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We are a Las Vegas NV couple fostering whatever is in need. Spay/Neuter ✂️Adopt💖 Anti-breeding 🚫 (it's pronounced with a long A if you were wondering)

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No pictures please! #ismayyourbae2018

Welcome our new fosters Bob, Rex, and Bambi. They were owner surrenders to @forgetmenotaslv and will be available for adoption soon. Please note the photos are from prior living situations, they are now indoors in my bathroom.

Every day she’s snugglin #ismayyourbae2018

In case it hasn’t been clear. #ismayyourbae2018 is still looking for her forever home 💖

Duke needs a home! Repost from @hello_cupcake702 using @RepostRegramApp - Guys this is a long shot but I'm fostering Duke looking for a forever home for him. I'm in Vegas if you don't know but if anyone is interested DM me. He's an 8 year old #akita #cattledog mix. He's kennel trained and UTD on his shots. He needs a lot of exercise though otherwise he does have some behavioral issues. Lmk guys!

May knows how to enjoy the kitty trees better than the resident cats #ismayyourbae2018

In case you forgot, May is getting too comfortable at my place. Can she crash on your couch forever? #ismayyourbae2018

May must you bathe in my jacket? #ismayyourbae2018

May in the middle. #ismayyourbae2018

May: pro feet warmer. Anytime I sit down May is there. She is a true lap cat 🐱

Forever snugglin #ismayyourbae2018

Available for Adoption! They mixed the names up for now but it doesn’t matter since the forever home changes the name anyway. #earthsparkletwins

Fostering isn’t pretty, but it sure is cute. Don’t worry I quickly stole my spot back. #earthsparkletwins

Earth and Sparkle weigh enough to be adopted. They will go back this coming Friday. Fostering isn’t always very long. I’ll be trying to spend as much time as possible with them to socialize them. They’ve already come out of their shells a bit. #earthsparkletwins

Earth sporting a parsley crown #earthsparkletwins

#ismayyourbae2018 only accepts the satin pillow cases

Sparkle and Earth 😻 It appears that Earth May have some neurological issues but it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. We are in the watching phase and he is staying steady. #earthsparkletwins