✨Its with great pride and happiness that I can announce that we already achieved this week some of the goals we set to help @merenderonissi in Ciudad del Plata, Uruguay and ensure no kid in the neighborhood goes hungry. 1) Sign for the merendero. 😊 Painted by the artist Mariana Olaso. 2) The World My Village donated a freezer so that all the food we will be receiving will be kept in good condition. 3)The old table was repaired with new wood donated by @maderagro_ . 4)Several key items were donated such as the wood and legs for a smaller second table, a stove, table covers, a large pot, etc. This is only the beginning and you can contribute. For details on how you or your company can help check out this link https://www.facebook.com/TheWorldMyVillage/posts/576051842745298 Or contact me privately so I can guide you on this. Please tag a friend or company that shows social responsibility. #follow #sigueme #uruguay #merendero #food #children #endhunger #volunteer #volunteering #donations #giveback #donate #generosity
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