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while my instincts tell me otherwise, today I say “go birds!” 🦅🏈

Chinese style photograph7 #Chinese #Chinatrends #Chinaclassic

I got tanned in China this summer, oh i wanna go back to Africa! #meme #chinaonlinetrends #funnypictures #Chinese #summerinchina

Merry Christmas to all my four- footed friends out there 🎁

China top actress 2018 Liying Zhao #Chinese #Chinastars #Chinesebeauty

Santa already checked his list twice, right?

Chinese dumplings #chineseculture #dumplings #chinese food

you’re avothing I’ve ever wanted 🥑

can’t cat.. too sleepy..

annual pumpkin pic 📸✔️

it’s been a rough few weeks but I am on the mend! #nomorehairballs

thrilled to be in the car.. 😾

cat in a 📦

human: play dead.. me: OK!

HAPPY #earthday ! you're by far my favorite planet. 🌎🌸

playtime ❤️

snow day chillin ☃️❄️ adopted from @providence_ac in October of 2016!

spring break travels! 🚙

when it hits you that tomorrow is Monday.. 😑

foreign intruders are not welcome at Purrsevelt Mansion ❌