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The toy hauler over the last few days. Marvel Legends Omega Red, Over Watch Tracer VS Widowmaker Legos, and Siege for Cybertron Voyager Megatron. I have to say, the Omega Red figure is probably in my top 5 Marvel Legends. Now even better with some liquid chrome. #hasbro #hasbropulse #lego #overwatch #xmen #marvel #transformers #siegeforcybertron #decepticons #autobots #tracer #widowmaker #omegared #wolverine

Answering Vader's Request for The Bounty of Han Solo and the crew of the Millennium Falcon. All Black Series 6 inch Bounty Hunters, and a backdrop made from inserts of some old Galactic Heroes Packaging and baking paper. #toadstoadallytoys #starwars #hasbro #hasbropulse #dengar #ig88 #bobafett #bossk #4lom #zuckuss #empirestrikesback #esb #hansolo #chewbacca #milleniumfalcon #bountyhunters #darthvader #episodev

Finally! Was never able to find Bossk in the black series. The only figure that has been on the top of my "want" list. ESB Bounty Hunters Rule. #esb #empirestrikesback #starwars #hasbro #hasbropulse #toadstoadallytoys #bountyhunters #bobafett #bossk #dengar #4lom #zuckuss #ig88

You cannot tell me Toy Addiction isn't real.

Happy New Year! I hope this last year made you all ready for a new adventure! I hope this year is full of nostalgia, and full of wonderful surprises. I hope you continue to join me on my count down to 6/29/2019. That will be the first day when my idea of running a toy store "like the ones I remember as a kid". 179 days. #toadstoadallytoys

3 Hours-ish to put stickers on and get to this state. Yes. Just under 100 stickers. I'm OCD for stickers, I followed the instructions, got my tweezers out, and diligently stickered a way. 95%, now the instructions show him assembled and ready for the remaining... Razorclaw is a giant TABBING pain in the ass. His backpack kibble as the head/torso just doesn't lock solid. Thus pieces tabbed together slowly untab. I have completed less tabbing playing my guitar for a single song The type of plastic. Now the black plastic is pretty solid, however the grey, the red, the yellow do not. I had to again solve a problem where his wrists attatch on to keep them on with rubber bands. I had to do the same with Dino Bot Swoop in his arm mode for Volcanicus My favorite part of this guy... His Massive Feet. They are solid. They are fantastic. And for his immensity are the best thing ever. Overall this figure makes me all sorts of happy. Didn't want to pay the money for Feral Rex which I know is the "go-to" non hasbro Predaking. I do plan on ordering the third party upgrade kit. He needs his sword, and better hands. For what comes in the box, the size, and the holy throwback to Nostalgia Land:8.5 out of 10. Skytread for an available size comparison Deluxe Figure.

It's Toy Relaxation Day! Yes, I'm half awake in this picture. I usually take a day off after Christmas to clean up and organize all the new toys. It's MY kind of therapy. It's cold outside, so I am going to be with my pets and toys today. See 80s cartoon or movie willote than likely be playing in the back ground. #toadstoadallytoys #80stoys #80scartoons #toytherapy #blanketfort

Happy Post Xmas!

My wife took this pic this morning. How many animals do you see?

***UPDATE*** GOOD NEWS The Tentative situation with my current job was approved!!! Yay! Future news: This will push my store launch to mid to late 2019. My last day of work at my current is the end of June. More to come! Stay following the page for Nostalgia. I am going to miss Toy Con in Vegas more than likely. Hope to meet some of you soon or the following year.

Hello Fellow Toy Hunters! Nostalgia posts have been quiet. Here is some info why: I currently work a full time job I have had for almost 18 years. (Since 2001). On this coming Monday, I will learn if I am to pursue my dream of running my own toy store under this same name. I tell people that this situation is like have 14K Gold Handcuffs. Who I work for has awesome benefits, and the thought of leaving is super scary. My world will turn upside down. Besides work, my personal life has been wacky. I have Multiple Sclerosis which is part of the reason I want to run the toy store. Physical and Mental changes are happening which will make managing this better. So all of you that are here, and taking the time to read this, THANK YOU! The fellow toy shops here are great support. I look forward to the adventure

Who had this promotional hotwheels MOTU car?

Lionel Play World is a Store I miss. I remember them being my MOTU and Thundercats destination. I remember the MOTU promotion where if you bought a figure you got a MOTU Die Cast Car. Good toy shopping memories.

Wow. Just Wow! Look at Mystique and a her 90s Glory! #xmen #toadstoadallytoys #marvel #hasbropulse #hasbro #jimlee #chrisclaremont #lilandra #shi'ar