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Where we go and what we eat. Currently: Cambodia🇰🇭

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Departing view from the water taxi. Adios Panamá!

Splash zone 💦

Panamá is reaaaaally doing the trick🍍

Laguna Azul, our favorite ceviche in Cartagena 🐟

Champagne wishes and ceviche dreams.

One time at brunch...

Low tide, far out 🌊

Noisy neighbors 🙄

Hanging donut displays... the way of the future?

Tuna coronettos for a perfect little afternoon snack!

The satellite phone’s ring tone is satisfying to all Jurassic Park enthusiasts 🦖

Back on the mainland after 4 nights on Koh Ta Kiev. One of the most amazing, unexpected stops of the trip this far.

Banteay Kdei, with one of the most beautiful trees. We sat with her for awhile this afternoon, happy and humble.

Bayon Temple, holding strong as a favorite after day 2 at Angkor.

Goes to Cambodia once... (Seriously, 24 hours in Siem Reap and we never want to leave!)

Although we’re brave eaters, we weren’t ready to eat snails in Vietnam. However, our favorite restaurant in Hanoi did an amazing vegan snail noodle soup- perfect last meal and one of the best things we ate during our time there. 🐌

The end of a beautiful day walking around Bangkok.

Big city lights, small town friendliness, and lots of dragons 🐉