✨Discover your city, interesting stuff everywhere... Extra points if you know where this hand sculpture is at in Los Angeles. 😊 ✨Descubre tu ciudad, cosas interesantes por todos lados. Puntos extras si sabes dónde está ubicada en Los Angeles esta escultura de una mano. 😊
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@sjvanden my pleasure😊👍

Sarah Vandenbusch
2018-02-19 21:05:22

@theworldmyvillage I love clever pieces like that! Thank you for sharing!

@sjvanden I am not sure but hopefully next time I will get on the station for a different perspective of the hand and the paper plane ✈️ 😊 I thought was cool and different, unexpected.

Sarah Vandenbusch
2018-02-19 20:55:25

@theworldmyvillage Is it brand new? I was working in Manhattan Beach last summer, just off Rosecrans; not aware of this sculpture.

@tiffany_sm Extra points for you Tiffany! 😊 Where the Green Metro line is 👍

I literally just saw this on Saturday for the first time in El Segundo 😂