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The Queen of Classic 👑 Supervised by: @itsarielkhadr + @tunasauce Liquid Sun Rayz Athlete ☀️ LSRALYSS ProjectAd💊 ALYSSA20 Golden Era Fitness👑 QUEEN

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Hit em with the 3/4 #stealthmade @stealth_aesthetics

Little tricep for ya Tuesday 💪🏼 @w_wittmannphoto

No explanation for your interpretation 😏 #shuttupandwork #sendit #missmymommy @stephanienichole_86 with the 📸

I don’t got no 🍩 (tee by @nickdompierre 😜) but I do got some rackpull drop sets! If you like my tee shirt, hit up @nickdompierre !! #teambigbites

#themotivation @stealth_aesthetics Made Monday’s.

A wild Queen in her natural habitat. #justkeeppressinon

Big congratulations to my @stealth_aesthetics teammate (I’m sure she’s in a donut comatose lmao) @munchkindonutqueen who took the whole damn show last night. I was able to get a posing session in earlier this week with Ellie, tweaking a few poses, and I can’t take any credit at all for the way she looks I just was able to be apart of her journey. And that’s enough for me! @tunasauce and @itsarielkhadr dialed her in on point - like they always be doin!! @stealth_aesthetics has made a splash in the competition this year so if you’re looking to be at your best.. we got everything you need in one team. #rockwithus #overalls #stealthmade

#nationalbestfriendday I just made that up so I can post this picture. See you in 9 weeks 👯‍♀️ @itsarielkhadr

Just put some work in with @teezus_walks so here’s a lat spread for y’all

So here is one of my pre contest 2 days out posing sessions sent to @stealth_aesthetics before they arrived in Chicago. @tunasauce @itsarielkhadr #stealthmade

3/4 sleeves - 35$ , tee shirts - 25$ and zip ups - 45$. All includes shipping. Now check me out.. we’re taking pre orders and don’t have toooo many of these! We have restocked the grey tees in addition to the military green. So claim yours now by emailing Yes, we’re working on a website. @nodryspots is a brand you can live offseason and pre contest.. cardio or training. I’m simple and @nodryspots is too. Clean. Simple. In ya face. Getchu one!!!! @nodryspots #nodryspots @american.oak

Stay misunderstood. 👑🦁 @w_wittmannphoto with the sniper 📸

SWIPE ⏩ Some early morning #tbt 💪🏼👑 I’ve met some of the coolest people along my journey and needless to say @brett_wilkin and @ivanaivusic are two of them! Mr. Classic overall and Ms. Figure Olympian 🙌🏼 personally, I am proud to say I look up to my friends. And these two people have been “motivation” for me when they don’t even realize it. So thanks guys! Ima come visit Denver, and we’ll get some blood flowing!! Y’all have a blessed day 🙏🏼💙👑✊🏼 #thehangover #donutbloated haha

Stay motivated 😇 #stealthmade @stealth_aesthetics @itsarielkhadr @tunasauce

A lot can change in 6 weeks! Contact @stealth_aesthetics today to change your life!! Contact meeee for training 💪🏼 or posing 💃🏽 guidance. #letswork #stealthmade

Missing my right hand 👑. @itsarielkhadr #wcw

Missing you a little extra this morning 😓💖👑 #myqueen @brinkmo59

What gets you out of bed? #motivationmonday to my ladies @miss_buffnugget_ifbbpro @jessicawilliamsfit and @mrsisley88_ifbb_pro 👑🙌🏼 This, is what drives me every day. #itsnotovertilltheysayso #dowhatyoulove #riseandgrind !! @arnoldsports