TV දෙරණ ♥️

Silence is reallllly loud

как говорят голожопые философы: «не стоит слишком часто оглядываться на зад» ☝🏾

Hello Weekend ♣️ #blondeattitude

Passando pra lembrar que hoje tem Pontinhos no sbt 😉💙 #programasilviosantos #pontinhos #sbt #lookdodia


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Встретила на свадьбе @shevgi , с которым дружим лет 8))) @kuzvas.ru я поменьше знаю, но все равно рада видеть🙏🏻🙏🏻 НУ ОЧЕНЬ КАЙФОВАЯ СВАДЬБА!!!!!#КараванАхуительныхИсторий

¿Estamos listos? Sí, estamos listos!!!😝💪🙌🎉💞📺 A partir de ahora las reglas cambian (y la mía derretida también😂😝), y se nota la tensión en la carpa.👻 Somos 6. Cada vez se pone más difícil. Ay, mamá!!!!😰😯💪💪 @telefe 🍰 A @julia.bakeoff y a @gastonbakeoffargentina ya los atacó la ansiedad🍰😂. @hernanbakeoff @gonzalobakeoff #bakeoffargentina #bakeoff #agostinabakeoff #delantalceleste #mundial #russia2018 #estamoslistos #vamos #futbol #worldcup #traemelacopamessi #cocinatina #bake #cocinar #telefe #agostriado #matriarcadomodeon

This small-toothed palm civet, photographed at The Carnivore & Pangolins Conservation Program (@vietnamwildlife), belongs to a species that inhabits very remote, forested areas of south and southeast Asia. These little creatures prey on small mammals, but have also been seen snacking on a wide variety of fruits. Because they are one of the only arboreal omnivores in their ecosystem, they are extremely important seed dispersers, and are essential in helping their forest homes thrive.

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Expectation vs. Reality 🤣

Мои хорошие, если у вас закончилась фантазия Что приготовить 😲😲😲🤔🤔🤔 Тогда вам к моей любимой Алёнушке @alenka_pp_morozik Меню, Рецепты для всей семьи! Уютная тёплая страничка @alenka_pp_morozik