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A very special medal monday today! This time last year, I honestly thought a 2 hour half marathon was something I would never be capable of, it was too far out of my reach. Well, yesterday was proof that if you chase your goals enough and start believing, you can achieve them! Sorry for the cheese but it's true! #medalmonday #pb

Oh. My. God. That was TOUGH! I could not have got through this morning without this girl, @thisbunnyruns kept me going, gave me water, electrolytes and plenty of motivation, she even pushed me up a hill 🤣 Technically, I achieved my target of becoming a sub 2 hour half marathoner as I hit 13.11 miles in 1.59.29...but as usual you run further and so that bloody extra 300 metres added on about a minute. I don't have my chip time but it's something like 2hrs 40 secs. Am I gutted? Absoloutely not, this is a 9+ minute PB for me and only my third half. I had not trained for it and signed up last minute in an attempt to challenge myself and I'm taking that 1.59.29 as a bloody achievement! With training I know I could do even better. The sneaky hills were the killer for me, and I need to work on my leg strength and power. Plenty of people said to me "oh you'll be fine, you ran a marathon a month ago" But this was way harder because I pushed my body to it's absolute limits. I took the marathon super steady, but I pushed it as hard as I could today, I couldnt have given any more and miles 8 to 13 were so mentally challenging and painful in the heat! Towards the end I really thought there might be a 🤢 moment, but thankfully not! Thanks so much Becca, even though I had to dig deep through that pain I think it was my most enjoyable race 🤣🏃🏼 well done to everyone else today! 😙

Actually feel pretty unprepared for tomorrow but I can only give it my best shot 🤣 so excited to have @thisbunnyruns pacing me and keeping me company too! Carbs in belly and kit laid out...wishing everyone racing tomorrow good luck! Especially my #plymouthharriers fam running the #plymouthhalfmarathon. See you in the morning Hackney!

Today I realised it's just a little over 17 weeks until #berlinmarathon 😮 Got mine and Dom's training plans sorted and feel ready to start again! Photo is a #throwbackthursday to the Armada 5k last week on the final mile where the hills begun...was on track for a PB before this point 🤣

Lovely 5 club miles tonight! Some rest and good nutritious food now before Sunday. #hackneyhalf I'm coming for you 🏃‍♀️

You guys…@aldiuk have just dropped some new products called FOOD! They have a whole selection of fruit, veg, protein options, snack, drinks…you name it. You can buy REAL food with REAL nutrients so that when your appetite kicks in…you can eat it and feel satisfied. I have no special offer for them, but trust me, you need to get your hands on this stuff FAST! #suckit #joke In all seriousness, these appetite lollies that Kim has just promoted has caused me so much anger today. I thought the days of detox tea that gives you the 💩 and ridiculous carb blocking pills 💊 were gone…but oh no, it’s people who have so much power to influence who are keeping these companies thriving. Their platforms could make such a positive impact, and there are plenty out there that do but this is promoting unhealthy relationships with food and advocating it as ‘cool’. Education is key here…anyone who buys the lollipops is doing so because they trust Kim and believe what the website says…why shouldn’t they?! I’m not judging…because I have been there many many years ago (hi #juiceplus) so we need to EDUCATE, talk about science, talk about fueling with REAL FOOD. I highly recommend giving @rhitrition a follow. In a world where eating disorders are on the rise, we should not be promoting lollipops which aim to stop you eating. This is just plain irresponsible and I hope Kimmy K re-evaluates…sorry for my lunch photo...I'm not a great food blogger...

It all starts with that first run...#transformationtuesday . . New blog post up today answering questions on why and how I started running, link in bio!😊🏃‍♀️

6 mile run with my @berlinmarathon training partner 😉 excited to get our plans sorted next week and make a start 💃🏼Today was perfect running conditions here...well done to everyone who raced, it's so nice to see people find their love for running again or hit new lot always inspire me! Anyone else racing #hackneyhalfmarathon next weekend?!

Smiles for the weekend 😄😁 good luck everyone racing, resting, working, studying...whatever you do try and enjoy yourself and make for some 'you' time. Self-care can sometimes provide that extra fuel we need 💙

How do you celebrate exams being done with?! A long run sandwhich that's how 🤣 banked 10 miles tonight with a great 5k race in the middle with the Harrier fam! Just one more deadline to go and then it's the #hackneyhalf 💃🏼🏃🏼

D U B L I N 💃🏼 #doesntjustrun

Beautiful 10k in Dublin this morning! 🏃🏼

In just over 2 weeks I will be running @virginsport #hackneyhalf and have joined forces with @the_tribe_way for project 10%. Each Tribe runner has pledged to knock at least 10% off their PB so I have jumped straight back into training trying to discover some "speed" post London 🙈 Alongside this we are also trying to raise funds to help end modern day slavery and human trafficking, something that is happening all over the U.K. but often goes unreported or unnoticed. You can text LIVY89 £2 to 70070 to help this epic project! (Or £1, £5 etc...every little helps!) I will also change the link in my bio to my fundraising page instead of my blog ♥ thanks so much everyone in advance!

Easy decision on what top to wear to club tonight! Didn't you know I ran the London Marathon?! 🤣

There's 17ish months between these two photos. I honestly think the biggest change is just knowing how to locate the photographers on a race course 🤣 In all seriousness though, 18 months ago running a 10k was such a challenge, I was terrified having only completed the full distance once before during the training and beforehand despised running! Now it's such an important part of my life. It has taught me SO much about myself. I would have never had the confidence to go back to Uni or attempt a marathon before...our only limits are the ones we set ourselves. You gain so much strength from overcoming things you once thought impossible! So no matter where you are on this journey...believe in your abilities. "It always seems impossible until it's done"...Nelson Mandela

No one expects to go into a race and not come out the other side. We couldn't make it to London today but here are our #milesformatt Let's be grateful and remember how lucky we are to have our health. . . #finishformatt #3point7formatt #runningcommunity

#vlm2018 PART FIVE 200m to go...sunglasses off, game on! I crossed the finish line, hands in the air…started to cry but no tears came out because I must have been dehydrated. I felt so sad I hadn’t seen Mum or Dad, but also so happy that I had a good, enjoyable race. It was my first marathon and I will never get that again, I’m so happy I took the decision to run slower, look up at the sights and enjoy the crowds. Sure, it can get a bit much. But I am so grateful to every person that was there cheering that day, you are the #spiritoflondon. My legs became stiff and I found it difficult to walk, it took me a while to make it to the bag collection and then the meeting point. Turned out my Dad and stepmum had kept missing me, and my Mum, sister and stepdad had seen me. In fact they were so close they could have touched me…I have no idea how I missed them. They were so loud too…swipe to see the video! I am on cloud 9. This has been a crazy journey. I now know that I love long distance. That 26.2 is one my favourites. I know there will be tough races in the future, this was tough in istelf but ones where I will struggle more, push more. But I will take each race as it comes. I did not get the time I had trained for, but I got the marathon experience I was hoping for. I am very sad to hear of those who did not have a good race, those who collapsed and very sadly those who did not make it. I will be running 3.7 miles on Sunday in honour of Matt. For those who maybe have been inspired by any of the recent marathons and are questioning if you should do one next year…do it. Put your name in the ballot. I believe in you. The whole journey of getting to the start line is something in itself. There’s that cheesy quote that you can learn everything you need to know about yourself in 26.2 miles…but I now understand that. Go for it. Break barriers, expectations and take on the journey 🏃🏼 Now it’s time to train for Berlin…

#vlm2018 PART FOUR Mile 20 I saw @chris_x_runs at the water station which was so nice to see another familiar face even for a brief second. I was loving the race but honestly felt quite overwhelmed. When we went through Blackfriars underpass the noise from the crowds went and I took it slow. I enjoyed the moment of quiet and just listening to the pounding of everyone’s feet. The crowds make London, but my ears were ringing! I think there was now just over 5km to go, I was so close. Quads hurting and now my shoulders and back too, I was out of nutrition but couldn’t face a gel so took some Lucozade from one of the paper cups, downed it and got on my way again. I couldn’t believe that I was still moving, sure I had some aches and pains but I started to think how much fun I had and how quick the race had gone and that I almost didn’t want it to be over. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited to see the finish line but I started to think about my running journey the last 18 months, how much it has changed me. The last 18 weeks of hard work, all building up to this one moment, today. I got very emotional again, and to stop myself from crying I started singing Sean Paul out loud 😂 It was the last song I’d heard that morning and I’m not to sure what came over me but there I was, running down embankment singing Sean Paul 💃🏼I realised I was at 25 miles and started to really search for my family. Why hadn’t I seen them yet? I just needed to see them, hear them. The race was almost over. I was also searching for the famous cheer squad of Instagram, but couldn’t see them either. Houses of Parliament appeared and I was on the home straight. 1km to go. Emotional again, my family HAVE to be somewhere surely. I was so upset they hadn’t seen me. My watch beeped at 26.2 miles at 4 hours 41 minutes but I still had more to go. I started sprinting and kept my fastest pace for the whole race on that last 500m. TBC