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Born&Raised in Asia - 🇩🇴🇧🇪 - Based in London📍🇬🇧. Artist🎤Songwriter/Actress/Presenter/Host 🎶Creative Director and Producer ⚡️ 1st Vlog coming out soon

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The Thirst Is Real #wetseries @jaseholzer

✨”Kiss me & you’ll see stars darling”’ said ms.big cheeks⭐️ #wigs #lipstick #hairshoot #london

Preach. ✨🙏

That first time in Berlin with @carocult💋

If you haven’t seen it yet. Then go check out my last post @kydnereida 😉🙈✨

Hey You - Last Time @da_conekt & @da_phormula 🎥 @riku_mnst #trailer2 #musicvideo #soon

It’s coming, just chill. Your time is just arriving - universe #itrustyou #musicvideo #heyyoulasttime

Growing into the women that I be and am. Personal shout out to @halfbakedlondon for the swim goods and @eyesuphereofficial for the shades and @purple.fair for the trousers ✨🙏📸 @carocult

U L T R A FRY ME @ultrafry my good friend and homie! He is taking things on a whole different level. Love working with you man. On my way back to london from Berlin

Real. Deal. Sugarish Feel- 📸 @carocult

Yes my Kyddies - there is a video to this photo and the trailer for it was my previous post. @kydnereida check it out 🎐🌊


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Hey you Last Time Trailer 🎬🎞 @riku_mnst Producers : @da_conekt & @juliancollignon