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I've been getting a lot of this lately. People wondering, "why the extra work, you have a good career." Or, take more time off, do you need to workout that much?, etc.. aren't you satisfied yet?? Fuck NO! Satisfaction is the death nail, it's the end of the road... happiness yes, satisfied... Never! Keep pushing and driving for more, to make a difference, to inspire, to fucking live man.... and love!!! So maybe I'm crazy!

Happy Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful holiday. 🦃😊 Pics- @nijjerboys @paigecxmarie

Happy Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful holiday. 🦃😊 Pic from @paigecxmarie

Overcome the obstacles, ignore the doubters, learn from your mistakes, and stay focused... every fkn' day! 💪😎#nolimits

Again, more volume work. Concentrated Hammer Strength press. 🔥 my pecs were torched by the end of these. 👍 Thanks @brettballphysique for finding new and interesting ways to push me to be better than I was yesterday! 😠

Superset: Incline Smith w/ isolation press. Chasing some volume tonight... squeeeeeeeze! 😠🔥 Thanks to @brettballphysique! 👍

Goals people! Why would you aim for anywhere other than the top?

#hello 😁🖐

It's worth repeating.... regret is a killer. Take chances, be courageous, be bold.

My friend Zane had this posted on his FB page and it really hit home. Nobody, I mean nobody has the right to break your heart, least of all yourself. You must be able to love yourself, show forgiveness to yourself, and be kind to yourself.

Just decide and then act... you have it in you! Decide to...

Just looking.... but man they sure look good. 👌😉

The thing is money can be a vehicle to assist you in the journey... and help keep you there.

Humbled to have such a great trainer @brettballphysique and good friend to keep me going. This was about the only remotely conventional lift we did tonight. Soooo fun! 💪😎🔥

Make the sacrifices, take the chances, push yourself beyond what you think is possible, and you'll realize you haven't even come close to your potential.

Constantly learning, continually progressing, forever growing. . . .

The point is to NOT give up. Get up every day, get going, and get after it... whatever it is. 😎

Money never sleeps and ambition never rests. Continuing to learn and grow... Be the change you want to see.

Giving blood... #donate #donateblood #savelives

#truth. Go get it people! You have to take control of your life and find your passion, find your purpose, and then simply kick ass!. 💪😎🤘 Happy Monday! #motivationmonday #monday #mondaymotivation

... it's all up to you.

Your possibilities are endless when you realize your imagination is limitless. Go "do" all the things you dare to do. 💙

Always a great day when i get to train with my personal trainer and good friend, the towering "master trainer" @brettballphysique. I was also fortunate enough to get to train shoulders with the lovely and "strong AF" @kenzieemillerrr ! 💪😎🔥

... and so should you! 💪😎🤘

Don't be afraid to fail, that is how you learn, grow, and succeed. Be afraid to not try.

Yes, sometimes I actually go to work at my day job. Life isn't all fun and games....hahaha🤣🤣🤣... sorry, I couldn't keep a straight face. Yes it is! Enjoy what you do.... and see you at the gym. 💪😎

If you are passionate about it, if it's real to you, that's really all that matters.

A little extra motivation, for #motivationmonday if you happened to miss something. ☄

#motivationmonday Set your goals higher than you think you can reach, then go get 'em! Were you meant to be average? F*CK that noise! Challenge yourself everyday, to be better than you were yesterday. Have a beautiful Monday people. 👍😎🤙

Sometimes it's right in front of you. You may not recognize it immediately, or you might not think it's for you... listen carefully, pay attention.

Why yes, I think I will! 💪😎 Z⚡