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- اعترفلك اعتراف؟ ‏انا احبَك كل يوم اضعاف الي قبله فكُل ثانيه حبّك يكبر,حبيتك بعيُوبك قبل محاسنك,بحزنك قَبل فرحك,انت ماتعرف قد ايش احبّك صعب اوصف الي فينِي تجاهك. - منشنوهم 😔♥️. - - #كومنت | #منشن |#فهد_بن_فواز ، #اكسبلور ؟ فولو @54N2

« Another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own »⠀ ⠀ How long did it take me to sincerely believe in it ? For years, I was only seeing the good side in other people and what was wrong with me. I was seeing beautiful, radiating women, and how did I envy them... I was persuaded that I would eventually get it, when I will make every effort to reach the perfect physique, the physique that will make me happy ✨ Today, I realize those women are first and foremost women who accept themselves. That we all have insecurities, whether we are small, thin, tall, or curvy. That beauty is not a matter of appearance, but of attitude. And that the most beautiful attitude of all, is to to learn to love yourself ❤️ . Follow us (@gymmtips ) for daily workout tips!💛💪🏼 . 📷 @alex_tyrwhitt @mybetter_self 👥Tag a friend who would enjoy this tips!

Nhiều đồ ăn ngon ghê. T phải ăn hết chúng nó để t là người ngon nhấtttt 😈

Foi uma luta pra conseguir fazer esse ensaio funcionar, mas o @karranrodrigophoto fez milagre né nenem? ❤️🌹 MAKE @mariahribeir0

Life needs more polka dots and lollipops. 🍭🍭🍭 @ikrushcom #polkadots #🍭 #lollipops #ootd #ootdfashion #❤️ #😘

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