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The Queen of Classic 👑 Supervised by: @itsarielkhadr + @tunasauce Liquid Sun Rayz Athlete ☀️ LSRALYSS ProjectAd💊 ALYSSA20 Golden Era Fitness👑 QUEEN

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Me looking at my comment section the past two days 👀😂 @w_wittmannphoto

Long Live Female Bodybuilding. @this_is_bodybuilding I tagged you cuz literally.. #thisisbodybuilding 🤷🏻‍♀️

Somebody gotta say it

Ain’t scared to hit an ab shot offseason 😤

Back day motivation. Let’s grow. @stealth_aesthetics

Ready for whatever. Bring it. Thank you Jesus! Happy Thursday. 👑

Gotta love what you do! #stealth #nodryspots #layingbricks 🍽

🍽😤 I see it and I believe in it.

Respecting our elders with a rendition of @tonypearson87 and @juliettebergmann mixed paired posing 👑 #transformationtuesday with my training partner @teezus_walks #classicposing

Mondays are for the most musculars

Motivated. #1egg1basket #allin @stealth_aesthetics

Damn, I feel good. 😤@stealth_aesthetics #growmode

Productive session today with @lewis_o30 💪🏼 I put him through the ringer on a full push day. Pumped him up, then we worked on some posing. 3 weeks till you hit the stage, so let’s get a head start on that classic posing 😉 haha #mensphysique #classicphysique #posing

I’m proud of my offseason. I’m proud of my struggles and insecurities. They make the journey to the stage worth it. What’s a good day? If you’ve never seen a bad one? #stealthmade #prodebut @stealth_aesthetics

Inappropriate. 🍽😤 #pumped

Today is YOUR day. Your day to stand on that stage and show the world what you worked hard for. I have believed in you from the start. Like you did for me! The struggles make the journey worth it. Always the turning points we can’t forget 💪🏼 you do your thing up on that stage today. Own it. Like the Queen you are 👑 thank you for being such a great role model for the women in the fitness industry, not only for me but for all of us! Luckily I get to call you my coach. And my bestfriend 👯‍♀️ I’m so proud of you fr ❤️👑💪🏼🏆 #teamstealth #ifbb #fitness #mrolympia2018 @itsarielkhadr @stealth_aesthetics @tunasauce