✨When you are driving and you have to kind of do a second take as you can not believe what you just saw. That happened to me as I was driving on Ruta 3 in Flores, Uruguay heading to Montevideo. I looked to the side while passing the Reserva de Flora y Fauna Doctor Rodolfo Talice (Wildlife Reserve) and saw what I thought was a camel. Later I learned that these are not camels because for example they have one bump on their back instead of two. There are other few differences but this is the easiest for us to know if the animal is a camel or a “dromedary”. The reserve is currently close as is going through renovation to improve and modernize the facilities as this is one of the major tourist attractions of that state (departamento). #followme #sigueme #wildlife #animals #camels #animales #camellos #uruguay #southamerica #floresuruguay #explore #learning #nature #uruguaynatural
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