✨ A landmark in Montevideo with tons of history, The Hotel Carrasco. Just few blocks away from my home, this hotel used to be in my younger years the place to go for Tea Time, important events used to take place as well as very lavished parties. Its construction started in 1912 and finished in 1921, after 9 years work. For decades it was a landmark of luxury for tourists visiting Montevideo. Because of eventual deterioration of the building, it was closed in the late 1990s. In 2007 plans to restore this beautiful building started and the hotel re-opened its doors in March 2013, now operated by Sofitel. It does have a Casino attracting international visitors. #followme #share #travel #travelling #instagood #history #architecture #elegance #experience #photooftheday #photography #uruguay #montevideo #hotelcarrasco #visiting #visit #exploretocreate #wonderlust
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