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We are a Las Vegas NV couple fostering whatever is in need. Spay/Neuter ✂️Adopt💖 Anti-breeding 🚫 (it's pronounced with a long A if you were wondering)

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Cat selfie 🤳. #kingsleyreginaldnewton doesn’t appreciate when I stop petting him to take photos 😹

Sir #kingsleyreginaldnewton is spending some time on the bed today.

The bunnies enjoying some extra room in my makeshift add on 😂 #thekatoombabinks

Please read (or don’t 😂) As you may have seen from my insta stories I would like to purchase this rabbit enclosure. It’s almost twice the size of the one the shelter could lend to me and it would give any future rabbit fosters more room and enrichment. In an attempt to keep my budget in check I was hoping to crowd fund this. I wouldn’t have to borrow a cage from the shelter in the future and the cage would stay fresher longer and allow the rabbits to learn litter box training. So I figured out the details. I would of course be one of the donors, so please count me in there. *************************************If two people donate it would be $46.66 each (round up or down how you like and I’ll pick up the slack). *** If five donate it would be $18.66 each.*** If ten donate it would be $9.33 each. If you would like to band together and help me grab this great enclosure up please let me know. The bunnies will love it 💖

I thought kittens were hard to get photos of, but this guy never stops moving, always wanting affection. #kingsleyreginaldnewton

There’s a Wimlah in my pocket #thekatoombabinks

#mistthemogwai now WolfMother is getting quite comfortable at her new place and is finally making mogwai noises for her mom 😹

I’m scary but apparently a 13lb cat with claws and big teeth isn’t 😹. Little Gunnedoo #thekatoombabinks

This big boy is our new foster. He has a broken radius (bigger of the arm bones) but is on the mend. He needs a name so we are open to suggestions 💖

Meehni out for a visit #thekatoombabinks

Meehni and Wimlah 💖 #thekatoombabinks

Little Wimlah is the most nervous of the #thekatoombabinks but she’s so cute I could cry 😢

Meehni is the most social and always looking to come out and explore. #thekatoombabinks

Gunnedoo looks like a guinea pig. So far only Meehni is the most social and active, but the other two will come around. #thekatoombabinks

New foster babies (clockwise) Gunnedoo, Wimlah, Meehni. #thekatoombabinks

Post spay face #mistthemogwai is officially adopted by @phillyphan34 She has two older kitty brothers and a kiddo to play with now 💖

Some last minute bites before we head out to the shelter where we will meet with #mistthemogwai new owner.

Here’s your eviction notice #mistthemogwai

Officially Adopted! Repost from @theonlypolishyogi using @RepostRegramApp - happy halloween from my newly adopted feline partner in crime

#mistthemogwai #mistgetslesspissed has another weekish with us but has already found her new family! More details to come when everything is finalized.

Constantly looking offended 😹 #mistthemogwai

Come on lady #mistthemogwai

#mistthemogwai snuggling with her teddy.

I swear #mistthemogwai is very sweet and affectionate. Her photos make her look so crabby

This is actually her content face #mistthemogwai #mistgetslesspissed

Today 3-6pm! @atomicliquors

The progression of sleeping like a complete weirdo. #animalhelpalliance #lunaprissypants

Everyone is being a giant brat today. I guess Luna doesn’t want me to miss her (not sure what’s up with the rest of the family) Luna goes to her adoption trial today! #lunaprissypants #animalhelpalliance

Just hanging with her Teddy after I cleaned up her messy room (she already has food in her water again) #mistthemogwai