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ppl jus be making shit up now ong

smh i always get reminded of the stuff i do but anyways crying all night is the moves 🙈🙈

yo girls feelings hurt rn

that hurts a lot 😔

i miss my pen

i’m real life hurt dawgggg but yeeeehawwww 🤠

idk y but i’m way better at friendships then relationships 💀

biggest secret: ight yall my biggest secrets is . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SIKE U THOUGHT i don’t have any secrets lmao

your crush: stop it bruh that’s gay ✋🏽

fav place to be and why: oh yes i like to be HOME BC ITS MY HOUSE AND I CAN DO MEEEE

first time being drunk: whale whale whale whaleeee 🐳 do i got a story for u 😏 the first time i actually got drunk was like with my sister me and her went to this dudes hotel room it was like her bf or whatever and let me tell u there wasn’t a lot of ppl but he didn’t care that i wanted to drink so my sister let me and so then his friend gave me a shot bc my sister ain’t wanna drink me being me was like ight bet and when i drunk that i was DISGUSTADDD and so in my head i was like never again 🤮 but then i had another shot and then i alr has like 2 beers and then i drinked another one but then we went walking somewhere and i could already feel me being drunk and i was like oh no i need to get indoors but blah blah blah we get back to the hotel and then this dude gives me ANOTHER SHOT so i’m like dude sure why not 😎 bc at this point i’m already drunk and then i was after that i don’t remember shit but next thing uk i’m at my sisters house in the shower 😔 GUESS WHAT YALL I PEED IN THE FUCKEN UBER 😪

first time being high: that shit was cool me and my friend smoked at the lake and after we were done i was trippen dawggg like i didn’t kno where tf we were 😔✋🏽 and when i was walking i was going the wrong way and my friend was just looking at me like “😕wtf u doing bruh” and i was like oh shit wtf and this was when i didn’t skip so i went back to class and i went to my fourth and in my fourth period i was always talking but this time i talked waaaaay too much and everytime i would talk my teacher would stare at my eyes like 👁👁 and i would just be like 😳 and she said if i went “in that condition” again that she would call an administrator and i was like WOWWW she was kinda fake for that 😪

last person i fw: dats my “ex” but idk he’s weird all ima say is he a weirdooo

the time u cheated on ur bf: damnnn ummm i kissed this dude while i was dating someone and i felt hella bad i was like wtf did i do so broke up with him later on 😔✋🏽

ur ex: idk man we cool ig but he’s not my ex but idk wtf he is

let’s do this rq

omg 😳