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We are a Las Vegas NV couple fostering whatever is in need. Spay/Neuter ✂️Adopt💖 Anti-breeding 🚫 (it's pronounced with a long A if you were wondering)

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Sleepy Victor, be sure to watch our stories especially the highlighted ones to see everyone on the move (which they almost always are). #fosterthewalkingkittens

A unflattering yet still cute photo of Charlie #fosterthewalkingkittens

Morgan wonders why I’m waking him up for a photo. #fosterthewalkingkittens

Becky!!! #fmnaslv #forgetmenotaslv @forgetmenotaslv

Resident Kink and baby Ofelia. #fosterthewalkingkittens

Jokes! Kink is 13 and has been neutered since like 5 months old. #fosterthewalkingkittens

Her little pink nose is the cutest. Update she still has some serious Cattitude! 😹 #fmnaslv #forgetmenotaslv @forgetmenotaslv

It’s very tiring watching foster mom clean #fosterthewalkingkittens

Um... excuse me 😹 #fosterthewalkingkittens

Forget fireworks, this is the show we are watching #fosterthewalkingkittens

From the top Luciana, Mel, Ofelia. #fosterthewalkingkittens

They are taking over #fosterthewalkingkittens

Madison is kinda like a food truck, but with only one option. She has added the new sectional to her route today 😹 #fosterthewalkingkittens

Charlie activates siesta time #fosterthewalkingkittens

Barnaby (still available for adoption) snoozing in the cat lounge. #fmnaslv #forgetmenotaslv

It’s about that time where they will not be contained in a small room anymore 😩 Ofelia #fosterthewalkingkittens

Hot Mess Charlie! #fosterthewalkingkittens

The attitude on this kitten is unreal. Victor of #fosterthewalkingkittens 😹