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After I posted yesterday’s wine shot I went back and looked at other photos from our month in Cortona and found this. Thoughts: 1) Wow my kids were little! 2) We still have the bunny. 3) The sunflowers were absolutely incredible. 4) We should go back and spend another month! #traveldeeper #takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #travelwithkids #italymagazine #sunflowers #gnomads #afarambassador

Happy National Wine Day! A few years ago we rented a villa in Tuscany for a month and had several groups of friends and family visit. So we went through a lot of wine! And the recycling location was several km away, so every night we added to our wine wall, and then we dropped the bottles off on our way to the airport. This photo only shows a small portion of the final wall! 🍷 🍷 🍷 #nationalwineday #traveldeeper #cortona #italymagazine #afarambassador #vino #gnomads #visittoscana #visittuscany

One more from Rome: the Pantheon and Piazza della Rotonda early in the morning. I loved how quiet it was everywhere I walked! For years I've wanted to write a blog post about why people shouldn't take day trips to Rome or Florence, and following this trip I finally did. Head to to read my thoughts. Do you agree? #traveldeeper #gnomads #afarambassador #italymagazine #romeifyouwantto #pantheon #piazzadellarotonda #takeyourkidseverywhere

Early morning in Vienna with my dad! This was last week. We made an impromptu decision to stop for a night on the way back from Rome. I’ve been to Austria many times, but it had been 23 years since I was last in Vienna. Really enjoyed walking around at night and again in the morning. And I loved getting to spend a week with my dad, given that we live 1000 miles apart. #takeyourdadeverywhere #familytravel #gnomads #feelaustria #vienna🇦🇹 #traveldeeper #afarambassador

Another room with a view: @loewshollywood! We drove down yesterday, checked in, walked all around Hollywood (the hotel is right in the middle of everything), and then came back to find milk and cookies in the room! By the way, it’s virtually impossible not to continually stare at the Hollywood sign. Then last night we headed to the nearby @lazoo for its annual Beastly Ball and Concert for Conservation. So fun to have private access to the zoo for a night. Overall an amazing weekend getaway! #sponsored #takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #loewshollywood #awonderfulplace #loewsloveskids #lagetaway

In Rome last week I was privileged to attend the baptism of my niece in a private chapel at Santa Maria in Trastevere church - one of the oldest churches in Rome. Her uncle is a priest at the Vatican and effortlessly switched among four languages during the ceremony. Such an extraordinary experience in an amazing location! And great to see all of my relatives who flew in from several countries for the weekend. #familytravel #romewithkids #takeyourkidseverywhere #traveldeeper #afarambassador #gnomads #santamariaintrastevere #vatican

Going along with my post of the empty Spanish Steps - a quiet Trevi Fountain! 6am is the best time to see Rome. Or after 10pm. Just don’t do a day trip - you’ll be there with masses of people during the hottest time of day and never discover the magical Rome. The same goes for Florence and Venice. Stay for a week and explore. Find your favorite restaurant and return to it. Get to know the shopkeepers by your hotel. It’s so much better than just checking off the sites... #takeyourkidseverywhere #trevifountain #italymagazine #traveldeeper #gnomads #afarambassador #beforesunrise

It doesn’t get any better than cappuccino in front of the Pantheon! #traveldeeper #coffee #cappuccino #afarambassador #gnomads #pantheon #italymagazine #takeyourkidseverywhere

I always try to walk around cities at sunrise, but I had never before done it in Rome. I walked from the Pantheon to the Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps - pictured - and then zig-zagged through side streets back to the Pantheon. I LOVED the walk! So much nicer seeing the city empty, rather than inundated with hundreds of tour groups! And I finally discovered why so many people love Rome. #traveldeeper #spanishsteps #romeatsunrise #afarambassador #gnomads #takeyourkidseverywhere

I headed to Naples from Rome to...purchase an umbrella! There was a recent article in @natgeo Traveler about a man named Mario Talarico whose family has been making amazing umbrellas by hand since 1860. Seemed like a great excuse for a day trip! I found his shop, FaceTimed with my wife (at 2am California time), and purchased two gorgeous umbrellas. Then I explored the city the rest of the day with my sister and nephews. This is at Ovo Castle, a very cool structure that’s been around since the 15th century - and a perfect place for two boys to play after they’ve been dragged around on an umbrella mission! #takeyourkidseverywhere #naples #napoli #italymagazine #familytravel #travelwithkids #gnomads #traveldeeper #afarambassador

Last night I looked out from our window, facing west, and the light looked perfect for a rainbow. So I ran up to the rooftop of the @albergodelsenato and looked east and, sure enough, there it was! At one point it stretched across the sky, but I liked this photo best. The Altare della Patria monument is in the distance. #traveldeeper #gnomads #afarambassador #rome #rainbow #italymagazine

Good morning from Rome! This is my view for the next few days - the Pantheon and Piazza della Rotonda. I still remember eating lunch at this square when I studied abroad in Florence 28 years ago (with @pepperdine) and we had a 3-day field trip to Rome. It’s been my favorite site in the city ever since, so it was the obvious place to stay this trip. A view of the Pantheon wasn’t a sure thing when I booked the hotel though, so I was thrilled to open up the shutters to see this before me! And Instagram didn’t show my post yesterday to many people, but if you’re anywhere near LA, I’m partnering with the LA Zoo to give away two tickets to their annual Beastly Ball May 19th. Go back one post to enter! #romeifyouwantto #pantheon #gnomads #roomwithaview #familytravel #afarambassador #traveldeeper #italymagazine

My son and I headed to @sixsenseslaamu in the Maldives last summer, and it immediately became our favorite resort anywhere. I hated that my wife and daughters didn’t get to experience it with us though. So I just booked a trip back later this year with the whole family! And 4 days wasn’t enough last time, so we’re going for 6 days this time. I can’t wait to return! Seriously, afternoons and sunsets in these overwater hammocks can’t be beat. #takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #traveldeeper #travelwithkids #gnomads #afarambassador #sixsenseslaamu #sixsenses #maldiveswithkids #maldives

Packing now for Rome! Excited to meet up with family from around the world this week. This photo is from Como last summer, but at least it’s Italian! I haven’t been to Rome in years - looking forward to seeing family and photographing a little. If you have any amazing tips, please let me know. I’m staying next to the Pantheon at @albergodelsenato and hoping for a Pantheon view! At any rate the location looks good. #takeyourkidseverywhere #como #italymagazine #gnomads #traveldeeper #afarambassador #romeifyouwantto

It’s Saturday morning - a perfect time for a doughnut! I attended the grand opening of @voodoodoughnut at @universalorlando this week and finally tried the doughnuts that are hyped in Portland and around the country. My verdict? They’re good. I liked the original flavors, like the Memphis Mafia banana fritters, and the prices were lower than I expected. Have you been? What did you think? Worth waiting in long lines for? And thank you to my doughnut model @oneikatraveller! #voodoodoughnuts #universalmoments #universalorlando #uorblogsquad #gnomads #familytravel

From the top of Taniwha Tubes at @universalorlando's Volcano Bay. This was my fourth time in the park in less than a year and it was probably the best visit yet. Early May is a great time to go. I rode everything that I wanted to - some things like the Aqua Coaster multiple times - and did a couple of slides that I hadn't before. Gorgeous weather right now too. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is still my favorite thing at Universal Orlando, but I'm having more and more fun at Volcano Bay every time. Can't wait to be back in August with my daughter! #takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #uorblogsquad #volcanobay #universalmoments #travelwithkids

The end of last night’s Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle - the new @universalorlando show based on the four houses of Hogwarts. Of course the Ravenclaw portion was the best. :-) #potterhead #universalmoments #uorblogsquad #gnomads #takeyourkidseverywhere #hogwarts

Another of my favorite shots from Florence: the Ponte Vecchio with no one else around! It’s always fun to walk around at sunrise and have my favorite city to myself, and even better when my kids agree to come with me! Just a reminder that I’m taking over @Travelocity’s Instagram account starting tomorrow. I’ll be showcasing other favorite photos from Florence. Follow along! #gnomadtakeover #gnomads #takeyourkidseverywhere #visitflorence

Woo hoo! I just booked a trip to Florence in August. It’s my favorite city in the world and I’ve tried to return at least once a year for the past 28 years since I studied there. And coincidently, I’ll be taking over @Travelocity’s Instagram account to showcase my favorite photos from our travels to Florence. The takeover begins May 2nd. This photo is one of my favorites – a partial view of Brunelleschi’s dome from Giotto’s bell tower. I usually climb both the dome and the bell tower every visit. It never gets old. Plus it’s good exercise! #gnomadtakeover #gnomads #takeyourkidseverywhere #visitflorence

I loved this window in the Omani hillside village of Misfat al Abreyeen. Highly recommend a stop when you’re in Oman - an interesting village to explore for an hour, with mud brick houses, meandering pathways, passageways and the falaj system of canals. #ngexpeditions #afarambassador #gnomads #omanexperience #visitoman #traveldeeper #natgeoexpeditions

At @sixsenseszighybay in Oman’s Musandam Peninsula. The 110-degree (43c) days were definitely hot, but that was just a good excuse for a couple hours of downtime in the early afternoons. And late afternoons in the plunge pool at our villa were perfect! Would love to get back to Oman. Hopefully next year? #takeyourkidseverywhere #musandam #sixsenses #zighybay #familytravel #travelwithkids #gnomads #traveldeeper #afarambassador

Tip: When in Muscat, head to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque early in the morning. There were just enough people to add life to the scenes, but no one in the backgrounds - kind of the perfect photographic scenario. #traveldeeper #gnomads #afarambassador #muscat #oman #visitoman #natgeoexpeditions #ngexpeditions