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“If you let go of all that ties you to reality you can live an unreal life” #letsgosomewhere

“Beauty is only skin deep it’s what’s behind the eyes that’s fascinates” #welltravelled

Some times people with the brightest smiles have the darkest hearts #letsgosomewhere

Happy Valentine’s Day from cabo 🤙🏽

I just wanna drive off in that testarossa 😉 cabo has an old school swagger I love this place.

@balibody Cabo vibes

Some guys are just better with girls. 🤷🏼‍♂️ @ev_espinozaa

Me and my girl like to make noise

When it’s hot out side just play it Keal ❄️ 😂 can’t wait for cabo Friday

Mornings are always better after a great night sleep, you guys keep dming me so scope out my story later today for a quick review of my @lullbed and visit for $50 off your new mattress #sponsored

So good they play me on the double feature screen

You used to Leave me Love notes

After hrs throw back 🌙 go scope the new programs over on links in my bio👆🏽

🤔think about it

Doing my best statue impression

Hey Girl, it’s taco Tuesday, beef or chicken 🌮?

Classics never fade

Catch me in Cabo

If nothing seems to be going how you planned, maybe it’s time you make better plans. Failure to adjust can be fatal to your goals.

Be raw. Be real. Just Be you. The rest will fall into place. Revamping all the programs for 2018 over at so every transformation work out plan will now include a meal plan also. Keep tuned for when they are live on the site links in my bio☝🏼

When you’re trying to get your cute on with the brodude but a noise spooks you both

It’s always been you + me.

Thanks for always knowing just what to say to make me smile brodude ❤️

Miami vibes #flamingo

Happy Saturday, don’t forget your best accessory this week end, your smile 😜😁

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What changes do you want to see in 2018 with I! Your self? How are you going to make a difference this year? For me it’s making 2018 the healthiest happiest balanced productive year of my life and reaching for what I truly want. Dm @disruptive_movement your clips and become a part of future compilation videos and tag some of the people who inspire you to be the best you can be. @jake_hunter4 @auadrf @rbrookesmith @metamethod @mcdonnell1013 @henryammar @jsievers365 #disruptivemovement

I hope you all had an amazing time bringing in the new year with those you love, I know I did I wish you the best in making the changes in your life you want to this year! if fitness is one of them reach out for a custom program or check out some of the more affordable options on my website xoxo happy new year.

Happy Saturday every one, I hope you’re with those you love ❤️ be safe for nye tomorrow don’t drink and drive be smart, and good luck making changes or reaching new goals in 2018

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Haunt me ❤️

Merry Christmas every one, I hope you’re with those you love doing things you love enjoying old traditions or starting new ones. I’m excited to get back in the studio and making music again xoxo Thomas

Catching a little puppy nap after setting up our new @lullbed 💤 #getyourlullon and get $50 off here: #sponsored hope every ones spending Christmas Eve with the ones they love xoxo