✨Taracea is the Islamic art of inlaying different wood combinations (ebony, walnut, mahogany) with bones, ivory or nacre. These materials form geometric patterns. The influence of Al-Andalus culture in Granada made Taracea the most important art in the city. ✨Taracea es el arte islamico de entrelazar differentes tipos de madera con hueso, marfil o nacar. Estos materiales hacen formas geometricas. La cultura Al-Andaluz en Granada han hecho de Taracea el arte mas importante en la ciudad. #followme #travel #travelling #travelbug #art #spain #granada #taracea #craft #instaart #instagood #knowledge #islam #history
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I love how the threat of an unlike is seemingly so detrimental. Let me be clear; if you support human beings being treated like this, children at that; then I could give absolutely NO FLYING Fs about whether you “like” my page or not. 🤷🏻‍♀️🖕🏻💋 I’m going to keep expressing my opinions on what I believe or support. Whether you “like” it or not. I “didn’t speak on this in 2014” because MY PAGE WASN’T ACTIVE 2014-2016. Seeking asylum isn’t illegal. Human beings aren’t illegal.

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