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We are a Las Vegas NV couple fostering whatever is in need. Spay/Neuter ✂️Adopt💖 Anti-breeding 🚫 (it's pronounced with a long A if you were wondering)

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Everyone is still at my place, no adoptions yet. #thexraykitties

Twice loves to be pet and brushed but she’s still very nervous and scared. I think getting around other kitties will help her socialization, but we have to wait a bit longer before we can do that.

Storm looks so small next to #beckitabanana #thexraykitties

Dusty is excited for winter. It means fluffy blankets and soft robes ❄️ #thexraykitties

I can’t believe we haven’t had any inquiries about Dusty or his sister Storm. They are available for adoption through @vprp_jamiegregory @vegas_pet_rescue_project #thexraykitties

Dusty will follow your hand all around for pets.

Come meet Dusty and Storm #thexraykitties at Sunset Park 10a-3pm for the Give A Fetch event by @cbwlv Admission is free and getting a tennis ball out of the giant gum ball machine will donate towards rescue. #vprp #vegaspetrescueproject #fmnaslv #forgetmenotaslv @vprp_jamiegregory @vegas_pet_rescue_project #beckitabanana

#beckitabanana will always join a #cuddlepuddle Storm and Dusty #thexraykitties are settling in to downstairs life very quickly. #vegaspetrescueproject #vprp #forgetmenotanimalsanctuaryoflasvegas #fmnaslv

Twice last night before she moved in to the bathroom. She ate a tiny amount of chicken baby food on her own and I’ve syringe fed her as well. She is on a medication to stimulate her appetite and hopefully it will kick in stronger. She loves head pets but she has a skin condition (ringworm??) that might be itchy haha.

Little baby Squirrel! #tippedtally

Tally Squirrel will be in adoptions after 10am tomorrow @theanimalfoundation #tippedtally

No hooman I don’t want your kisses!!

A tiny wild cat named #tippedtally tries to take down a #turkeyalexandra buffalo

#thexraykitties when I can up the first time they were like perfect little statues so I had to grab my phone #vegaspetrescueproject #vprp

Meet.... well I haven’t really named her yet. She was TNRed last weekend and after the scary incident with the man in the wash she was back in our trap the next morning. Based on her demeanor we feel she is totally up to be socialized. She doesn’t hiss or lash out and is a lot like Storm. We are open to name suggestions and would appreciate support as she is not backed by a Rescue at this time.

Storm found everyone’s favorite spot to hang. She’s slowly coming out of her shell. #vprp #vegaspetrescueproject