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다시 플3이다. 요번시즌은 다이아는 접고 플 1~2노린다.. . . P.@enigma_pic

Beh-Beh fiquraya bax😂😂..exx arig vaxtlarim....Qizlarim ilk once her kes oz yaxin refiqesini isharelesin🤗👭... @rgym_baku REFİQELER KAMPANİYASİ elan edib👩‍❤️‍👩...İki refiqe gedirsiz bir neferin yerine odeyirsiz👻.......Goresen iki baciya dushur bu kampaniya😁...Alooo,xeber gozleyirem...chunki mrnim refigem bacimdir...koroche,bizde gelirik😁 Telesin ve bu furseti elden vermeyin ☎️📞070-447-77-44 📍Yeni Yasamal, D.Bunyadzade 6

Why do humans judge other humans based on their appearances? And what do YOU think you and others can do to try to be less judgmental based on physical appearance? I’m genuinely wondering and want your feedback. 🧐❤️ I struggle with my weight, size, acne, voice etc. but the woman who sneered at me at the gym today didn’t take any of that into consideration as she stared and scoffed at me during my daily journey to convince my eyes and heart to be proud of what I have worked to look like. On that subject, why do we care if OTHER PEOPLE don’t approve of what we look like? And what are steps we can take to care more about our opinions of ourselves? Thanks friends. 💕

학교다닐때두 이 목걸이만 한당 넘 예쁘구 요새 연두색 엄청 좋아하는데 이건 진짜 나와 운명인 목걸이 사라해 온니 ,, 💚

FOLLOW 💫 @tinafatemi ⠀ 🌠@tinafatemi 💫 🌠@tinafatemi 💫 . snap👻 tinafatemi . . #model #top #cute #lfl #likeforliketeam#summer #jim_starr_ Credits 👑 @