✨I want to thank the Uruguayan leading newspaper El Pais for their interest in telling the story of what occurred to me in Portugal as I was starting the Camino de Santiago; in addition to explaining the mission of The World My Village, what is now THE MOST important thing to me. This story was well summarized in order to give the reader an overall idea of the chain of events. But I want to note that although the front cover title mentions/implies that the assault occurred in Spain, as the actual article says, it took place in Portugal. Also, worth noting that while I was recovering in Lisbon I contacted a former colleague of mine at the main television station, RTP, to let him know so the TV station could work with the Portuguese authorities to bring attention to the need for more security to the area between Parque das Nacoes and Sacavem. The Camino Portugues is becoming more popular and there is a need to provide safety to all pilgrims that come from all over the world. The Camino is a great economic source of income for the country, so attention should be given. Via Lusitana in Lisbon, organization that works with pilgrims has been also in contact with the Ministry of Tourism due to the high safety concern. It is my hope that authorities/representatives will act quickly and take action. If you are interested in learning more details on this story, you may search for posts with videos on Facebook @theworldmyvillage and Instagram around September 19th and beyond. ✨Quiero agradecer al Diario lider Uruguayo, El Pais, por mostrar interes en contar la historia de lo qu me paso en Portugal al comenzar el Camino de Santiago. Si quieres mas informacion te invito que veas los posts en Facebook o IG alrededor del 19 de Septiembre. @elpaisuy @rtppt @thevoiceofportugal #followme #news #newspaper #travel #travelling #travelbug #solotravel #sheisnotlost #passionpassport #safetyfirst #portugal #caminoportugues #camino #caminodesantiago #action
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@hownottotravellikeabasicbitch Is very much needed.

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Obvio, tenias que dar la nota!!!

Wow so glad you're bringing attention to this