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Feeling great after my workout today. I made a video of the full workout explaining everything I’m doing and going over some questions you guys have sent me. Tap the link in my bio or search Marco.Galle on YouTube to see it! Looking forward to hearing y’alls feedback! 🤖⚡️

Focusing on one thing at a time. 🤖⚡️

Face your fears.

When you really want something, you’ll stop at nothing to achieve it.

Never look back. 🤖⚡️

I was on Reddit earlier talking with a ton of cool people about fitness and my personal journey. If you guys ever need help or have questions then hit me up and I’ll get back to you asap! —�- Side note: I uploaded a new YouTube video so be sure to tap the link in my bio to check it out!

Always take time to reflect on yourself. Strive to improve, not for perfection but for a better version of yourself. —�- Quick heads up guys, I posted a new YouTube video today so be sure to tap the link in my bio to check it out!

When you changing and thought u heard a noise like ??? 🤖⚡️

Earn the things you desire. 🤖⚡️

Bulking season. How’s everyone’s workouts been going? If anyone needs help or some pointers, send me a DM and I’ll see what I can do. 🤖⚡️

Every single day for 30 days I’m gonna be dropping a new YouTube video, link in the bio - check it out!!

Abs Arms Or both? 👇🏽let me know 👇🏽

Just your casual bathroom selfie

Focus on your future Leave your past behind.

Fight for yourself 🤖⚡️

Take time to reflect. 🤖⚡️

We are all Native

Ever get those days where you’re driving and the sun ☀️ is so bright where you think your gonna go blind or swerve and crash? Yea, not fun.

I’m not very good at this whole “bulking thing” I’m afraid to lose the abs!

Feels good to be back. 🤖⚡️

Fk the distractions If you want something, work.

Back to work 🤖⚡️

I will become who I was meant to be. 🤖⚡️

The truth is that nobody gives a shit about the things you do or don't do. You have to fight for yourself, and live your life. Make something of yourself, become who you dreamt you could.

Left or right? 🤖⚡️

I m a g i n e 🤖⚡️


Find what you love and live your life doing it. 🤖⚡️

Fk parties Fk hanging out Fk trying to fit in "Marco y you so anti social?" Because I'm tryin to get it "Why you always at the gym?" Because I'm tryin to get it All these parties, and people ain't going no where. I'm putting in the work, so Ima get it.

Blessed with another day, I will make the most of it 🤖⚡️

F o c u s e d A n d C o m m i t t e d 🤖⚡️

Good ol black and white for a change. 🤖⚡️

That post workout Boston Market. Those sweet potatoes tho... so Damn good! 🤖⚡️