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CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Tomorrow is not guaranteed. So get out of your comfort zone and try something new today!

We tend to over complicate here’s a rule you should follow this week, KEEP IT SIMPLE! Find ways to make basic exercises (squats, pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups) more challenging. Start with the basic foundation, then progress as you go. This methodology works both for exercise, and for life in general. 😁

Do you have minimal time during weeks/weekends to get your workout in? Try multifaceted movements that require strength, stability, flexibility, and an overall mind & body concentration!

Tap dancing 💃 🕺 with a med ball...what’s your #datenight consist of? 😁

Motivation and inspiration are fleeting, discipline is not. Even if you love fitness, there will be days you don’t “feel” like showing up. These are the days where it is most important to put your shoes on, GTFO out of your house, and JUST MOVE in some capacity. At the end of the day it’s okay to feel down, depressed, anxious, etc....but it’s never okay to give up! Push through the end of this week and give this movement a try. Your abs will thank you later! 😁

The simplest tools can help you get the best results! Despite what IG, Facebook, infomercials...or wherever you are getting blasted by don’t need anything fancy to work on your health. Eat nutrient dense foods, move more, get creative, make it fun. Simple recipe, yet hard to digest for most.

Your #mondaymotivation to get that body moving! It’s okay to go at your own speed. It’s okay to take one step at a time. It’s not okay to make excuses. This week focus only on the little things you can do to improve. Take all the pressure off to save the world today. It won’t happen. Yet, with small, continuous moves forward will change the world for tomorrow.

Flexibility + Stability + Mobility + Strength. . Who said you couldn’t do it all in one set?!? . Give this exercise a try, work on these pillars to fitness, and take another step towards improving your overall health and well being. 🤟🏼❤️

Want to do a better handstand?!?! . TRY THIS MOVE! The core, back, and lats are so important when performing a handstand, yet so many of us do not complete other forms of movements that help build them up and stabilize them. During this move, try your best to hold your feet off the ground as long as possible when you jump up. This will help build your lats and get your shoulder joints used to the pressure of holding your weight. ✊🏼🔥

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work. Go for form > speed. Go for effort > perfection. Go for consistency > everything.

Running into Friday like...we are better TOGETHER. . Hate running? Great! Find a friend to encourage you to do things above and beyond your comfort zones. You’ll be grateful for the progress you make along the way!

Set goals. Stay quiet about them. SMASH THE SHIT OUT OF THEM. Clap for your damn self. REPEAT. - @fringesport . Best way to achieve your goals? Find a friend with similar visions and SMASH them together. Thanks for the boost @rossman @hyperwear

No need to be flashy, just be consistent...and an easy way to stay consistent, WORKOUT WITH A PARTNER. Don’t fall into the trap of believing there is a secret sauce to health. THERE ISN’T. It takes discipline, time, and self awareness to realize what works best for YOU because it is different for everyone. You can’t fake reps though, so if you want to be different then everyone else...GET THAT WORK IN!

CHALLENGE YOURSELF. No matter what you achieve in life, there is always more progress to be made. Get creative and find ways to improve! What challenges are you pursuing this week?!?

we’re back. . you can’t rush progress. while we haven’t posted much, we’ve been doing A LOT of work to propel us forward. . Don’t ever get down on yourself if you have to press pause once and awhile! ❤️

SWEATY SUNDAY! you don’t need weights. you don’t need bands. you don’t need anything but your body. Get moving and finish your weekend strong!

Train insane or remain the same! . How are you switching up your daily habits to push through all of your current limits?

I was training in the park the other day when someone came up to me and asked a couple questions about how he should exercise. After providing some insight into how I train, in hopes he could take some principles and apply them to himself, he then went on to state the age old excuse “he doesn’t have time” ... followed by showing me some scars and cuts on his arms and legs due to how much he has been “working.” . Honestly, it was hard for me to hold in a laugh. I then showed him my bloody hands and the email I was writing as I was training. Followed by the statement, “if you want it bad enough, you’ll MAKE the time.” . It baffles me that people don’t prioritize their health. They’d rather complain than CHANGE their life for the better. Don’t be like that. Your life is precious and you deserve better! But you must make the CHOICE for yourself!