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Weekly musings and overheards from a teacher in the high school trenches. (Always accompanied by APA citations 😉) #CrappyQualityClips #StillTheRealest

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#teachers and #nurses have high rates of urinary incontinence because we hold full bladders for so long during the workday. Solution: dehydration.

It’s like @betsydevosed talked college tuition with @clickhole. 🤣

I’ve only taken on a student teacher once and I don’t think I could do it again. Also, I didn’t really cry my first year because I was too busy working to squeeze a cry in. I did cry a lot my 6th year teaching though, because I was like, “JESUS HOW IS IT STILL THIS HARD AFTER 6 YEARS FFS?!”

And it’s obvious when grading it. #repost @studentproblems

But with a shirt on. #stillwiththedriptho

Word. I admire the teachers who facilitate extracurricular activities, who show up to every sporting event, and who have the energy to give hours of their time after school to students and families. I, too, used to have the energy for the extra stuff but teaching 3-4 preps for my first 6 years really drained me. #stillrecovering #repost @dyingbutfine

From one overworked, underpaid, undervalued profession to another. #teachersstandwithnurses (Graphic: #repost @teaching_in_progress)

Me with grading every Sunday. #repost @studentproblems


Such a bully, making sure you get your education. 😂

When my kids bring hot chips to class.

I am completely in support of this idea. Link:

This will never not be funny. #thinkingaboutpostingthiseverywednesday #repost @freetomeme

What luck!

A @clickhole classic. #dedication

We need a nationwide walkout of public school educators and students.

“Oooooooh!” The lightbulb going off makes all the frustration leading up to it soooo worth it, for everyone involved. 🙌🏼

Those entitled parents, and then admin expecting us to be miracle workers. 🙄 Is teaching even a sustainable career anymore? #repost @jesstheprequel