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An absolutely stunning eclipse last night from Southern California - at least until the clouds rolled in halfway through. This shot combines two exposures - the sky at 13 seconds and the moon at 3.2 seconds. It was the only way to capture the entire scene. Did you see the eclipse where you were? #gnomads #afarambassador #traveldeeper #travelpilots #travelunplugged #eclipse #lunareclipse #visitcalifornia

Last summer my son and I traveled around South Greenland for a week (on foot, horse, ATV and boat) and unplugged. I posted about our adventures at This week I learned that my post was awarded the top prize for 2018 Family Travel Writing by the North American Travel Journalists Association. Very excited! The trip was already amazing, so to win an an award for writing about an amazing trip is kind of icing on the cake. Congratulations to all of the other NATJA winners too, which include several of my favorite people in the world - @cleverdeverwherever, @jaymemoye and @divergenttravelers. If you want serious travel inspiration, follow them all. And take your kids to Greenland already! What are you waiting for??? #familytravel #gnomads #takeyourkidseverywhere #natja #travelpilots #afarambassador #traveldeeper #travelunplugged #visitgreenland #greenland #greenlandpioneer

Ever since I started travel writing five years ago I've wanted to do a post on what it costs for a family to go to Disneyland, and then show where else in the world they could go for the same money. There's nothing wrong with Disneyland per se, but the world is amazing, and kids gain so much from being exposed to it! My post went live last night and already has thousands of views and a lot of great comments. I love hearing that so many people have gone to Disneyland and Disney World and thought the same thing - where else could all of these families go for this much money? The post's at and is linked from my profile. Let me know your thoughts too. Disneyland or the world? Or both? And yes, one of my suggestions is Paris - pictured. You could head over from virtually anywhere in the US in June and spend six nights and still spend less than you would at Disneyland. #familytravel #gnomads #takeyourkidseverywhere #travelpilots #afarambassador #traveldeeper #holidayswithkids #travelwithkids #travelunplugged #pariswithkids

My post “Family Travel: Where to Go in 2019” is now up on @travelocity’s website and there’s a link at As always, every recommendation is based on our personal experience. And I never promote anything that’s overtouristed. Sure Venice, Iceland, Dubrovnik and Barcelona are great, but they can’t handle more visitors. So go elsewhere! One of my choices: the Brazilian Rainforest. This is at @mirantedogaviao at the end of our five days on the Rio Negro. Loved every element of the trip with @ourwholevillage and @expedicaokaterre, and the Amazon is an extraordinarily kid-friendly destination if you do it right. #holidayswithkids #familytravel #takeyourkidseverywhere #gnomads #traveldeeper #travelunplugged #travelpilots #ourwholevillage #wecreatememories #afarambassador

Getting a (kid-friendly) cocktail last month on the Magic Carpet, the cantilevered restaurant on the exterior of the Celebrity Edge. We loved the ship - it made us like cruising again! And (totally non-sponsored) @celebritycruises is having a big sale through Wednesday, where if you book a cabin on the Edge now, you get four perks (complimentary gratuities, internet, a beverage package, and an onboard credit) and up to $400 off depending on the cabin category. Seriously, take advantage of it and book now. We'd LOVE to sail on the Edge again! #familytravel #takeyourkidseverywhere #travelpilots #travelwithkids #holidayswithkids #celebrityedge

Have you looked into @MyAdero yet? We’ve been using the Adero intelligent organization system for several months now to track our things. The Smart Tags on our backpacks and Taglets on our items (like my notebook and Kindle in the photo) communicate with each other, and with Adero's app. Once everything is programmed (it only takes a few minutes), we can simply open the app and press the Tag to know whether everything has been packed up before we move on, whether it’s in a hotel room, in an airport lounge, on a plane, or when we’re running around. And I have an extra Smart Tag, so I tagged my car keys – simply to be able to beep them if I can’t find them. I don’t know if that’s an official use, but it works well! #sponsored #adero #backpack #familytravel #takeyourkidseverywhere

Not a bad sunset in the Maldives last month! But really you can’t go wrong with an overwater hammock any time of day. My blog post on our @sixsenseslaamu stay is now up: A very fun trip, even with all the travel required to get there! #takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #holidayswithkids #sixsenseslaamu #sixsenses #maldiveswithkids #gnomads #traveldeeper #ptba #afarambassador #travelpilots

One of my favorite places in Kyoto: the Fushimi Inari torii gates. At least this time I learned from past mistakes and got there early. We didn’t encounter many others on our way up the hill at 8am, but by the time we came back down, the path of 10,000 gates was getting crowded. #familytravel #takeyourkidseverywhere #kyotowithkids #fushimiinari #gnomads #holidayswithkids #traveldeeper #afarambassador #travelpilots #travelwithkids #alwayswakeupearly

Have you been to Singapore? Favorite section of the city? I love the Arab Quarter and colorful Haji Lane - pictured. And it’s an easy walk from the @fullertonhotel and marina area, even on a hot/humid day - which they all are! #takeyourkidseverywhere #traveldeeper #afarambassador #travelpilots #gnomads #fullertonhotel #familytravel #hajilane #singaporewithkids

Teaching my daughter to ski yesterday! I grew up in Colorado, and skied often (mainly Breck, Vail and the old Ski @thebroadmoor), but I have California kids who don't ski. So I loved heading to @breckenridgemtn with my 13-year old. We started on Peak 8 with the magic carpet, quickly progressed to the green runs off the Rip's Ride lift, and then we skied over to Peak 9 and did long, wide-open green runs the rest of the day as she gradually increased her speed and moved from wedge turns to parallel turns. A perfect first day! It didn't hurt that it was 37f/3c and that the snow is amazing right now. Hopefully the start of a lifetime of skiing together! #breck #familytravel #takeyourkidseverywhere #learningtoski #gnomads #afarambassador #traveldeeper #travelpilots #travelwithkids #holidayswithkids #visitcolorado

Happy January 2nd! Some coffee is definitely in order this morning! #sixsenseslaamu #afarambassador #takeyourkidseverywhere #traveldeeper #sixsenses #gnomads #coffee #travelpilots