Just another sweat session with lots of mental work! It is not just the body we need to keep fit, but it is the mind! Stay sharp my friends! #boxing #boxingtraining #boxinglife #boxing #boxingsantamonica #boxingvenice #girlsboxing #womensboxing #girlswhofight #girlswhobox #womenwhofight #sisterhood #sweatygirl #mentalhealth #staysharp #mentalstrength #boxingclass #sweetscience #boxinggloves #boxinggym #boxingworkout #fisticfamily #fisticsisters #handwraps #boxingcoach
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Happy independence day Miss u vishal 😭


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Back Sharper than your Knife 😂 . 💥DM FOR SHRED/BULK PROGRAMS💥

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2017-08-14 08:58:40

@youngprincepresley looks like you are killin it!

2017-08-14 08:57:42

@iamjayhunter 👍


Jay Hunter
2017-08-09 14:24:45

You are doing well! Keep pushing hard!

2017-08-09 08:57:58

@chelsii27 That is awesome that you have taken up the #sweetscience 👊 You should definitely come by some time😘


2017-08-06 21:11:55

@chelsii27 it is the required first class before doing the regular weekday sessions. It is always the same so you don't want to do ot more than 2 times. It just gets your foundation down.

2017-08-06 18:52:06

@jennydphillips 🕺🕺🙆‍♀️

2017-08-06 18:51:42

@chelsii27 We only offer the fundamentals on Saturday morning😞

2017-08-06 18:51:06

@vvasquez08 😁😁

Veronica Vasquez
2017-08-06 16:48:52


2017-08-06 16:13:05

@chelsii27 no😮 It was Thursday😁

2017-08-06 16:12:41

@parneezypics we miss you too!!😘

2017-08-06 11:49:41


Parneille Walker
2017-08-06 10:31:03

Berkeley so cute! I miss everyone!