Hearing “Uncle Farmer! Uncle Farmer!” all day yesterday really made my day! Even after a Hokies loss, my heart is full! PS I’m pretty proud of my photography skills with that Hokie Bird statue pic! Can’t wait to see you again Cory and Lauren!!!

This is already my favorite real estate showing of the month 🤣 #blacksburgrealestate #phillipsrealestate

Sold TWO luxury condos next door to each other, (trust me, they arn’t all like that!). But it was a pretty cool moment for me. The buyer of one of the units posted a review about my level of service last night, so I figured I’d share a snippet! 😀 #blacksburgrealestate #phillipsrealestate

Dave Phillips

14 Days 20 Hours Ago

And STILL poker champion of The Woodshed! (All winnings are being donated to next weekend’s Kungafest at In Balance Yoga raising money for toilets in an orphanage in India.) 3 times in a row has to be a record for The Woodshed, and if there is one thing I love, it’s beating @dan_white17 at his own game in his own house 😂. Thanks for continuing to invite me 💪🏻

Dave Phillips

15 Days 17 Hours Ago

You can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bartender out if the girl! One of my favorite tailgates (as seen on the news when they tailgated the canceled ECU game). Notice the “Horse on a Treadmill” video playing in loop in the background! Always great seeing Jacob and Becca!!!! And Go Hokies!!! Gobble Gobble ya’ll

Dave Phillips

16 Days 19 Hours Ago

Hot Yoga costume. Yes, the pants and shirt were ripped off during class 😉🔥💪🏻. Haha my favorite part was when our teacher had everyone say what they were dressed as, she started with me and I said with a straight face “I’m a dancer...” I love that there are fun things like this at our local yoga studio and everyone has so much fun! (Thanks @nfboyle and @kealamason). If you want to check out some more fun classes, next weekend is Kunga-Fest, raising money for charity (specifically toilets for an orphanage in India), and having free/donations classes such as Glow-ga with live DJ, Hip Hop Yoga with live DJ, candlelight gentle yoga, bonfire with Kieran music, and a full weekend of other classes!

Queen movie was pretty dang good (spoiler alert for real life events that happened 30+ years ago and framed at the beginning of the movie...the band plays at Live-Aid)

Dave Phillips

28 Days 17 Hours Ago

Perks of showing houses on the weekend...friendly kitties!!!! 🐱 #blacksburgrealestate #phillipsrealestate

Celebrating Love! #alwaysbemybailey

One of my fav things to do at The Weight Club...Battle Rope Slams! (Now I just need to learn how to NOT growl like a Grizzly Bear when I do them!!!! 🐻)

That @dan_white17 workout got my ❤️ racing and 💪🏻 pumped!!!

This Notre Dame fan knows what’s up...Win or Lose VT Football in Blacksburg is the best experience in college sports. (Vid taken at halftime with ND up by 1, when I overheard this gentleman telling his friend on the phone how amazing this place was). I wonder if sometimes Hokie Nation takes for granted just how special this place is. Not everyone gets to experience what we do every Fall. #letsgohokies #lunchpail #beamer25 #exitlight #entersandman #stickitinstickitinstickitin #gobblegobble #hokienation

Love you Mom!!! Go Hokies!!!

This milestone almost slipped up on me...out celebrating with an old party buddy who’s own recent accomplishments made me count up the days... Cutting alcohol out of my life wasn’t something I HAD to do, but I’m glad I did. It’s allowed me to explore so many other amazing areas of life and bettering myself, that I wouldn’t have if I were still partying like I used to. I obviously still enjoy being out with friends, even when they are getting a little silly. But for me personally, I very much enjoy my new responsibilities and always being the person in control at all times 😎 And very glad to be hanging out with Cory tonight, as he has surpassed 200 days sober for many if the same reasons I did. Wow, have times changed from our much younger days, but we are possibly having even more fun now!

Well, I never need to worry about what I’m wearing somewhere EVER again! 🤣❤️🦃

Great day training Sayoc with Guro Nick Sacoulas at NC Sayoc Training Group’s Fall seminar. Thanks to Armando Basulto for hosting at the place I got my start at!

They found a house next to their grandkids....❤️ how this one worked out!!! Times like this really make me appreciate being able to help people find exactly what they want! They relocated from DC to be close to their grandkids, and this house was EXACTLY what they wanted! #blacksburgrealestate #happypeoplehappyhome #coffeeisforclosers

Well thank you random flyer!