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Let’s go some where 🤙🏽

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if you need me I’ll be sleeping at the speedway on a barrier till further notice 😴😴😴 EDC Was absolutely insane, never experienced any thing quite like this year and I can’t wait to share the footage with you guys 🙈🙈🙈

Woke up/ stayed up in Vegas 😈 holy hell what an edc day one that was 😵😵🤐 day two leeetttts go

Your boy is back, and this time Brody and I are bringing you some junk food cookies. Full 5 min video is live on YouTube. Link in story and bio

Soooo I put a ton of effort into my day one onstage edc look, as you can see, what do you think?! #ravethot #ravebooty #shrimpdickgang

Hey Girl, I’ll see you at EDC. #thottinnbopin 🍭🎶

When you see the waiter bringing you your food from across the restaurant 😏

Watch out Miami, the kids coming for ya July 12th-20th 😉🔥 who’s ready to send it in the sun with me and hit one of my fav spots @11miami ?!

Sunday vibes from @fantastics and @theyaoh , nothing like a long bath to wash off the weekend 😈😌

How I’m feeling after fully sending it last night with the entire squad. 😴 #sos #sendoversleep

#tgif Send me your play list 😏 It’s rainy days like today I love sitting down in jeans and chucks ,playing guitar and writing music.

“Walk Inta the Club like, “what up? I gotta big 🐓!”” 🎺🎺🎶Mood af today. Who else loves horns on a track? I’m using lots of sax in my new song for my ep 😱🎙 #whathesings? #keepcreating #snacklasmore

Heeeeeey, odds are if you’re here you like watching me do things with no shirt, well then #tkintheikitchen is perfect for you, this week is a “pesto chicken SHAAAASHAGE!, and cheese scramble” Brody🐶 is quickly outshining me in these old YouTube series reboots 🤦🏼‍♂️ full video at