#the86ersbrand 's journey in working with @salvationarmyus is ongoing. Stay tuned for upcoming events and partnerships. Even with the one and only @nba_ironman the86ers.net #salvationarmy #dogoodfeelgood #the86ersbrand #clothingthatspeaks #the86ers #apparel #clothing #beyou #acgreen #nba #the86erslifestyle
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Casually reminding myself of the baddie I am... and missing @ericlarokk . But what’s new? #happyhumpday

When you come to a point where you have no need to impress anybody. Your freedom will begin. Dress: @sugarfree

I’ve really been liking @flattummyco ✨ NEW 🍭 lollipops that just dropped. They’re designed to suppress my appetite, and I find they’re actually working. Over the past couple days, whenever I felt like snacking, I’ve been reaching for these 💕lollipop instead, and they’ve been doing the trick! I feel kinda bad when someone asks me for one of my lollipops and I have to tell them, they’re special 😝 lollipops and they can’t have one. I don’t think they believe me - but I know they work, and there’s no way I’m giving them away! My stomach is already starting to show 😍 progress. You gotta get your own. #suckit #flattummypops

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