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Tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:30pm I’m leading an online meditation via Zoom ⚡️The live session will: ✨ Reveal the 1 Bizarre but Powerful Way to Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs ✨ ✨ Help you make peace around an aspect of yourself you judge and hold resentment toward ✨ ✨ How to get unstuck from your unconscious blocks (money blocks, creative blocks, self doubt, fear...) ✨ ✨ ✨Link in bio to sign up! Replay will be emailed out to registrants if you can’t make the live meditation 💕

#repost @thefeministcounselor ✨ We have emergency kits for weather events, but most of us don’t have them for emotional events, which are more frequent and often more damaging to our lives 🗣🌊⚡️. That’s why I’ve put together this emergency self-care kit with ... to help you develop an emotional emergency plan BEFORE a storm arises ☔️! This tool asks you to identify 16 different types of self-care activities to help you ground and feel better, based on things you’re ALREADY doing that help ⛑. . . This is only one of many tools you’ll receive with our 8 week SHADOW + LIGHT online course, launching THIS THURSDAY, 8/22! We’ve spent months putting together creative and interactive activities aimed at helping you uncover the pieces of yourself you’ve lost, with the goal of discovering new strength and growth 🌻. Join us for your transformation! *Link in bio*

6 years together on this wild adventure 💕 . . . . . . . #earthmedicine #earthandsky #gratefulheart #naturelover #motherearth #goneexploring

If you're seeking the next step in your personal evolution, but keep getting stuck by the same patterns repeating in your life, I'm leading a FREE LIVE Guided Meditation to break through your unconscious blocks:: next Thursday at 7:30pm.(link in bio to save your spot🎉) This 30-minute live session will: ✨ Reveal the 1 bizarre but powerful way to break through your limiting beliefs (fear, self-doubt, imposter syndrome...) ✨Help you get clear on what stories are running in your unconscious, which are secretly governing (and often sabotaging!) your life ✨How to get un-stuck from your unconscious blocks

I love to talk (no surprise there) but when I quiet down in meditation I can suddenly hear my own thoughts... and it usually ain’t pretty. My inner critic is a loud-mouthed New Yorker on a hot day. 😂 Specifically, my inner critic is is a sweaty Italian plumber named Luigi (yes I grew up on Staten Island & yes I played MarioKart) 😂 Creating a persona is a Shadow Work technique that helps externalize our unhelpful, self-sabotaging thought patterns. When you let your inner critic run the show, how easy is it to get swept away in our ingrained thought patterns?? These thoughts trigger familiar chemical responses in the body— in other words, your thoughts ignite emotions, which can keep you locked in perpetual cycles of stress, worry, anxiety, blame, shame, & resentment... But if you can step back, take a few deep breaths, & reimagine your inner narrator as a character, who would they be? 💡 One of my former students, a brilliant yoga teacher & life coach, named her inner critic The Manager. The Manager wears a business suit and is super detail oriented. She gets shit done. With this new mindful awareness, my student could observe how The Manager was both helpful AND unhelpful in different contexts... she didn’t berate herself when the Manager showed up, bc she could now appreciate certain qualities of this inner voice. And she now had enough humor and spaciousness about her thought patterns to reclaim her inner power, not spinning into the spiral of “I’m not good enough.” PS: I asked my email list to let me know their inner critic personas, and the responses have been illuminating, hilarious, and authentic. Y’all are doing the work and looking inward!🙌

2,400 years ago, Aristotle created the 3-act structure that nearly every movie script uses today. 💡 The fact that this narrative arc has persisted for thousands of years reveals the power of stories in our lives. Movies are our modern-day myths. Unconsciously you internalize the character tropes in terms of what you desire, despise, and value. (For those who don't know, in addition to yoga teacher trainings I also teach college Creative Writing courses & I LOVE sharing the art of storytelling). You’re the lead character of your own life story — and you can use a quirky, key detail in the narrative arc to tap into your full power... to overcome your obstacles, you must bring forth the inner strength, quirky wisdom, and unique genius you’ve always possessed and often undervalued… ...ultimately, this movie framework offers us insight into the powerful process of Shadow Work, which helps you become more self-actualized, whole, and at peace within yourself. Shadow Work integrates your conscious mind with your unconscious mind, or your light with your shadow (the obvious, known parts of yourself with your more hidden, underlying desires and drives). But it's not just "negative" qualities that hang out your unconscious Shadow. Your unique genius lives there, too. Your singular magic, when it's fully freed from the constraints and pressures of society and limiting stories, can finally shine through... ..and you can live out your passions, and your purpose...unapologetically.

yoga family 💗

May her words always ring out, these ripples of truth through time and space.🌊 . . She also wrote in Mouth Full of Blood: “Our past is bleak. Our future dim. But I am not reasonable. A reasonable man adjusts to his environment. An unreasonable man does not. All progress, therefore, depends on the unreasonable. I prefer not to adjust to my environment. I refuse the prison of “I” and choose the open spaces of “we.” . . . . . #tonimorrison #tonimorrisonquote #amreading #booklover #greatwriters #divinefeminine #weareallconnected #lifteachotherup #writinglife #dharma #bookish #shaktirising

We met in January as strangers. Now we’re family. I love each and every one of you. 💕 Thank you for being my teachers, friends, & fellow soul seekers. . . . . . #gratefulheart #yogajourney #lotuspondyoga #omies #floridayoga #yogafam #weareallconnected #yogalove #bethechangeyouwanttosee #tampayoga #yogateachers #yogateachertraining #weareone #omshantiom #yogatampa

@rynodevin breaking down alignment in revolved triangle at last week’s YTT...I can’t believe this is our last Wednesday before graduation 😭🥰💕 this group of incredible humans have been so kind, so smart, and so willing to open themselves to the WORK of the yoga journey (mentally, physically, emotionally...through all the koshas 🙌) . . It’s the greatest opportunity of my life to be part of a yoga teacher training program, to hold space with such amazing souls, and to bear witness to their journey. . . . #gratefulheart💕 #yogateachertraining #floridayoga #yogajourney #yogaalignment #yogateachers #sangha #yogalove #asanapractice #tampayoga #koshas #moveandbreathe #yogatampa #hathayoga #yogacommunity

2 Ways to Identify Your Shadow Self🌚 . If the shadow part of our psyche is hidden (hence the name, coined by Carl Jung) how can we observe it in order to embrace and transform it? . . . This video is a glimpse into my upcoming online course Shadow + Light 🌓 A Journey Toward Self-Mastery 🙌 I’ve been devoting myself to this project, and I’m so excited to launch it next month! To learn more abt your shadow stories w/ money, love, and time, I have a free guide as well as a free Yin Yoga + Shadow mini course available (all free! Links in bio)

You know the story about the fish? It goes like this: two young fish swim by an older fish, who says, “how’s the water, boys?” After the older fish swims on, one young fish turns to his friend and says, “what the hell is water?” The fish don’t realize they’re in water bc they’re submerged in it. 🌊 David Foster Wallace opens his beautiful, brilliant speech “This Is Water” with this little parable. He says, “the most obvious, important realities are the hardest to see.” 🌊 So what realities are we swimming in that we can’t see? 🌊 Desire, for one. In the United States, desire is baked into every aspect of life. Forward motion toward something more. More more more more more. If not more, then new: new car, new yoga pants, new blah blah blah. 🌊 We know it’s insane, and yet we’re swimming in it. 🌊 Important note: desire isn’t inherently bad, but when it’s the single driving force it becomes an obstacle to REAL, AUTHENTIC INNER PEACE. The initial high of some accomplishment, some shiny new object, or some external validation wears off (pretty quickly) and we’re back in the ever-churning cycle. . . PS:: I want stuff. I want more time. I want more money, bc I’ve been indoctrinated to believe money will give me more time. I want to travel and explore and be in nature and spend time with beloved friends. I WANT inner peace. But I have to recognize all the other distracting temptations that prevent me from inner peace all along the way. 💫 . . . . . . #shadowintegration #thisiswater #kleshas #santosha #grounding #aqua #floridayoga #vitaminsea #innercritic #limitingbeliefs #yogajourney #chakrahealing #mindfulness #meditation #yogalove #mindful #shadowwork #davidfosterwallace #naturelover #natureheals #floridasummer #innerpeace #unconsciousmind

Happy Guru Purnima 🌞 today I honor all my teachers in all forms, of which I have many 🌞 • Gratitude to all my teachers • Gratitude to all my students, who are also my teachers • Gratitude to the teachers in disguise, who’ve challenged me or hurt me or agitated me, for showing me the seemingly endless lessons I have to learn on this journey (as homeboy Alan Watts says, “everyone is god in disguise...and oh boy I can’t believe how god has shown up today”) 😂 • My teacher pictured here, Karin Stephan, studied with BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois in the 1960s. She traveled with and also translated for them throughout India and Europe, and she was one of the very first Iyengar yoga teachers in the US in the 70s (she said back then there were 3 yoga studios in america). She's in her mid 70s, has more energy than me, and can give a lecture in headstand. I've also seen her teach in English and French for a French student. . . . . . #iyengaryoga #yogajourney #alwayslearning #yogatampa #sadhana #yogapractice #yogalove #om #yogateacher #ytt #floridayoga #yogateachers #tampayoga #gurupurnima #happygurupurnima #gratitude #sadhana

repost from my pal @lindsaymarinomedium 🙌💗 “Time is your currency. Spend it wisely. Think about the amount of time you are spending on certain conversations, your experiences, your friendships, and your daily thoughts. Thinking about all of that in terms of currency...reflect on what you are receiving from your relationships and your experiences. Is there reciprocation of the value you bring? This means on an energetic level. Are you supportive? Are you giving? Are you a taker? Are you a victim? Are you a cheerleader? What value do you bring to the table and what value do the people and circumstances bring to you? If you check in with yourself, you will revaluate what you're "spending" and how you're using your valuable time. Pay attention to the quality time you are spending. #timeiscurrency #value #energyexchange #yogateachers #satya #asteya #limitingbeliefs #soulpreneurs #intentions

connection ♾ community ♾ belonging ♾ “We’re looking to create spaces, spaces where we can come together as strangers and publicly celebrate what we value most deeply... ... I think we need communal spaces that allow people to congregate — perhaps in silence, perhaps by reciting poetry or prayer or whatever it might be — just to recover a sense of human belonging.” ~ Stephen Batchelor ♾ This is one of the reasons why I believe yoga spaces have become so popular in the last decade. We are craving connection, and this here social media ain’t cutting it (hilarious that I’m using the very medium to complain abt its flaws, right?)

each time you judge yourself you fracture a piece of yourself. a small self-critical comment, a dissatisfied look in the mirror, a self-deprecating joke. each moment cuts you to fragments that spell the underlying message: not good enough (and by ‘you’ I may as well be saying ‘me’ here...I love the old saying “attend your own lectures”😂) . . when WE judge ourselves for not fitting into the molds and stories of the collective, we cut ourselves off from the Truth. . . you’re already whole. the search is over. you’ve already arrived. hallelujah, om shanti. shadow integration is about becoming whole again. & to do it you’ll need the superpowers of self-forgiveness & self-acceptance. without these, you’ll keep spiraling into shame and self-criticism, which won’t take you into your very own Heart, through which you can connect to the heart of the world. 💗 . . . . . #shadowwork #shadowintegration #becomingwhole #reikihealing #prana #yogateachers #omshanti #selfcare #selflove #selfacceptance #selfforgiveness #radicalselflove #innerpeace #inspiringquotes #santosha #innercritic #meditation #movingmeditation #ahimsa #santosha #peacebeginswithme #metta #yogalove #yogajourney #satya #limitingbeliefs #consciousliving #reikienergy

Here we are: half the wheel of the year spun. . . . . .and still you’re always at the center. 🔮 🔮 🔮 now is a good time to reassess your intentions you set in January, & reconnect to what your heart/inner wisdom wants, not what your brain thinks it should want. ♾beautiful artwork by @colormelurid #shaktirising #wearemadeofstarstuff #shadowwork #newmoonmagic #newmoon #yogateachers #svadhyaya #shakti #omshantiom #yogajourney #yogalove #meditation #heavilymeditated #ishvarapranidhana #cosmic #cosmicconsciousness #allisone #om #wheeloftheyear #saturnreturn #jupiterinsagittarius #witchyvibes #witchcraft #trustyourintuition

THIS is what Shadow work looks like~ sharing, laughing, connecting with others and within yourself. 🔮 It’s about letting go of limiting beliefs and making peace with your inner critic so you can fully step into your power. 🙌 Sunday’s Shadow + Light workshop will involve new exercises and explorations, so if you’ve attended our other workshops before you can join us again with new insights and go deeper! No experience needed (just the experience of being human 😉). Join me & @thefeministcounselor this Sunday from 1-3pm for this beautiful, transformative event!

☯️YIN ~ lunar, receptive, hidden, dark, feminine ☯️ Yin energy + your Shadow side possess many parallels: both are unseen, yet powerful forces beneath the surface of everyday awareness. So many deeply held fears, thoughts, and beliefs get stored in the yin-like pools of your unconscious... where they can wreak havoc if not acknowledged and embraced. I’ve created a FREE ONLINE MINI COURSE that introduces this fusion of 2 potent practices: Shadow Work + Yin Yoga. it includes a 1hr Yin Yoga practice, 2 free ebooks, and a short video that introduces this fusion of Yin + Your Shadow Self. Link in bio to sign up! 🙌 Just as Yin Yoga invites us to slow down, soften, and yield without control, Shadow Work invites us to look deep within in order to heal and become whole. • • • #yinyoga #yogaclass #yogateachers #onlineyoga #yinyogalove #shadowwork #shaktirising #shadowintegration #omshantiom #yogapractice #onlineyogaclasses #tampayoga #svadhyaya #shadowworker #movingmeditation #meditationinmotion #mindfulness #gowithin #yogastpete #yogalove #yogajourney #yogaclass #shakti #ganesha #yogaathome #limitingbeliefs #innercritic #releaselimitingbeliefs

follow thy heart.....not thy pressures of a society that would have you look a certain way (and torture yourself in the process), work a job you hate, & buy shyte you don’t need 💕

🌗your unconscious mind controls your waking world🌓 . . you might consciously say you want something: more money, more time, more love, more inner peace — and yet the patterns in your life keep revealing the opposite: more scarcity, more busy-ness, more drama, more stress.... . . Those patterns reveal to you your Shadow. in Shadow Integration, we begin with the idea that your unconscious mind governs your deeper desires, which become your behaviors, your relationships, your reactions...your life. . This radical idea is that a part of you (a deeply hidden part) actually gets off on the drama, the scarcity, the stress. ⚡️Amazingly, recent studies show that we are addicted to stress: the cortisol, adrenaline, and whole host of biochemicals that surge through us when we’re stressed create an addictive loop the body then learns to crave. ⚡️ . Shadow Work is a compassionate process of unraveling the parts of your psyche you’ve hidden, judged, and shamed (but that are still running rampant in the background). . This Sunday I’m leading SHADOW+LIGHT @lotuspondyoga with @thefeministcounselor from 1pm-3pm...through uncovering the shadow, journaling, guided meditation, pranayama, and discussion in a supportive space, we’ll begin to unravel the stories that sabotage us, embrace our shadow side, and gain practical tools to radically accept all of who we are 🙌 . . . #shadowworker #shadowwork #shaktirising #unconsciousmind #carljung #meditation #yogatampa #yogalove #mindlikethesky #shakti #consciousness #heavilymeditated #yogateachers #youarenotyourthoughts #pranayama #prana #svadhyaya #shadowintegration #radicalselfacceptance #innercritic #limitingbeliefs

🌖 metta as inner alchemy 🌖 • If practiced sincerely, loving kindness meditation will change you. Not only that, it will reveal to you, as Krishna Das says, “the dark corners of your heart.” It has for me, at least. • “May I be happy, may my good fortune increase, may I feel safe & protected, may I be free from shame and attachment.” For many of us, just wishing ourselves happiness, freedom, and good fortune can be revolutionary. If you don’t believe you deserve such goodness in your life it will show in complicated feelings in this first stage of metta. And how beautiful, bc now a spotlight has been shown on where we need to do the work. What is the work? To sit with the uncomfortable feelings, wrap them in compassion, remember we are only humans and this stuff is messy, to recite the metta lines mentally to help facilitate this inner shift toward kindness for yourself. • To send metta to a loved one and a neutral person is often the easy part. ☺️ But to send metta to someone who challenges you...............well. Some major spotlights shine on these dark corners of the heart (they do for me, at least). So we start not with the most difficult, challenging person. Someone who aggravates you. And then the alchemy happens: by reciting the lines sincerely, our emotional state resonates and emits compassion toward them. And you can remember they’re human too (doesn’t mean you need to go calling up everyone that’s ever hurt you and send them flowers, though metta is like sending energetic flowers). you heal from within in the process. I’ve been doing this practice a lot more lately, soaking in the images of those I’m directing metta towards and lingering in the feelings that arise from the statements. Really imagining myself and the others amplifies the practice profoundly. 💕 It’s part of the online course I’ve been taking on witchcraft & shadow integration (and it’s amazing & verrrry different from the shadow work course I’m creating with @thefeministcounselor 👏 stay tuned for more🙌) • • • • • #metta #meditation #mettameditation #omshantiom #svadhyaya #goingom #mindfulness #asabovesobelow #naturelover #mindfultravel #krishnadas #yogateachers

🙌 drunk dial thy senators 🙌 2nd slide has info on how to help those suffering in Sudan: also 👉👉you can donate to the International Rescue Committee • • #repost @leonianastrology • • #sudanmassacre #resist #weareone #webelongtoeachother #shaktirising #astrologymemes #cosmiclove


The Koshas are a map for navigating your multi-dimensional human experience. ☯️ ANNAMAYAKOSHA: the first layer is the most apparent. Translated as “food body,” this is often the gateway to the more subtle layers. In Yin Yoga, positive pressure is placed on the connective tissues to build resiliency and pliability. Flexibility, openness, and release of muscular tension are often wonderful effects of the yin practice on the annamayakosha. • • • PRANAMAYAKOSHA: Within the pranic sheath is a vast network of meridians which carry life-force energy like rivers of light. We can observe and enhance our prana by working with the breath (pranayama techniques). Attention of the breath is essential in a Yin practice, and any Yoga practice. The breath is the bridge between the physical and mental layers. • • • MANOMAYAKOSHA: this is arguably the trickiest kosha, since the wild puppy mind will take us everywhere but the present moment 😂 Because Yin is so slow, we are forced to confront the inner working of our mind without room for distraction. Reactions! Opinions! Boredom! Restlessness! When will we get out of this damn pose? Let it all rise up with nonjudgmental awareness, which takes us to the next kosha... • VIJNANAMAKAKOSHA: Here is where we witness those mental rumblings throughout the practice, without denial or judgement. Yin Yoga provides a wonderful opportunity to cultivate connection to your witness mind. • • ANANDAMAYAKOSHA: the bliss sheath. No longer bound by the limited perception of who you think you are, you are free to be bigger than your ego. As big as the cosmos, connected to every other atom and organism and being. No longer bound by your name, your job title, your list of accomplishments, your preferences. The slowness and stillness cultivated in Yin Yoga offers meditative opportunities to transcend. To be.

as above, so below 🔮 as within, so without 🔮 “This is the essential non-dual truth of the universe. This is the fundamental analogy that magical living works on.” -Carolyn Elliot • • • • #shaktirising #yinyoga #svadhyaya #yin #yogatampa #floridayoga #yogateachers #shakti #naturelover #earthmedicine #gaia #omshantiom #asabovesobelow #wearemadeofstarstuff #itsallconnected #innerpeace #om #tampabae #floridavibes #gulfofmexico #witchy

Hey! 2 more days until my Yin Yoga Training begins @lotuspondyoga ☯️ Open to all yoga teachers and all teachers-in-training. This 15-hr course dives into the magic of Yin Yoga, including: * Intro to Taoist philosophy (Yin & Yang Chi) * The physiology of Yin & Fascia * Specific Yin poses (alignment, intention, & using props) * Pranayama for the Yin practice * How to sequence, cue, and guide a Yin class ☯️ it’ll be yintastic ☯️ sign up link in bio!

At the opening two weeks ago 🙌💗 thanks @danielveinti for the 📸 • • #stpete #creativepinellas #ilovestpete #stpetewomenscollective

Cooling + Calming Yin Yoga for Summer (link in bio for full sequence). I wrote this last year & it’s still true: “Summer for a Pitta-dominated nature is like sprinkling cayenne pepper on a campfire (or dumping gasoline on said campfire). 🔥 Fire is powerful: it spreads, it consumes. It gives light but it can burn things down. It can give rise to ambition, but also aggression. At turns passionate and hot-tempered, a Pitta constitution can be exacerbated during a hot summer. Yet no matter your constitution, our modern society is dominated by Pitta qualities: we're driven to "succeed and achieve," we're chronically stressed and suffer from the disease of "busyness" -- which often leads to burn out (a very Pitta term). 🔥 •Ayurveda understands that all matter is composed of the same essential elemental forces: earth, water, fire, air, and space/ether. To paraphrase my brilliant teacher, @larissahcarlson, we all contain these fundamental ingredients, each in our own unique recipe. My prakriti, or primary constitution, is Pitta, which is composed of 🔥& 💧 . Lo and behold, the same ingredients that arrive in full force over the summer months! • Yin Yoga can help balance fiery Pitta qualities, since Yin is a grounding, calming, and quiet style of yoga. Check out the sequence on my site (link in bio), and if you’re a yoga teacher I’m offering a 15-hr Yin Yoga Training June 14-16 @lotuspondyoga 💗

Let’s not confuse a technique for the transcendence of the technique. 🌿 • • In yoga it’s so easy to get caught up in an asana, a mudra, a mantra, a meditation technique. And these tools are essential & beautiful & powerful in and of themselves. • • But when we get hung up on progressing in a pose or having to accomplish some amount of technical skill, the technique gets in the way of the goal itself. If your goal is Yoga (yoking/union) then at some point you have to transcend the techniques. • • The techniques are roads inward: to the Self. And yeah along the way you might get more open hips and more peace of mind and all the benefits we associate with the practice, but I think it’s so easy to get caught up in mastering techniques that many of us forget the Union in Yoga: the remembrance that all nouns give the illusion that it’s all separate, disjointed cogs in a weird machine. In Yoga, that’s not true. It’s all connected. The tools help us out of our amnesia—hopefully not drive us deeper into it. • • • • • • #earthmedicine #grounding #naturelover #floridayoga #movingmeditation #newmoon #yogajourney #svadhyaya #shaktirising #newmoonmagic #omshantiom #sadhana #yogateachers #yogatampa #shadowwork #shadowintegration #chakras #mudra #meditation #yogalove #shakti