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SUPERSIZE your workout 🏋🏽‍♀️ (and by that I mean get the biggest bang for the buck timewise!)! . HOW??? . ➡️Make use of SUPERSETS and COMPOUND SETS. Sometimes you hear the term superset thrown around for “alternating movements” which is (sort of) true. . Here’s the deal. SUPERSETS are used when you are working MULTIPLE MUSCLE GROUPS per session (day back + chest) and you alternate movements (eg a CHEST PRESS and a ROW) to reduce or eliminate any rest time. These require OPPOSING MUSCLE GROUPS! These are GREAT! . COMPOUND SETS (shown) are a training tool where you work the SAME muscle group and require rest between each movement (eg TRICEP KICKBACK and TRICEP PULLDOWN) These are also super effective! . HAPPY MONDAY FAM! Move your body, do something to refresh & prep for the week ahead and enjoy your day!💜 . . Anddd for those who haven’t registered for the 30 Day PREP STYLE SERIES starting in January you can register for your POST HOLIDAY BUTT KICK at 😜 . . *PREMIUM MEMBER CLIENTS can DM to be added. Former clients can enrol using the PREMIUM MEMBER tab* . . . #glutes #lowerbody #legday #peachday #lift #fitchicks #flex #gymsharkwomen #gymshark #beautifulbc #vancouverbc #justdoit #werkwerk #workworkworkworkwork #ohheymama #ketomama #kickitketo #personaltrainer #onlinetrainer #coach #lowerbodymovement #trainhardb#traininsane #realbodies #bodybuilding #npcbikini

There will never be a BETTER time, an EASIER time, a time where for some magical reason you have more will power or resources, or time, or... you get the point! I share this from my own experiences.. . I competed in the Ferrigno Legacy when both Cory and I worked 12 hour days, had a 3 and 5 year old and stress was at a MAX. I competed again more recently and really struggled for my last prep when life was much less stressful, I worked part time and it was just “easier”. But why didn’t I DO better? Because at the end of the day it’s a CHOICE. I made LESS choices that lined up with my goals. I made EXCUSES. And, as expected, my results REFLECTED exactly what I put in! . My point in sharing this slightly TOUGH LOVE post (a reminder for you and also myself) is you CAN accomplish whatever goal it is that you keep thinking about... there are coaches, teachers, experts in whatever field it is in who can guide you, show you the ropes etc.. but at the END 👏🏽 OF👏🏽THE👏🏽DAY we get EXACTLY what we put in. The excellent news is that this means THE POWER IS OURS. You have complete control on whether you achieve your goal or watch another year go by as you view it off in the distance. . ➡️You wanna start a business? Reach out to those who are doing what you want to do and FIND OUT HOW!? ➡️Hate your job and have a dream job in mind? QUIT YOUR JOB AND DO THE RESTAURANT THING if you have to as you transition into your goal job (it will light a fire under you!).. ➡️You wanna become the most fit, athletic version of yourself? HIRE A TRAINER (ahem, I do this!😋) and GET TO WORK! . YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK! . ...CONT IN COMMENTS...

🌞 Happy Sunday beautiful souls! 💜 . Although Sunday’s are best spent ... . ➡️sleeping in + cuddling + flannel pajamas! ➡️relaxing, refreshing, renewing, enjoying time with those you love! . BUT!!! 🍑 If ya got goals you should absolutely squeeze in even 15 minutes of intentional movement 👊🏽 Grab a coffee and go for a long walk, OR, give this quick little NO EQUIPMENT PLYO CIRCUIT a try!!! . 🏃‍♀️PLYO BREAKDOWN🏃‍♀️ ✅Lateral Skater Jumps X20 (10/side) ✅Plank Jacks X20 (10 “in” and 10 “out”) ✅Side to side jump squats X 20 (10 per side) ✅Reverse Lunge to board break X20 (10/leg) ✅Frog jumps X20 . . 💦RUN THROUGH ALL MOVEMENTS then rest 1-3 minutes and REPEAT 2 more rounds 💦.. . TAG A FRIEND who would use this or SAVE IT for when you’re limited for time! 👊🏽 . . . #noequipmentworkout #homeworkout #plyos #plyoworkout #limitedequipmentworkout #personaltrainer #dailyfitspo #weightloss #fatloss #fatlossjourney #balance #sweat #gymsharkwomen #gymshark #lvft #beautifulbc #vancouverbc #ohheymama #fromwhereistand #dailymotivation #workhard #dailyaffirmations #mindovermatter

The NUMBER ONE challenge I hear from people about DIETS or NUTRITION PLANS ➡️ . It doesn’t FIT into real life and EATING AWAY FROM HOME (aka restaurants) makes sticking with it IMPOSSIBLE 🤷🏽‍♀️ . So today we are going to dive into this AND I will share my TOP TIP to making it work👊🏽 . Now! All plans are not created equally! Some track macros, some track calories or points, others use portion containers while others focus more on meal timing. . If you have tried many different programs you will notice there are ZERO diets (at least in my experience!) that promote HIGH FAT combined with HIGH CARBS. This affirms and illustrates my TOP TIP ! . REGARDLESS of which nutrition style you subscribe to, EACH of which have their pros and cons in my opinion, my TOP TIP and what I recommend you focus on➡️ 🍔 Pick your poison🧀 Our body either taps into our glycogen stores (aka carbs) OR fat for fuel at one time. Not both. So if you are incorporating carbs, ease up on the fats. If you are craving some cheese + bacon + creamy dressing (think White Spot Triple O Burger) then lettuce wrap that thing and keep carbs ultra low. So as a “general” rule of thumb: CARBS + PROTEIN ✅(no or low fat).. ➡️OR ➡️ FATS + PROTEIN ✅(no or low carbs).. . Combing ❌FAT + CARBS❌creates a PERFECT fat storage storm and would be EXACTLY what you WOULD DO (and what I would recommend to my clients!) if your goal is to quickly gain body fat 😋 If it is, combine away! If it’s not, simply be MINDFUL to pick which one your craving and center the meal around that. What’s YOUR FAVE “Treat Meal”!?

➡️FOCUS⬅️ . It’s something I have been struggling A LOT with lately and I think if you are in the same boat this will help you too! ❤️ . If you look all around you it seems like everyone is talking about... ✨ Dream BIG!✨ ✨Chase your DREAMS!✨ ✨Go for it!✨ ✨Seize the day!✨ ✨The world is your oyster!✨ get the picture... . And the INTENTION behind all that is INSPIRING👌🏽 .. But this can create a sort of OVERWHELMING frazzled 🧠 that is BUSY but unable to focus and actually ACCOMPLISH anything. .. . We find ourselves in a CONSTANT state of SPINNING OUR WHEELS... you wake up a MONTH from now, a YEAR from now, 5 years from now and you are EXACTLY in the same spot.. 🤔 Which, feels WEIRD because you feel like you have been really "BUSY".🤔 . So! What do you DO? . When I think about all the TOP GOALS I have in my life right now (just to name a few).. . ✅To spend more ONE ON ONE time with each of my kids ✅To plan more date nights ✅Financial + travel goals ✅To study every day & pass all my nutrition certification exams before January 1st so I can gain more knowledge and better serve my online clients. ✅To SHOW UP every 👏🏽 single day 👏🏽for my clients - NO EXCUSES. ✅To grow my social media to allow me to share & help more people! ✅To take my own fitness to the next level and compete again to beat my last best. ✅To be more gentle, and put less STRAIN on my body (note that this one and the last one don't mesh!) ...and there are MANY more! It is IMPOSSIBLE to EXCEL at all of them SIMULTANEOUSLY... and completing any ONE in a single day is IMPOSSIBLE and overwhelming! I have tried and become a chicken with its head cut off. . So WHAT can you do instead? . ...CONTINUED IN COMMENTS...

A sick baby throws your plans out the window🤷🏽‍♀️But thankfully my plans were flannel pajamas + studying so I picked her up from the sick room, grabbed an ice cream for her sore throat and now it’s cuddle time until it’s pick up for her brother. Hoping she perks up a bit because it’s family night🤣🍿 . And in other unexpected news it’s SNOWING 🌨 !?! Not ready (but love getting to wear toques and NOT brush ma hair 😋) . . . #ohheymama #thisismotherhood #messymotherhood #beautifulbc #beautiful #vancouverbc #fromwhereistand #ketomama #personaltrainer #girlmama #familyfriday #familyfirst #dairyqueen #mamablogger #minime #mamabear #igmama

Happy almost Fridayyyy!!! My favourite day because... . 🍔We always order in food (and it’s yum 😋 and fits my meal plan👌🏽) 🐨We cuddle up on the couch & watch a movie as a family🍿.. 😴We stay up late anddd we sleep in past 5am🎉 🙊It is my LEAST productive day! After client checkins you can catch me in my jammies, topknot, and my extra large coffee cup doing NOTHINGGG (and it’s AWESOME!) . . WHAT DOES A PERFECT FRIDAY LOOK LIKE TO YOU!? . . #fridayvibes #friyay #dailyaffirmations #family #cuddles #cozynights #letthembelittle #messymotherhood #fromwhereistand #mamablogger #thisismotherhood #fitspo #fitmama #girlmama #boymama #familyalways #gratefulheart #gratitude

Happy Thursday fam!🤗💜 I had a big long thoughtful post on FOCUS... then it got deleted.. soooo instead I am just sending you positive vibes ✌🏽😆 . . . . #nofocus #unfocused #positivevibes #penticton #beautiful #dailyaffirmations #namaste #balance #positivity #spreadlove #goodvibesonly #ohheymama #realbodies #npcbikiniprep #bodylovr #fitnessjourney #beautyisallaround #girlpower #inspireothers #dailyfitspo #fitspo #gymsharkwoman

A quick little 🍑LOWER BODY GYM CIRCUIT 🍑 for ya😜 . 🔥”IN-n-OUT’s” X20 🔥Alternating side lunge extensions X20 (10/side) 🔥Stiff legged deadlift X20 🔥Leg extensions X20 🔥Alternating jump lunges X20 (10/side) . That’s FIVE 🤚🏽 movements! Run through ALL then rest for 1-4 minutes. REPEAT 2 more rounds for a total of THREE👊🏽 . FEEL THE BURN!🍑 Tag a friend! . . . . #lowercircuit #lowerbody #legday #peachday #lowercircuit #legs #bootyworkout #bodybuilding #fitspo #dailyfitspo #dailyaffirmations #dailymotivation #ketomama #kickitketo #lowcarbmama #strength #fitmama #ohheymama #npcbikini #bcabba #bikiniprep #gymsharkwomen #gymshark #nike #justdoit

We are on DAY 3 with the lovely ladies taking part in the 30 day KICK-IT KETO program and for todays first meal I had this delightful sandwich 😋 It could NOT be easier and it’s SO👏🏽DELISH👏🏽... . Give it a try! TAG A FRIEND! And tag me once you try it!💜! . You will need 🥪! . ➡️28 grams Almond Flour.. ➡️Pinch of baking powder ➡️Pinch of Himalayan Salt ➡️Pinch of sweetener (I use xylitol) ➡️Smoked Salmon ➡️1 pre sliced marble cheese OR sometimes I will use full fat cream cheese 🤤.. ➡️1 egg. ➡️1.5 ounces avocado (optional).. ➡️Oil spray (I use coconut) . . DIRECTIONS! ➡️Turn your non stick pan on low-medium heat and spray with your oil.. ➡️Combine your egg, almond flour, baking powder, salt and sweetener and water and whip together. ➡️Once pan is heated, simply “make” two bun shaped portions. Spray the sides facing up so they will be ready to flip. ➡️Keep a close eye to attain your desired “golden” and CAREFULLY flip with a spatula. ➡️Once browned on both sides, put your cheese and smoked salmon on and either put back in the pan to melt OR I simply throw my plate in the micro for 10 or 15 seconds 😋 . . ENJOY this KICK IT KETO APPROVED meal!!! *Next group MAY start in December I haven’t decided if I will do one before Christmas - DM me if you are interested 👊🏽) . MACROS (with avocado) ➡️Protein: 34 grams ➡️Fats: 34 grams ➡️Net Carbs: 4 grams. . .. (and it *may* fit other Keto plans depending on which one you are following (they are all different😜) . . . #ketomama #kickitketoplan #kickitketo #rebeccaforcierfitness #ketomealideas #fatloss #leanout #toneitup #weightloss #losefat #bodybuilding #mealideas #lowcarbmama #lowcarbs #lowcarbideas #beautifulbc #vancouverbc #fitspo #fitnessmama #mealprep #healthyrecipes #healthyfats #ohheymama

It sounds so silly, doesn’t it? 🤔 “Dream BIG!” ... “AIM HIGH!” But I feel like it’s such an important reminder... it’s something we have to CONSCIOUSLY DO... WHY? Because that part of our brain that RATIONALIZES things kicks in and so a terrible cycle begins... . ❌You are FINE, SAFE and COMFY where you are, don’t rock the boat and risk losing what you have! ❌You have NO IDEA how to accomplish that goal, who are you kidding? ❌You could NEVER see something THAT BIG through!!.. ❌Don’t WASTE YOUR TIME on something so trivial or stupid. ❌You don’t want it THAT bad, right? . Sound familiar? Whether it’s losing weight, getting fit, a goal to run a marathon, start a business, a blog, change careers, become a writer, become a travelling blogger, WHATEVER it is! GO FOR IT! It might take some trial and error... you might need to change or learn a lot... but you CAN in fact, DO THE THING. And you know what’s WORSE? 🤔 Waking up in 5 or 10 or 30 years and looking back and being RIGHT BESIDE the YOU you are RIGHT NOW. Still comfy, cozy, excellent at maintaining the YOU 1.0 and miles away from the HIGHEST YOU (“You 2.0”) So GET AFTER YOURSELF! That is all for your Monday motivational rant from me 😋💜 . . #aimhigh #dreambig #hustle #workforit #setgoals #achieve #believe #accomplish #bossbabe #beautifulbc #vancouverbc #dailyaffirmations #fitspo #dailyfitspo #businessbabe #bizbabe #hustlehard #mondayvibes #gobigorgohome

Happy Monday fam!🤗💜 Kicking off our (NOW FULL until December 😢)30 day online challenge this morning and it’s got me feelin’ motivated 🔥.. . There is something so amazing when people with a common goal of MAKING PROGRESS + POSITIVE FORWARD MOVEMENT come together🙌🏽 It doesn’t matter where someone is at in their journey, or where YOU are at, our ability to INSPIRE is HUGE! So whatever your goal is, look to surround yourself with the DOERS, the people who aren’t embarrassed to fall flat on their face over and over because their desire to LEARN + GROW is BIGGER than their fear of failure or judgement. THOSE are the people you want around you. COMFORT is the ANTI-SUCCESS! It’s “good enough” ... but you always have that nagging feeling inside that you were MADE FOR MORE, to DO MORE, to INSPIRE MORE, to HELP OTHERS MORE, to reach that HIGHEST LEVEL of “YOU” or “YOU 2.0”😜 . Anyyyyways this is my own accountability checkin to say I’ve ticked ma workout off the list for today and feeling 🔥 about the day and week ahead (and you should too!) . I am sending positive vibes, love, motivation, and just wishing that a bunch of random amazing stuff happens to you, for you, and around you ✌🏽 Let the ICKY stuff flow off your back, DIG INTO THAT AWESOME STUFF, make sh*t happen, and tick some stuff off your list👊🏽 . . . #dailyaffirmations #fitnessmama #vancouverbc #beautifulbc #gymselfie #accountability #workout #gym #ohheymama #toneitup #musclemama #ketomama #bodylove #lovethyselfie #realbodies #bodybuilding #hustlehard #dothethings #messymotherhood #dailymotivation #dailyfitspo #fitspo #strong #bcabba #npcbikiniprep #gymsharkwomen #gymshark #nikewomen

HAPPY FRIDAYYY!!!! So excited for our family night (we’re watching Snow White with Charlize Theron!) Have you seen it!? And on a random side note I am LOVING this mustard colour in pretty much everything so if you see someone walking around with a mustard ish toque, shirt and scarf, that’s ME! 🤦‍♀️☺️ Hope you guys have a great night! 💜Any other family friendly movies you’d recommend 🤔 . . . . . #fridayvibes #friyay #love #minime #fitmom #fitmama #mustard #ohheymama #messymotherhood #beautifulbc #vancouverbc #girlmama #boymama #thisismotherhood #familynight #fromwhereistand #igmotherhood #motherdaughter #motheranddaughter #mamarazzi #mamafit #fitnesslove #fitnessfam

Happy Thursday and post Halloween treats day🎃👻😋 I hope you had a safe + fun night! . Today I wanted to cover something that I often hear and want to clear the air about. And that is... . 👉🏽WHY would you hire a trainer (online, in person or otherwise) when all information is available for FREE online at the click of a button 🤔 Hmmm GREAT QUESTION!.. . I will be the first to share (and ADMIT!) that I have done bodybuilding shows WITH a coach and WITHOUT. I am someone who is a certified PT myself, has owned a gym, and would consider myself pretty knowledgeable on the topic of “fitness”. And the DIFFERENCE in my progress WITH VS WITHOUT is NIGHT👏🏽AND 👏🏽DAY👏🏽 And it got me to thinking WHY??? 🤔 Well, I think it has A LOT to do with having the SUPPORT, someone knowledgeable who can see you and be objective and tweak your plan when your mind starts playing tricks on you. I also think its like anything else... I could EASILY watch a YouTube video and change the oil in my car... or remove my own stitches... or dye my own hair... 🤔 It’s CHEAPER (or FREE)... but we don’t do that! Why? Because someone who commits their LIFES WORK to something like a professional hair stylist makes you look 💣 and when ya do it yourself ... well, you look fine I guess? 🤦‍♀️ lol The moral of the story is YES! You can do ANYTHING self taught! And if you are that rare breed of human who can watch a professional do it and replicate it perfectly (or watch a few YouTube videos and feel like you know how your body works) then POWER TO YOU👊🏽 For the VAST MAJORITY of us (me included!) when we have a SPECIFIC FITNESS goal in mind, having a certified trainer in your corner is a must! #peachday #peachworkout #lovethyselfie #rant #personaltrainer #bcabba #npcbikini #bikiniathlete #beautifulbc #vancouverbc #hockeymom #ketomama #gymsharkwomen #gymshark #dailyaffirmations #bodylove #fitchicks #fitmoms #ohheymama #fitspo #dailyfitspo

DUMBBELLS ONLY Upper Circuit for ya✌🏽 .. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym and use all the fancy equipment (if you enjoy that, and I do too! Then cool!) .. . BUT! I think so many times we get caught up in ALL OR NOTHING... We think if I can’t dedicate an HOUR each day, max out my squat PR and just KILL IT, then why bother 😭 . 🛑 DON’T THINK LIKE THAT! ✋🏽 . Did you know that the BENEFITS (and yes, that means RESULTS) get INCREMENTALLY LESS AND LESS with each added 15 minutes? . So let’s say you were to measure the improvements seen (mental/physical/emotional/body composition/etc) in someone that went from NOTHING to doing 15 focused minutes each day, versus someone who bumps up their training from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. .. The MOST CHANGE is in the adding of small, daily, CONSISTENT efforts. Have you ever seen someone who trains A LOT, and they seem to stay exactly the same.... for years on end? That’s because it’s about QUALITY, consistency, and above all else, nutrition. I’m not saying if you are training for something EXTREME like a bodybuilding competition that excess isn’t required... BUT for most of us, MOST of the time, we are TOO HARD on our bodies (extreme, then wayyyy off track... then extreme... then way off track) . So if you have a crazy busy day, you can easily squeeze in this 15 minute upper focused DUMBELLS ONLY fat scorching circuit👊🏽 Let’s do this! . . 💪🏽UPPER FOCUS💪🏽 ➡️Pushups (modify if needed) X20.. ➡️Kneeling Row X20.. ➡️Alternating hammer curl X20 (10/arm).. ➡️Tricep kickback X20.. ➡️Alternating forward + lateral raises X20 (1 “raise” = “1” or 10/side) . Run through ALL MOVEMENTS then REST 1-3 minutes and complete ✌🏽 more rounds! . 💜TAG A FRIEND WHO WOULD USE THIS!💜 If you do it yourself, TAG ME in your story and let me know how it went! . 🎃Happy Halloween fam!🎃 Sidetrack, what are you or your kids dressing up as!?! . . . . #uppercircuit #upperbody #musclemama #ketomama #beautifulbc #vancouverbc #bodybuilding #homeworkout #dumbbellonlyworkout #dumbbellworkout #circuit #messymotherhood #reallife #toneitup #fitmama #fitchicks #fitmomsofig #freeworkouts #workoutideas #uppercircuit #bcabba #bikiniprep

.. 🥗 HOWS YOUR SALAD GAME???🥗 .. Now I know what you are thinking... Salads are pretty UN-exciting, NOT filling, cold plates of sadness (okay maybe that was just MY view of salads 😉) .. I am NOT talking about the BORING, UNEXCITING salads we have been accustomed to our whole lives (or at least I was!) I am talking about 600-700 calorie salads created to YOUR TASTE in a BOWL the size of your HEAD. A salad, that once eaten, has you feeling FULL, fully satiated, and completely done with even thinking about snacking or eating before your next large meal. .. So what sorts of things can we do to create this GAME CHANGER SALAD??? 🥗 .. Here are a FEW of the items I routinely use. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using at least ONE ITEM from each CATEGORY! If you have used others not listed, SHARE THEM BELOW! .. 🥗 SALAD BASE🥗 2-3 cups ➡️Mixed Greens ➡️Kale ➡️Swiss Chard ➡️Spinach ➡️Iceberg (not ideal, but OK!) ➡️Shredded Cabbage ➡️Coleslaw ... 🥦ADDED VEGGIES🥑 **Feel free to "SAUTEE" some of these in a tbsp. of butter or oil!** ➡️Broccoli ➡️Zucchini ➡️Cabbage ➡️Peppers ➡️Onions ➡️Avocado ➡️Mushrooms ➡️Jalapenos ➡️Peas ➡️Cucumber .. 🐠 PROTEIN 🥚.. ➡️2-3 ounces of Fatty Cuts of beef, pork, turkey, chicken ➡️2-3 ounces of salmon ➡️2-3 ounces of "meatless" substitutes ➡️2 hardboiled eggs .. 🥓CRUNCHY TOPPINGS🥜.. ➡️Bacon/Bacon Bits ➡️Roasted Seeds (pumpkin,etc).. ➡️Roasted Nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashew, hazelnuts, pistachios, etc) .. DRESSINGS🥥 .. ➡️1-2 tbsp. of FULL FAT dressings (give those in the refrigerated section a try!) MOST oil based dressing great as well! -Ranch, Caesar, Poppyseed, etc. HIGH FAT is great, check the NET CARBS! .. 🧀RICH ADDITIONS🧀 ➡️Nutritional Yeast (great for a vegan option! Gives it that cheesy taste!) ➡️Shredded full fat cheese ➡️Full Fat Feta Cheese ➡️Parmesan . . WHAT ARE YOUR FAVE SALAD STAPLES??? Comment below! 🥗

.. 🌸 The only opinion that matters of you ➡️ is YOURS. 🌸The only person whose BELIEF in you matters ➡️ is YOURS.. 🌸The only person who needs to think you are a gorgeous, super amazing, intelligent TOTAL BABE, is... yep! ➡️ YOU! . So DO STUFF, SAY STUFF, and BECOME someone that YOU are proud of. In the end, others opinions are MOVING TARGETS and trying to appease them will only spin you around and around feeling lost and helpless (been there😂) . So today reminder that you are going to absolutely KILL IT today being your bad ass self 👊🏽 . . . #slay #babe #yougogirl #slaytheday #tuesdayvibes #hustler #hustlehard #doyou #tothineownselfbetrue #lovethyself #selflove #selfbelief #beautifulbc #vancouverbc #beauty #youarebeautiful .

Low quality photo dirty mirror accountability check in✌🏽✅ Cause it doesn’t matter how messy, how long it takes, if it was “perfect”... what matters is that it’s DONE👊🏽 .. We are on day 22 of the KICK-IT KETO program and the ladies are KILLIN’ IT which also translates into pushing myself harder as well! Accountability is SO👏🏽HUGE👏🏽in having success it’s what totally changed the game for me and transformed something that I sort of dragged my feet about into something FUN and easily sustainable 🙌🏽 . We are REGISTERING for the NOV 5th ➡️POST HALLOWEEN 🎃 30 day SHRED so if you’re current situation ISN’T working for you, you’re BUSY and need something EFFECTIVE + EASY to squeeze into your hectic life YOU’RE GONNA WANT TO SIGN UP! . . WHAT IS IT??? ➡️30 days ALL IN or “balls to the wall” if you prefer that expression 🤔.. ➡️5X week 15 minute EFFECTIVE workouts (stop wasting your time with an hour + per day🤪) ➡️FULL Kick-it Keto Nutrition Guide with recipes, sample meal plans, macro coaching, shopping lists, easy “on-the-go” snack recipes + more! ➡️FUN, DAILY mini checkins (no canned responses - been disappointed by those before! 🤚🏽😂) ➡️Results based programming and coaching from a Competitor + Personal Trainer ➡️FAT LOSS focused . . WHO IS IT FOR??! ➡️You have hit a FAT LOSS plateau and can’t lose any more despite dropping calories to super low levels. ➡️You have struggled with overeating and not feeling full. ➡️You have tried Keto without success or have hit a plateau (not all “Keto style” programs are created equal!).. ➡️You have lost “weight” but your body composition is quite similar (aka, same body fat percentage, just “smaller version”) ➡️You lack the support, guidance and accountability you need to see your plan through! . . IF any of these are YOU, get OFF the struggle bus 🚌 and hop on board for 30 DAYS!👊🏽 . . REGISTER NOW 👉🏽link in bio! . . #weightlossprogram #fatlossprogram #personaltrainer #fatloss #fatlossmotivation #toneitup #muscletone #leanmama #onlinetraining #hustlehard #fullbodyprogram #upperbody #lowerbody #beautifulbc #vancouverbc #momof2 #fitmama #onlinecoach #onlinepersonaltrainer #ketomama #eatwell #livewell #bodylove #realbodies