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Let’s go some where 🤙🏽

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Little Monday motivation and food for thought, Every decision we make Sculpts our mind body and soul. What have you been building ?

Me reacting to tacos after doing cardio for an hour 😮 #sweat

“Hey Girl have a seat, it’s the weekend😈”

That face you make when they say there’s no more guac at chipotle. #wtf #wheretheguacat?

Some places take your breath away, some nights leave you speechless, some people make every thing better, And sometimes you find your self in one of those places, on one of those nights with one of those people. And This was for sure one of those moments in my life, where I was truly astonished. Take time to seek out those experiences❤️

This is a photo of me taking a photo of my self featuring a photo of me on my phone while doing cardio 🤙🏽

Little bit of Tuesday motivation for you, this is a photo of what’s possible when you give what ever you’re doing 100% and also a bit of a lesson in life. At the time of this photo I thought I needed to dramatically change the way I looked. I wasn’t happy with my physique And for much of my adult life this was my consensus. “More lean” “more size” never being satisfied with where I was. Now when I look back at photos like this one I realize how foolish That must have sounded to my friends and family lol. And while that attitude served me well in my career it carried over into my personal life and is something I’ve dealt with my entire life, and so as I age and learn the more I appreciate every thing, I guess My point is, don’t forget to take in how far you’ve come, appreciate your hard work and exactly where you are in life at any given time because life’s to precious not to enjoy every day.

Dear @zara thanks for hands down the greatest down lighting of all time sincerely yours, Thomas Keal.

Lookin Like a premier league footballer in a sauna 😂🤣

If you need me I’ll be by the pool 😎🍹

Tbt to @ev_espinozaa shaving my beard 😒should We do more YouTube skits and pranks?

Originals need no introduction. #outfit from @smorgasburgla last Sunday single tap and swipe for all brands.