Polaroid project by @muitoevoli Pictured: Victoria Hodder @lifeslongtwist #berlinwriters #berlinpeople #polaroid #programming #earrings #poetsgetexcited #poetsofinstagram #polaroidprojectberlinwriters

UPDATE ON THE SUNDAYS BOOK PROGRESS AND A NOTE TO AUTHORS It’s been a few suns since you have heard from us, so we wanted to send an update and some projections for the next days. If you have heard from us, we may send a little nudge out soon about finalizing works, or give you some more feedback on your second draft. If you have any questions about where we are with your piece, please send us a message! Next, we’re getting the final, approved versions of pieces from everyone. Then, we will start mapping out placement, theme and design style. We would also like to have some thought-leadership pieces, articles and prompt ideas thematically placed throughout the book. More info once we start the design and nail down a theme. TO OUR DEAR AUTHORS: Check your email; are we in the middle of a thread? Do we need another draft from you? Do you have thoughts on visuals or artwork with your piece and haven’t let us know yet? Feel free to reach out! Have you gotten your polaroid taken from Alice? If not, it would be AWESOME if you both could connect to set that shoot up! Do you want to get involved with the project? We would love help with our next awareness event in spring and would be happy to have you involved! Pictured artists: @berlinuntelevised @lifeslongtwist @oliveene @sunnivainnstrand @majid___v @sannakartau 📸: @seestaedt #ripe #theberlinwriters #poetsofinstagram #berlinpeople

🐚Next #domicilium on Tuesday with Esther Heller (here wonderfully smiling at the October event)(@howtogrowaflower), Elia Fushi Bekene (@selflovetribute), Bard Baitman, Natalya Gimson (@nattycharm), Trovania DeLille (@trovaniasink) and Candice Nembhard (@okcandice). Wonderful line-up, so see you at #deriva on Tuesday at 8PM. 🐚 Or be ⬛️. #domicilium #berlin #berlinuntelevised #poetry #spokenword

I fell in love with the exquisite drawings of #alanaldridge as a child, and never stopped going back for a hit of #thebutterflyball but, as I grew, I also gained greater appreciation of the poetry by #williamplomer. There are many childhood tomes with beautiful, witty, insightful verse which greatly influences my writing and aesthetic to this day. #poemswelove by Bronwyn Carter #poetsofinstagram #poetsgetexcited #berlinwriters #berlinpeople

fragment by Victoria Hodder @lifeslongtwist from multi-sensual workshop prompt, 22.04.18, by der Teich @oliveene #berlinwriters #berlinpeople #poetsofinstagram #poetsgetexcited

Sketch of Luke Swenson by @slave_of_books 1. What plant best captures your being? I am lichen and I know I am not really a plant. 2. Who is the most overrated writer in your opinion? Billy Collins makes me cringe along with those American poets who force bland, everyday language into sonnets. 3. What kind of 70-year-old do you wish to be? One with a full head of hair and a long list of projects. #berlinpoets #berlinperformance #berlinpeople #berlinwriters #sketchy #drawing #poetsofinstagram #plants #lichen

#domicilium Here we have Hamza Beg's body bent and stretched in wonderful ways, sending messages from Heartbreak. 🌗 🥠 Next Domicilium is coming up on Tuesday. 🥠 If you'd like to hear Hamza's MC-ing skills and tender production, head over to @tracksfrommars. 🥠 #berlinwriters #hamzabeg #berlinpeople #poetsofinstagram #deriva #itsbeardtime

#tbt Workshop July 1, 2018 Held by @oliveene high on #flakturmhumboldthain That's @majid___v with his visiting friend, being sneaky with @gnushu #berlinpoets #berlinwriters #berlinpeople #writingworkshop

Matsuo Bashō (1644–1694), was the most famous poet of the Edo period of Japan. Today he is recognized as the greatest master of haiku. I love this slim volume just as much for the pilgrimage, as for the way Bashō expresses his elegant observation of moments on the journey. #tothesource #poemswelove #basho #berlinwriters #haiku

😇 SALAD TIME WITH CRAIG 😇 #berlinwriters #writinglife

Sketch of Olivia last week #thesundaysbook #berlinpoets #berlinpeople #berlinwriters #poetsofinstagram #sketchy drawn by @slave_of_books

16th of Aug, 2016. 🌿 Olivia appears to have a word right on the tip of her tongue, perhaps describing the taste of a kind of bread. 🤔 She's one of the editors of #thesundaysbook and we bow down to her majesty. 🌊 #flashbackfriday #berlinwriters #longlivethequeen #lookingfortherightword #berlinpeople

▪️Turke Chini ▪️(@turkechini) was one of the performers of #domicilium in October, a tremendously multifaceted, thought-provoking and intelligent set. 🔥Just check out those facial expressions there. We'll have those videos out in no time.🌪️ #turkechini #activeconsent #poetry #spokenword

@sannakartau: 🌊 I found Andra Teede's poetry collection in a famous cheap pelmeni place in #tallinn about 8 years ago. How damn fortunate. Sforzando's calm, minuscule explosiveness, honest loving, details, veering into obsessiveness is all so damn familiar. Just this week I sent it to a lovesick boy to help him process pain. Do you have a friend who needs poetic support? 🍓 #poemswelove #andrateede #estonianpoetry #eesti #808sandheartbreak #berlinwriters

#flashbackfriday 📸 In January, Sanna and Dima were workshopping with these two beautiful men, Bruce and Majid, playing games and drinking coffee from mugs with a cookie holder. 🙉 What game is it again, @dimadurah? #boardgames #hunks #writinglife

As @berlinuntelevised is currently working on the videos shot at the last #domicilium, we wanted to show off some gorgeous screenshots of the artists working their magic. Here is Breezy (@breeezyfosheeez). 📣#whitepeopleyoucandobetter 📣 Photo and camera cred to @bigbusinessmonkey. 💜

Marina Tsvetaeva wrote ▪️Poems to Czechoslovakia▪️in 1939, after the signing of the Munich Pact by France, the UK and Italy which allowed for the annexation of a part of Czechoslovakia to Germany. Ziska Killat wrote us a small book about the significance of these works. 🌊 This excerpt from Marina Tsvetaeva's “Poems to Czechoslovakia” (here in Ilya Kaminsky and Jean Valentine’s translation) from 1939 is a wild call to resistance. The image that comes to mind first when I think about it, is of someone standing in a battle field, holding a protective shield over their head that’s being struck by the enemy’s bullets, which are coming in from all sides at an increasing rate and intensity. 🌊The rhythm here is piercing. Short lines, repetitions and caesurae force numerous quick pauses, interruptions and sharp intakes of breath. It rises and falls and you get a sense of increasing aggravation. The stakes are high here; things are being taken away from the speaker, not just on a personal but on a fundamental, existential, universal level. The “black mountain / blocks the earth’s light”, the Tatras, something seemingly enormous, ancient and powerful has been taken; the North, East, South and West have been taken, there’s confinement and desolation here. Seemingly established ideas of how people should treat one another are being fundamentally shaken, this isn’t just a battle of one side trying to overpower another; “they” didn’t just take beehives, or haystacks but “the beehive”, “the haystack”. The battle isn’t just for objects but also for concepts, as well as the right to those objects and concepts. It doesn’t stop at resources: “our fingers”, “our friends” are being taken as well. The question becomes: What is humanity? What are people’s rights? What are their obligations to each other. To the speaker the answer is: to refuse, to not “swim on the current of human spines”. ▪️(continues in the comments)▪️ #poemswelove #marinatsvetaeva #poemsofig