✨ Like the foodie I am, my first post from Uruguay (South America) has to be about food. When you have been away from your home country as I have, it is normal to think and even dream of those flavors that bring comfort to once life, even taking us back in time. Let me introduce you to two of my favorite dishes. -First one is a “Chivito Candiense”, translation in English “Canadian Chivito”. The normal way is to have beef as the main ingredient, I asked for chicken as I don’t do much red meat. This also can be made as a sandwich or on a plate without the bread. Main ingredients, beef, bacon, ham, olives, red pepper, boiled egg (sandwich) fried egg (on the plate),tomatoe, lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise. And of course a great beer to accompany it. 🍺 -Second one, my favorite deserts a cake named “Ramon Novarro ”. Main ingredients, chocolate, dulce de leche and sweet crust. #followme #delish #instafood #uruguay #gastronomy #southamerica #travel #diversity #chef #travelgram #solotravel #travelbug #taste #dare #chocolate #dulcedeleche #cooking #internationalfood #beer
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Wish you a very very Happy Birthday my Pouta @pryanca_t ❤️have a great one and have an amazing year ahead. I don’t have words to tell you that how much I love you. You better come to LA to see me this year. Miss you 😘😘😘 stay blessed and stay crazy 😜

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