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Final day for the 💯 series LEGSSS!! Anddd this one can easily be done AT HOME! 👊🏽.. . If you have been following along with this “switch it up” series for fun or because you have hit a plateau ➡️ Repeat for a second week, same workouts! Then, depending on what your coach or plan adjustments say, hop back into your routine👌🏽 Consider it a 2 week system shock 🔥. . OH! And today is DUMBELLS ONLY so no excuses if you are at home and have a set kicking around!! . REMEMBER! The 💯 series is all about VOLUME, fatiguing your muscles in a new way, challenging your mindset and making it fun!! . If you end up using NO WEIGHT by the end of your squats that’s OKAY! Body weight can be challenging enough!! . 🔥LEGS🔥 (4 movements, 100 reps) ➡️Straight leg kick backs x50/leg.. ➡️Staggered stance deadlift X50/leg.. ➡️Single stiff legged deadlifts X50/leg.. ➡️Sumo stance dumbbell squat X100.. . Your booty and entire lower body will be ON FIRE!! . ✅TAG A FRIEND! ✅SAVE FOR LATER!

. THIS. I am STILL recovering and finding my normal due to massive restriction, followed by binge eating (one of our body’s ways of stopping the insanity).. . I have had an amazing coach, but I also had a terrible one who I followed blindly. I watched my health, my metabolism, my mindset, my hormonal health... pretty much EVERYTHING spiral out of control.. . You know the worst part? The more you do this, the more efficient your body becomes at storing energy and creating new adipose tissue... further adding to your already frustrated state.. . We are often drawn to the quick fix (I know I have been!) It taunts you with light speed results, and how easy it will be and how amazing you will feel. . The reality is, it takes time to ease up on your body, get to know how it responds to certain things, and for it to trust that you are not putting it in harms way (aka living on celery juice then bingeing on day 3).. . Working WITH your body is key, not coming at it with punishment. It will fight you, and it will win.. . So what do you do if you are struggling to make change? Or, maybe you have hit a plateau and are feeling frustrated.. . Obviously as a Personal Trainer and someone who believes that having an objective and knowledgeable coach is valuable, that is my first recommendation. Our brains get some crazy thoughts happening when we are judging our own progress and creating our own plan of attack (not to say it can’t be done!) ...continued in comments... #repost @dietitiandeanna with @get_repost ・・・ not sure why magazines/blogs still think 1200 calories is the magical number for our bodies to function ❌ stop slowing down your metabolism and restricting your diet to a number 🖤 #dietitiandeanna @dietitiandeanna

The 💯 series continues! It’s day FOUR of you are following along and I have a confession. Day 4 was yesterday and today was the rest day but I ended up going for coffee with some friends, got home to the laundry of 4 people piled high, a sink full of dishes and a house that looked like an unattended toddler had been hanging out for a few days on end 🤦‍♀️ SO! I netflixed and cleaned. But we’re back on today!! . Remember! It’s okay if you are at 5 pounds or even no weight by your 100th rep. Start with a weight you can, with full range of motion and correct form, do 15-20, then slowly reduce the weight as you progress through. Keep rest time as little as possible, preferably just enough to adjust your weight and jump right back in. . The shoulder 🔥 is sort of like that burn you get from training calves 🤔 Agree? Love to hear what always gets you the most! . Your shoulder is made up of four major muscles including the SUPRASPINATUS, INFRASPINATUS, TERES MINOR and the SUBSCAPULARIS. If you are training only shoulders its important for balance and posture to include all portions👌🏽.. . SHOULDERS 💯 SERIES: 🔥Single Arm Cable Reverse Fly X50/arm.. 🔥Forward Plate Raise X100.. 🔥Alt. Forward Raise X50/arm.. 🔥Lateral Dumbell Raise X100.. 🔥Seated Shoulder Press X100.. (Not shown because I forgot to film! 🙄).. . Finish up with 30 minutes of cardio of your choice👊🏽

.. Happy Sunday Beautiful! 🌸.. . It’s still too cold here for me 🥶 and I am missing that California weather... BUT since I can’t change the weather I decided for an uber bright clothing ensemble to lift my spirits🤷🏽‍♀️ I am sure there some science behind it but I honestly FEEL better surrounded by bright colours 🤔 So we’re going with it. And I’m alone in the gym so the world is my oyster!! . SO, day THREE of the 💯 series to switch things up a bit, add some new challenges and make it FUN!! If you haven’t been doing it alongside me and todays your first day, just start 2 posts ago and go at your own pace. It’s all about VOLUME, less total separate exercises but HUGE 🔥 It’s a great series (it’s only 6 total workouts and you do it ✌🏽 weeks in a row with one active rest day) if you have HIT A PLATEAU or are BORED and need a little break from your larger workout program 👌🏽.. . Each of the 100 series is FOUR MOVEMENTS, 100 reps using a dropset style meaning you continue to drop the weight slowly as your muscles continue to fatigue.. . BACK DAY🔥 ➡️Cable “mock” pull up X100.. ➡️Lat pushdown X100 ➡️Bentover dumbbell row X100.. ➡️Bentover Reverse fly X100.. . FEEL THE BURN! ✅TAG A FRIEND! ✅SAVE FOR LATER! Song: Sweet but Psycho Ava Max 🙌🏽

Happy Friday beautiful friends andddddssss Day ✌🏽 of the 100 WORKOUT SERIES.. . ✅TAG a friend. ✅SAVE for later. . REMEMBER! It’s about total volume! Less # of exercises, more reps, burn out style 🔥.. . If you need to rest for a few seconds, DO! But then jump right back in! . NOTE: Each “tap” or weight movement or side is “one”. . 🔥ABS + CARDIO🔥 ➡️Dynamic DB Plank X100.. ➡️Bear to Plank X100.. ➡️Alternating leg extensions X100.. . CARDIO💦 Finish up with 30 minutes of cardio of your choice but keeping your heart rate in that 65-70% of MAX HEART RATE zone 👌🏽 . What’s my max heart rate (in a very general formula 🤔).. . You’re MAX HEART RATE is ➡️Your 220 - AGE⬅️

.. Getting bored in the gym? 🤔 Are you doing a bajillion different movements every workout? 🤔 . If you enjoy hitting muscles a million different ways GREAT👌🏽.. . BUT! if NOT, or if the gyms BUSY, think VOLUME. You don’t NEED 50 different movements to get a good workout in and sometimes keeping it simple but intense is best!! . I’m going to be posting a few of these this week. . . ➡️FOUR MOVEMENT workouts, 100 REPS EACH. It’s fun, switches things up, and is harder than you think 💦.. . I love typical bodybuilding workouts/ rep ranges and lifting heavy but when I get bored, ya gotta switch it up😜.. . ✅Give this 💯 WORKOUT a try. Start with a weight you can complete 12-15 reps, and keep dropping the weight from there. You will end up with 5 pounds or no weight by the end I promise 💦.. . 💪🏽 CHEST + ARMS 💪🏽.. ➡️CABLE BICEP CURL X 💯.. ➡️CABLE CHEST FLY X💯.. ➡️DB CHEST PRESS X💯.. ➡️DIPS X 💯 . That’s it! TAG A FRIEND who would do this and SAVE FOR LATER ✅

Happy 🐫 Day beautiful friends!! 🤗 . Imagine the richness of the lives we’d lead if we had the nerve to follow our heart, trust our intuition, and act out of pure love and without fear?? . 💜Have the nerve to love your body.. 💜Have the nerve to listen to your heart.. 💜Have the nerve to leave a negative space.. 💜Have the nerve to create a life you love.. 💜Have the nerve to be vulnerable and open.. 💜Have the nerve to know your worth.. . . ✅Double tap if you agree✅ ➡️TAG A FRIEND who’s on the fence about jumping into something they want to!⬅️

The TOP 3 (daily) INGREDIENTS to make sure you HIT your fitness goals AND make it a lot EASIER👌🏽.. . #1) Become a creature of habit at least during your regimented days . Monday through Friday, EAT THE SAME MEALS, or very slight variations of these meals. It will reduce the time spent, anxiety about what to eat, and ensure you will stay on course.. . #2) DRINK MORE! Hunger and cravings are very often a missed THIRST SIGNAL. The feeling of being thirsty is a warning signal of your hydration levels being LOW. Don’t allow them to get there or worse, let them interfere with your progress because you are feeling HUNGRY when you simply need to up the H20 💦As a very simplified and base level of calculation, you should aim for 8 eight ounce glasses per day, and more if you are working out or super active.. . #3) Make ONE MEAL a MASSIVE multicoloured salad 🥗 Most of us consume wayyy below the requirements for essential micronutrients and adding in this habit is a great, non stressful way to stay on to of things. Often when we are NOT taking in enough micronutrients each day, again, our bodies give off the signal that we’re HUNGRY. I remember when I was 200+ pounds I would constantly feel “hungry” despite eating a large number of calories and having a large storage of fat fuel from which my body could pull. HOWEVER, I acted on this hunger signal with a piece of toast and jam, and would be “starving” again in a short period of time. Getting in those life fueling micronutrients is so key to feeling SATIATED and giving your body what it truly needs to feel amazing and operate optimally 👌🏽.. . What other tips do you find helpful in sticking with your healthy eating plan??? 👇🏽

.. DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH LATE NIGHT SNACKING ?? . Whether or not you have changed up or made tweaks to your nutrition this year, many of us (me included!) often find ourselves standing aimlessly in front of an open fridge or pantry looking for “something”. We’re not really hungry, maybe bored? We’re not sure what we want, but snacking is definitely part of it!! . Without getting into the reasons WHY we do this or looking deeper (we DO do this in the MINDSET RESET links in my bio shameless plug sorry 😋) ANYWAYS, though it’s helpful to know the WHY and get to the root, there are SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE tools you can implement NOW that will stop many of these food seeking kitchen adventures that stall our progress and leaving us feeling immediately afterwards like “crap, why’d I eat 3 sandwiches 🤦‍♀️ WHAT JUST HAPPENED!? 😭”.. . The NUMBER ONE tip I tell me clients is to create a NIGHT CAP. It’s the symbolic END to your eating for the day. It helps create NEW PROGRAMMING in your brain 🧠 to replace old, often deeply ingrained ones. It is so much easier to REPLACE, than it is to try and REMOVE.. This “NIGHT CAP” combines THREE “anti snacking” tools together for a powerful punch.. . #1) Warmth Drinking a warm beverage helps signal the slow down process of the day. It helps put you in a slower, more relaxed state (food consumption during snacking is generally fast and speeds up heart rate).. . #2) Cacao powder A fierce antioxidant, cacao powder also possesses may improve your blood lipid and glucose levels and aid in the suppression of cravings.. . #3) Hydration Often mistaken for hunger, dehydration is actually really common. Having a large glass of water or hot cacao often does the trick!! . ☕️🍫HOT CACAO NIGHT CAP ☕️ 🍫.. ➡️1.5 cups unsweetened cashew or almond milk. ➡️1 packet of Stevia (or, in a bind Splenda/Truvia/Twin/etc) NO SUGAR! ➡️1.5 tbsp natural raw cacao powder . DIRECTIONS: Simply microwave for 45 seconds BEFORE adding in other ingredients (it won’t blend well if done first) Then, once combined put back in for about 30+ seconds or to desired temperature 👌🏽 ENJOY!! . ✅TAG A FRIEND who would try this! ✅Save for later ☕️

Happy Saturday friends!!🥰. . Got in a low motivation (but completed!) workout early this morning and now we’re off to walk to town (again!) ❄️.. . The kids seem to always be up for a long walk and a coffee date so it’s become a daily event this Christmas break ✨

*Excerpt from MINDSET RESET (link in bio 👌🏽)* . The SECRET SAUCE of Accomplishing Goals (that eluded me for SO LONG).. . Have you ever set LIFE GOALS, fitness related or otherwise, and found yourself setting that SAME 👏🏽GOAL👏🏽multiple years in a row?? . If you have, rest assured you are not alone! That was me YEAR after YEAR after YEAR! It was almost depressing making New Years Resolutions because deep down I KNEW I would end up making them at the next ball drop the following year.. . I looked around me at others hitting weight loss goals, flourishing in their relationships, and working in careers they loved and although I was happy for them, witnessing it only added to the discontent within my own life. It was a constant reminder that, for some reason unknown to me at the time, others were smashing goals and I was stuck.. . It wasn't until many years later that I really got desperate and started researching the PROCESS of goal setting, that I figured out what I now consider to be the "secret sauce". The "thing" I had been missing that kept me from reaching goals year after year.. . It was a relief to realize that I wasn't "too lazy", that I "didn't want it bad enough", or any other debilitating self talk that those unaware of the "secret sauce" berate themselves with time and time again. . . No, it was something that I just didn't KNOW. And better yet, it's something that any person can do. . (Continued in comments)

Focusing on GOALS is the quickest way to failure🛑 ...I know because I’ve done it a bajillion times🤦‍♀️ . FOCUSING on SYSTEMS is the quickest way to SUCCESS.. . And an important addition to that is that PERFECTION within those systems is the anti progress so DON’T aim for PERFECT. Set up flexible SYSTEMS and you will be amazed how quickly your goals are achieved.. . I was thinking about this today as I enjoyed the company of my mini humans. This is their last week before heading back to school and I’ll be lucky if I can hit the gym 3 times this week.. . The OLD system I use to run would respond to this something like... . ➡️Well I guess I may as well go crazy with eating treats, not move my body at all and feel sorry for myself. . This NOW looks like this.. . ➡️Yeah it’s not PERFECT that I can’t get everything done today BUT I can include other movement into the day while getting to enjoy this time with my little ones.. . SO! Today we spent about 2 hours walking to and around town, exploring, stopping for a coffee (ok they had sausage rolls 🤤) and I feel really energized and great. And the old me would have been grumpy and missed out on BOTH things because if I couldn’t do it PERFECT, then everything sucks.. . Ya feel me!?. . So this is your reminder as we start out this new year and clean slate and I know many of you have fitness and health goals you want to reach.. . ✅Look for OPPORTUNITIES to be active. ✅Start WHERE you are, USE what you have, and DO what you can 💜 . ☝🏽And remember! PERFECTION is the Achilles heel of PROGRESS ⛈

WHAT TAKEAWAYS DID 2018 bring?? . There were actually A LOT this past year, but here are a few that really stood out.. . . ➡️It feels good to focus on what we love about people, and ourselves. And negativity + gossips are soooo not welcome 👋.. . ➡️If you are working towards (or are) living in your truth and your intentions come from a genuine, positive place of caring and helping others, someone’s opinion really doesn’t matter.. . ➡️Quality relationships are so much more meaningful than fitting in with the masses on a superficial level.. . ➡️What you think about is what you become. So be aware of what you think about (and more importantly what you say to yourself).. . ➡️Change is messy. Even painful at first. Embrace it!! . ➡️Criticism hurts, but criticisers are the most unhappy and “out of flow” in their lives. If your thoughts, translated into words don’t pass through the 3 gates (is it TRUE/NECESSARY/ KIND), let them stay as thoughts, move forward and redirect yourself (we do this at our house ALL👏🏽THE👏🏽TIME).. . ➡️The only person who can design and become who you truly want to be, is YOU.. . ➡️Nothing changes if nothing changes. Literally. Your NEW life will cost your old one. Old habits. Old behaviours we’ve used to stay safe and comfortable must stop and that’s okay if it’s a messy process.. . That is all sweet friends!! ✨Wishing you the (safest!) and bestest New Years Eve 🎉 . Anddd if you have NOT yet got your discount for the MINDSET RESET what are you waiting for!? Use code SAVE15 for 15% from NOW until MIDNIGHT ONLY! 🕰 (link in bio)

ONE WORD to describe your 2018? What would it be??? . And if it’s been a crazy year use FOUR EMOJIS😆 . My word ➡️ CLARITY My emojis ➡️ 🙏🏽😳💋🏋🏽‍♀️

The number one INCONVENIENT TRUTH I tell my online Personal Training clients (and myself!) ➡️ . Nutrition is KING. . Having a personalized training plan created and tailored to you and your goals and having the accountability and guidance is 🙌🏽 BUT! It comes down to about 80% nutrition 😭 And that means it is literally impossible at the gym to “outwork” a diet that’s off!! . And on that note, it is ONE THOUSAND times better to be at 80/20 every day of the week then 100% a few days and wayyyyyyy off on the other days. You can fit in some whole food based goodies each day!! . What WILL HALT YOUR PROGRESS and create a backslide REAL QUICK (speaking from experience!) is doing AMAZING 3-5 days and then letting the wheels fall entirely off on the other days. . SO! Whether you count macros, follow a meal guidelines, etc implementing this mindset is KEY to adhering to, and seeing results from whichever plan you follow 👌🏽.. . And on that note, just got home from (another) day at the rink for my little people and we’re about to grill some veggies🌶🥦 and 🐠.. . WHAT ARE YOU HAVING FOR DINNER!? 👩‍🍳

As we head into the New Year and maybe new goals or visions you have for yourself, remember that there will always be people who want you to stay right where you are because it’s comfortable for THEM.. . So this is your reminder that IT’S OKAY to set goals, to love yourself and your life NOW but also aspire to grow into a greater version of yourself too.. . I heard this NHL player say something about playing hockey that was such a great metaphor for LIFE and it changed my entire mindset.. . He said “I play a game where mistakes are made all the time. The only people who don’t make mistakes are sitting in the stands.” 🎤drop🙌🏽 . 🚫NO ONE who has struggled with weight, their relationship with food or exercise who has overcome it would ever judge or hold back someone else who’s trying.. . 🚫NO ONE who has found happiness, contentment and peace in their life would ever gossip about, judge, or ridicule someone for trying to find theirs.. . So FOCUS on your goal + life and know that energy invested INWARD and WITHIN will absolutely serve you, your family, your loved ones and your LIFE.. . Allow the critics, the watchers, the people in the nosebleed seats of your life to become white noise and GIVE YOURSELF SPACE to practice using your wings, growing and becoming the version of you that you are DESTINED to become💜 @msrachelhollis

🌞Happy Christmas Morning beautiful souls!! . Wishing you a cozy + relaxing day full of LOVE + LAUGHTER + BLESSINGS🎄💜 . Enjoy your Christmas Day + a slice of that delicious pie with a scoop of ice cream 🥧🍨.. . BUT!!! 🍑 If ya got goals (and just want a great mood booster!) you should absolutely squeeze in even 15 minutes of intentional movement today as well!! . 👊🏽 Grab a coffee and go for a long walk, OR, give this quick little NO EQUIPMENT PLYO CIRCUIT a try!! . 🏃‍♀️PLYO BREAKDOWN🏃‍♀️ ✅Lateral Skater Jumps X20 (10/side) ✅Plank Jacks X20 (10 “in” and 10 “out”) ✅Side to side jump squats X 20 (10 per side) ✅Reverse Lunge to board break X20 (10/leg) ✅Frog jumps X20.. . 💦RUN THROUGH ALL MOVEMENTS then rest 1-3 minutes and REPEAT 2 more rounds!! . TAG A FRIEND who would use this or SAVE IT for when you’re limited for time! 👊🏽

☃️ARE YOU TRAVELLING FOR THE HOLIDAYS?🎄.. . We have had really busy Christmases the last few years and this year we got NOTHIN’ going on and I have to say it feels amazing!! . Current Christmas Day plans... spend the day making Christmas dinner together just the four of us, wear jammies all day, listen to Christmas carols, relax and cuddle... anddd that’s literally it🙌🏽.. . ARE YOU A HUSTLE & BUSTLE kinda person or are you all about that Christmas chill vibe 🤔 ❄️