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We are a Las Vegas NV couple fostering whatever is in need. Spay/Neuter ✂️Adopt💖 Anti-breeding 🚫 (it's pronounced with a long A if you were wondering)

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May is hanging out in the pop up pen today to get used to the other pets and up her socialization. #ismayyourbae2018

Hopped up on the bed all by herself. She’s currently spooning my shoulder 😽 #ismayyourbae2018

A recent release from the TNR program. So beautiful!

May stayed on the bed all night last night. She’s coming along so well #ismayyourbae2018

I have become a cat bed 🐱#ismayyourbae2018

Today has me and May like..... #ismayyourbae2018

Every morning and night I have to get May out from under the bed, she hisses but never swats. Today I was trying to get close to her so I could put her on the bed to hang out like I always do, and she ended up jumping up their herself. 🎉🎉🎉 She’s definitely gaining confidence and learning to trust us more. She’s also definitely less shut down because she’s kind of a brat about checking her toe nails. #ismayyourbae2018

Meet Gypsy! She is approximately 8 months old and she needs a home. To make a long story short she was dumped on my friend who has two young kiddos and is in the process of moving. She wasn’t planning on having the pup more than a week, but the original “owner” totally bailed and left my friend and Gypsy to fend for themselves. Gypsy has been great around young children, doesn’t mind cats, but is nervous around big dogs and needs some love and patience. Please help network Gypsy for a rescue or adopter in Las Vegas. She will be fully vaccinated and spayed prior to adoption/transfer to rescue.

@earthsparkle has a new website! Go check it out. Head to @earthsparkle bio for hyperlink

#ismayyourbae2018 hisses at me everyday. It means absolutely nothing. Here she is smothering me 😹

On this episode of “I guess I’ll sleep on the floor”..... 😹 #ismayyourbae2018

As long as it’s comfy, May will stay anywhere you put her. Here she is in the laundry basket while I cleaned her kennel. #ismayyourbae2018

May is getting more affectionate each day. It started with her allowing me to pet her, now she comes out from hiding to get love. She still hisses, but it means absolutely nothing 😹. I think that’s just how she says Hi. I’m excited to move her into our bedroom where Kingsley was. P.S. my husband thought she was Olive last night at first glance, but to me they look nothing alike besides coat color.

Morning time with May #ismayyourbae2018 she’s eating better each day and likes pets more each day. However she tells me off more each day to. Luckily she realizes quickly that she likes head scratches more than hissing at me.

It’s #olivethebatcat first Christmas

Meet May! #ismayyourbae2018 commences now. May was passed over many times at the shelter and was declining mentally. So May will be staying with us until WE find her a home. I have teamed up with the shelter to make sure May never has to go back into a cage/kennel. Please share May as I help bring her out of her shell so she can find her forever home.

I think we all knew this would happen quickly with his big personality. Don’t forget about the other #thekatoombabinks who are still available for adoption.

Well that was fast. I didn’t get to send his “note from my foster” but I know he’s got a great family. And if it’s meant to be somehow they will find us and send us updates about him.

The coolest cat in the world is available for Adoption #kingsleyreginaldnewton @theanimalfoundation

Another lunch date with Ledger @animalhelpalliance

This is Ledger, he is handsome AF. He needs a foster or adopter through @animalhelpalliance

Here are #thekatoombabinks and their numbers for adoption 💖

Available for Adoption #thekatoombabinks find them @theanimalfoundation after 1pm today 💖

Guess I’ll sleep on the floor #kingsleyreginaldnewton

What it’s like to take photos of #kingsleyreginaldnewton 😹😹😹

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#kingsleyreginaldnewton looking a little mysterious in this lighting. No mystery here though, he’s an even tempered angel 💖

He looks the same in every photo because he’s truly always the same. He’s always a total love bug. #kingsleyreginaldnewton

Sir #kingsleyreginaldnewton is thankful to be off the streets. Don’t forget #fosteringsaveslives