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Here’s to taking yourself and your practice seriously🙏🏽...If you want to transform your life but just can’t seem to break old habits, it doesn’t take long before you feel trapped or stuck in a never ending cycle that goes nowhere! It helps tremendously to MOVE YOUR BODY! Move that blocked energy, deep wounds, and those pesky limiting beliefs THROUGH AND OUT in whatever way feels good. At @bmvmnt, I’m learning the dance between the masculine and feminine energy within...when to be still, when to expand, when to make moves and when to let that shit go! It’s all about balance. Can’t wait to share my journey with this practice ❤️ I am right where I need to be #butiyoga

Earth is our home, at least for right now. Sometimes, we want to escape to the pain that comes with living here but it is still our home, nonetheless. We were given everything we need here to not only survive, but to FLOURISH. Incorporating nature in WHATEVER way I can throughout my week keeps me grounded and connected, so that I can do what I came here to do. Plant therapy, water therapy, sun gazing, and astrological study have all helped me connect the temple that is my body to the larger temple we call Earth. If I’m stressed, depressed, or confused, time with nature brings a calm and clarity that can’t be matched...The holidays can be stressful and taxing for some, so this is a reminder to take advantage of the nature that is all around you. Look at it, listen to it, eat it, study it, breathe it in, consume it however you can...because wellness abounds, all you have to do is step outside 🌲🍀💫💚

At times when you don’t feel at home in your skin, you may hesitate when taking the steps and risks necessary to propel you forward. Now, there could be some internal fears around sticking your head out above the crowd and how small others might feel around you. OR your fears could manifest and someone may literally be throwing some envious vibes your way...Sometimes, you just gotta (re)claim that space! How do you set boundaries with unwanted energy and claim YOUR space?

I hope y’all have spent the last few weeks noticing the moments you’ve felt the most safe and at home in your environment! Relish those moments and they’ll happen more often ❤️ but what happens when you DON’T feel at home; how do you react? I always feel my energy get really constricted and my body tends to respond with MORE tension...And if my mind is running at the same time?? 😫 Nowhere for those nagging thoughts to go but to stay right there in my head, taking me around in circles. One of the BEST tools I use to combat those situations are essential oils...frankincense is a life saver when I’m feeling out of sorts and panicky due to my surroundings! Relaxes the mind and body, so I can find my calm again 😌

Going along with this theme of feeling “at home,” I want to challenge everyone to notice all of the people, places, and things that make you feel at home. Make an ongoing list of them. And ask yourself: why do you think these physical things have such an emotional affect on me? Is there anything from your past that they remind you of—something from childhood, or a simpler period of your life? We often feel at home when something reflects a feeling of home we’ve already experienced before. If you were to put all of these things and people in a room, how would you describe the vibe? Once you can find more words to describe the type of home you gravitate to, start to purposefully add more things into your life that align with that image. I guarantee, the more you can identify what makes your heart sing, the better chances you have at attracting those things into your life in increasingly BIGGER and BETTER ways🙌🏽

Feeling comfortable in your own skin has a lot to do with how “at home” you feel in your environment. My last post asked what you guys do to build your home in this world...Mine is currently under construction, but I’m thrilled to share the ways that I’m building my home more and more very day. My 3 main support systems are: 1) a plant based wellness lifestyle, 2) a movement yoga practice, and 3) a focused purpose through helping others find their calling. When I place my energy on any one of those three things, my fears are gone and my spirit is lifted in a genuine way—I’m walking in my truth and I am at home, regardless of my surroundings❤️ How do you know when you are at home?

“Instead of trying to teach my child to fit into the world, I have created a world that fits my child.” BEAUTIFUL. As gifted children and adults, we’re often uncomfortable with our weirdness and feel disconnected from our environment. It’s up to us to create a HOME in this world for both ourselves and our children. How have you learned to create a world that fits YOU?

So many important issues brought up in this interview! From the under-diagnosis, misdiagnosis, and over-diagnosis of our school children; to the racism rampant in the mental health field; to the effect diet has on ones mental health and overall quality of life...these topics must be discussed if we want to see personal change and WORLD change. Health is a wholistic system, EVERYTHING affects it. With that being said: the education system, the mental health field, the food and drug administration(Along with big PHARMA), science, media AND religion must all support wellness, or our change will be limited. Attacking the system from all sides will create LASTING changes to finally bring about the better world that our children should grow up in. What are your thoughts? How can we help each of these industries evolve and ascend? (clip taken from Dr. Jessica Clemons’s interview on Breakfast Club Power 105.1)

(WARNING ⚠️ volume is loud) Hii everyone, how are y’all feeling with this Venus retrograde? I feel like this clip is exactly what the universe is doing with the toxic connections around me! Venus rules relationships, so that definitely makes sense...I know a lot of us are super sensitive to energetic shifts and this retrograde FOR SURE has us shifting on so many levels! Everyone is feeling it whether you believe in astrology or not. I’ve never been one to pay too much attention to retrogrades—definitely believe they’re significant, just haven’t felt affected enough by them to talk about it before now. But wowww, these last two weeks were sooo deep for me as it applies to re-assessing my close relationships. The people around us teach us a lot about what we attract and the kind of energy we’re carrying. What have you learned from the people around you lately?

We’ve been here before. We’ve traveled these waters. And we will swim to new shores, like we always have ❤️ 🏊🏽‍♀️

I’ve had a crazy busy month but it’s been so full of growth and expansion that I’m excited to FINALLY get on here and talk about it! New ways to look at giftedness, excitable nervous systems, and high sensitivity have been flooding my brain! I’m ready to take on the challenge of UPGRADING the physical and mental institutions that keep gifted people small and unaware of their gifts! Any ideas on what to share? Comment below or message me! talk to you guys soon 😊

Did @sarahgracedow say “helps with sleep, tantrums and energy?” I think so 😉 this one’s for all the mom’s out there! I know how difficult it can be to manage your own sanity while raising highly sensitive and gifted children. Young Living makes life easier for you and the kiddos with the premium starter kit(and pretty much everything else they have to offer). The kit is the BEST place to start your oily journey with Young Living and save on future purchases. Today is the last day to get the kit for 10% off, so message me to get started! Link to full video of @sarahgracedow walking you through the kit is in bio

The Divine Feminine was and always will probably be one of my favorite albums. Thank you for bringing that message to more people. Thank you for being a carrier of the divine feminine energy and helping to bring it back to this planet with your craft. Thank you for sharing your vulnerabilities and sharing your gifts with us. I wish we could have seen more, but that would be selfish of me. I hope you are in peace, and finally can see what a difference you make. We love you 🙏🏽

Story of my college life. I tried out 3 different majors for a significant amount of time and ended up dropping out 4 whole years into college, not too long before I could’ve finished. But I knew nothing the school system offered fit me. I knew I could create or attract my own opportunities that resonated. As someone who made straight A’s for my entire life, choosing to drop out of college felt like a complete failure to me. But I know I can’t find my purpose in a academic classroom. At least not with academia where it was 3 years ago...but not everyone feels the same way. Everyone deserves the same opportunities in higher education. For those who might not know what direction to go in, I highly recommend taking time out to discover yourself and your options! Take internships, shadow, and research research research the best schools/programs that would work for you 😊 I hope and pray that I can make enough noise in school systems and gifted programs that future children do not have to go through the same struggle!

Talk that talk Linda! 🙌🏽👏🏽 #nochildleftbehind #yeahright #lindasilverman

Got my rest, time for some vitamin D! Go outside and activate that beautiful DNA of yours✨⚡️#chargedup

When you’d rather spend a holiday weekend sleeping than going out #thehsplife...seriously though, I find the holidays to be some of the best times to catch up on sleep. Remember that it’s important to recalibrate your nervous system regularly! If you haven’t gotten enough rest, don’t wait on your body to rebel. Rest now, have fun later(or if you’re like me, you think they are one in the same 😉).

(Continued from last two posts) sooo this is the chain of events from 7:30 a.m. 1. Random conversation with neighbor about looking for jobs. 2. Synchronistically find @nijasym video on manifesting money 3. Post about it. 4. Watch @_cbudd IG video about entrepreneur life and how she just made enough money through YouTube to pay off her car! 5.(before I even finished watching @_cbudd‘s video)Get a text from my temp agency asking me to work tomorrow(SUPER easy job) which gives me an extra $100 next week 6. Post about it 7. (As I’m making this CURRENT post)I get a text from my boss asking to call her. When I call her she’s offering to add an extra 10 hours to the schedule “if that works for me”. I wanted more hours to begin with! Now I’ll have an extra $150 to every pay check. It’s not even 1 pm and I am on a ROLL!! #manifestmonday should be a weekly thing 😉