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The Queen of Classic 👑 Supervised by: @itsarielkhadr + @tunasauce Liquid Sun Rayz Athlete ☀️ LSRALYSS ProjectAd💊 ALYSSA20 Golden Era Fitness👑 QUEEN

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@ruff_diesel this popped up on my Facebook today 😁 2014 or somethin like that! #babiessss #tbt

Chinese Dong Anzi Chicken #chineseculture #Dong Anzi chicken #chinese food

Trained legs so here’s a front dubz 💪🏼

China top actress 2018 Shishi Liu #Chinese #Chinastars #Chinesebeauty

Life is full of T R A N S I T I O N S ⚜️

Chinese style photograph1 #Chinese #snowandredplum #Chinatrends

The pump was real today ☺️ #naptime

Can’t wait to train back and these little meat hooks today 🥩

WIN today.

I’ve always loved this pose, and I will try to incorporate it into my next routine 👑

I had a lot of replies asking where y’all can get one of these #custom belts.. well, @crowncustombelts is your plug! Chris has made belts for people like Zane Watson, and Dani Younan. Go check out his page and if you have any questions just shoot him a DM! I normally don’t wear belts and times are changing, but I’m honestly scared to wear this cuz look how pretty it is!! 😍👑 #crowncustombelts

Clients routine w/ a dope song. Hmu for a routine for your upcoming show 🤙🏼

Intensity builds D E N S I T Y. @stealth_aesthetics

Current. @stealth_aesthetics #stealthmode

Wake up and get after what you love. @stealth_aesthetics

You get your ticketz?!

Hug your mom today! ❤️👑 #wcforever

She wit it.

Just waiting on my chicken, rice and broth to cool down 🌬🍜

That boy got a meaaaan side chest though! 💪🏼 wanna post this up in honor of my guy @ifbb_broku competing in the @arnoldsports here in a couple weeks. Been watching this guy morph into a pure bred champion. He’s like my posing brother. We always go back and forth and yep, I’m stealing your signature pose and using it 😇👊🏼 finish strong and hang tough brothern! #ifbbfam

You can snooze if you wanna.. but not on me, baby!