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#ad Family travel is even better when you use your @CapitalOne Venture card for everything! You get 2 miles for every dollar spent on restaurants, car rentals, activities and everything else, and 10 miles for hotels and other accommodations that you book and pay for at Even through my daughter wasn't up for skiing, we still took the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram to the summit for the view and for some of the world-famous waffles. An added bonus: the sun came out! Highly recommended when you're in Jackson Hole. My post on everything we did over three days is at And yes, I want to go back to ski at some point! It was slightly painful taking the Tram back down when everyone else headed down the fun way! #venturecard #takeyourkidseverywhere #jacksonhole #familytravel

#ad One of our favorite things in Jackson Hole: the outdoor heated pool at @fsjacksonhole! Hint: book and pay for the hotel with your @CapitalOne Venture card at to get 10 miles for every dollar spent - the best mileage/hotel deal anywhere. And it even snowed when we were in there! #venturecard #takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #jacksonhole

#ad Looking for animals on our Wildlife Safari in Grand Teton National Park. And of course I booked the safari with my @CapitalOne Venture card, getting 2 miles for every dollar spent. And booking and paying for our hotels through gets us 10 miles for every dollar spent! It's already adding up to miles we can use towards our next vacation. On the safari, we spotted bison, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, a fox and lots of birds. A fun morning! And even though the clouds never lifted to reveal the Tetons, the scenery everywhere was beautiful. My full review is at #venturecard #takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #jacksonhole

#ad We had a great time in Jackson Hole last week! We loved the service and the location of Hotel Jackson, and the fact that we can now get 10 miles for every dollar spent by booking and paying at and using my @CapitalOne Venture card. Jackson Hole is definitely doable as a quick getaway from Southern California. My post on everything we did, from a wildlife safari to bowling, is at This is the lobby. #venturecard #takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #jacksonhole

Happy Valentines Day! I was looking for a photo of my amazing wife - aka my Valentine - to post and found this, from Lake Louise long ago. And appropriate that two of the kids are in there, because we’re inseparable from them - for 18 years at least. Which is a good thing. Because they’re fun. And traveling and living are far better with them in the picture! #takeyourkidseverywhere #lakelouise #familytravel #valentinesday #canadawithkids #traveldeeper #gnomads #afarambassador

One more from the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, India. One of the easiest places in the world to photograph! #traveldeeper #gnomads #afarambassador #incredibleindia

So jealous this week seeing @globeguide, @traveldaveuk, @pointsandtravel and @nobackhome in Jaisalmer! My favorite city in India. I love walking around early in the morning - lots of cows, but no tourists. And the light when it hits the fort is gorgeous! #traveldeeper #afarambassador #gnomads #incredibleindia #jaisalmer #jaisalmerfort

In India’s Thar Desert there’s always something to photograph! 🐪 One of my favorite places in the world. #incredibleindia #thardesert #gnomads #traveldeeper #afarambassador

I'm seeing so many friends posting from #incredibleindia this week, and I thought I'd add to their amazing content! This was a couple of years ago in Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India. I love getting up for sunrise anyway. Add in a Sadhu - a holy man - and it was magical! #traveldeeper #gnomads #afarambassador #alwayswakeupearly #sadhu #varanasi #areyouawake

My favorite photo from @sixsenseslaamu last summer! My blog post on our stay just won the 2017 silver medal for luxury travel writing from the North American Travel Journalists Association. Definitely our favorite resort ever! Much more kid-friendly than you would expect from an overwater bungalow resort. #takeyourkidseverywhere #sixsenseslaamu #familytravel #maldiveswithkids

So excited! Last year @travelocity asked me to write about my tradition of taking annual one-on-one trips with my kids, and yesterday the North American Travel Journalists Association awarded me the 2017 gold medal for family travel writing for the piece! My first gold medal for writing! 🏅 The original post is linked from The photo is from one of our one-on-one trips, to Brisbane and Sydney with my youngest at 6. It’s looking like this year’s destinations will be Japan, Greenland and Thailand. Still planning... #takeyourkidseverywhere #oneononetravel #gnomads #traveldeeper #australiawithkids #familytravel #afarambassador

Bermuda! I love this shot but never posted it from our quick November trip. Have you taken kids to Bermuda? Did you find it to be family-friendly? We’re always frustrated by the inability to rent a car, which makes it harder to explore the island, but the kayaking is fun, and we usually spend time in Hamilton too. #takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #bermudawithkids

I’m in Jackson Hole, Wyoming right now, but I’m not taking time out from our trip to process photos. So here’s one from November from Tokyo! Loved the view from @andaztokyo! #traveldeeper #afarambassador #afartokyo #gnomads #tokyotower #andaz #andaztokyo

I love this shot because it sums up our travels. A 1200-year-old European castle? Let’s play hide and seek! Make travel all about your kids! There’s plenty of time to come back and do long museum tours and other adult-oriented things after the kids are off to college. #takeyourkidseverywhere #praguecastle #familytravel #travelwithkids #praguewithkids #gnomads #traveldeeper #afarambassador

We weren’t in Prague long this past summer, so I didn’t post much. But last night’s episode of @theamazingrace_cbs took place there, which reminded me to take another look at my photos. I like this shot - overlooking the city from up near the castle. Have you been to Prague lately? We enjoyed it, but it’s definitely overrun by tourists in the summer. Really liked staying at @ariahotelprague. I think I’d return just to wake up there again! #takeyourkidseverywhere #praguewithkids #familytravel #travelwithkids #gnomads #traveldeeper #afarambassador

#ad What’s your earliest travel memory? I grew up in Colorado and remember heading to the mountains often to (initially) play in the snow and then to ski. I love California, but my kids aren’t getting the same snow experience! They don’t get snow days. We aren’t a short drive away from amazing skiing or sledding. And my 7-year-old especially hasn’t seen much snow in her life. This photo is from a quick trip to Colorado when she was just a few months old. So when @capitalone asked me to design a trip around an early memory, it seemed logical to head to the snow, and to take my youngest daughter. We leave next week! We’re going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, since they’re having a good snow year and neither of us has been before. And a really cool thing about this trip is that Capital One has a new partnership with @hotelsdotcom where you can use your Venture card to book places to stay through the site ( and earn 10x miles. That adds up to free travel faster - always a good thing! Do you have suggestions for us in Jackson Hole? Please comment below! #takeyourkidseverywhere #crestedbutte #familytravel #venturecard

A non-travel, travel photo. Last month we evacuated California’s Thomas Fire and headed to Carpinteria for a week. One of the only things we brought with us, other than the kids and pets, was my son’s ukulele. It was a nice distraction. This photo isn’t enhanced - that was the color of the sky/smoke in the early afternoon. Eerie to say the least. #thomasfire #carpinteria #ukulele #afarambassador #traveldeeper #gnomads

Have you been to Bali? It’s become my 12-year-old’s favorite destination, and we return as often as we can. I was excited when @travelocity asked me to write about Bali to coincide with last week’s Amazing Race pit stop prize (with the added bonus of an engagement at the mat). @theamazingrace_cbs is my favorite show ever - I’ve never missed an episode in 30 seasons! Fun to now be connected to it a little. My post is at @roaminggnome makes a few appearances! #takeyourkidseverywhere #gnomads #roaminggnome #baliwithkids #travelocity #familytravel #travelwithkids

Staying in Singapore for another day. It’s funny - we always stay at @fullertonhotel, one of our favorite hotels anywhere, but all of my photos seem to have the Marina Bay Sands in them. My son and I rented Segways and went around the bay, getting back to the Merlion just in time to catch the sunset reflections. Really fun evening. Hoping to do the same thing this year when we go back. #takeyourkidseverywhere #merlion #singaporewithkids #singaporesunset #marinabaysands #gnomads #afarambassador #traveldeeper #familytravel

The planning for 2018 is in full swing! Hoping to get back to Singapore. We loved it last year but only had a day and a half there. Probably in July on our around-the-world trip? #takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #gnomads #traveldeeper #afarambassador

One of my favorite photos from Vietnam - sunset at the Cua Van floating village in Halong Bay. I started posting from Vietnam a few days ago because @thomsonfamilyadventures’ family-oriented itinerary was inspiring me to (finally) book a trip with my kiddos. I love that Thomson include visits to floating villages, and gives the option of going by raft or kayak. Choose kayak! Because everywhere is more fun on a kayak. Absolutely loved it there. #traveldeeper #travelwithtfa #afarambassador #gnomads #vietnamwithkids #goodeveningvietnam #halongbay #cuavan

When you’re in Hanoi, do a day trip to the Ngo Dong River and the Tam Coc caves. Gorgeous scenery of course, but also cool because the people on the river row with their feet. I’ve only seen that a few places in the world... #goodmorningvietnam #ngodongriver #gnomads #traveldeeper #afarambassador #visitvietnam

Morning on a junk in Halong Bay, Vietnam. There are worse places to wake up... #gnomads #traveldeeper #alwayswakeupearly #afarambassador #halongbay

Seen on the side of the road near Sapa, Vietnam. I never figured out why there was straw on the bikes. To soften the ride? To keep the seats from getting hot? To transport it? Guesses? At any rate, I loved the scene! #vietnam #gnomads #afarambassador #traveldeeper #visitvietnam #sapa

From Africa to Vietnam! I was just looking at the very cool itinerary for @thomsonfamilyadventures’ foodie trip to Vietnam and it made me realize I haven’t posted anything from Vietnam in years. So for the next week I’ll be there virtually. One of my favorite countries. I haven’t taken the kids yet though. Hopefully this year! This is Halong Bay of course. Stunningly beautiful! Definitely spend the night on a boat when you’re there. #takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #halongbay #vietnamwithkids #gnomads #afarambassador #traveldeeper

I can’t post a week of Africa photos without one from Giraffe Manor! I’ve never posted this one before. Definitely one of my favorite breakfasts - worth the detour and splurge if you’re near Nairobi. 🦒🦒🦒 #takeyourkidseverywhere #giraffemanor #nairobi #africawithkids #familytravel #travelwithkids #gnomads #traveldeeper

Gamole Village in Ethiopia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its concentric stone walls that are expanded every generation. Walking along the walls I came across these Konso kids singing. One of my favorite moments in Ethiopia! #traveldeeper #thisisafrica #afarambassador #gnomads #africa #gamole #konso

Sunrise overlooking the Serengeti. So many animals hidden among the dots in the distance! #takeyourkidseverywhere #tanzania #serengeti #gnomads #traveldeeper #afarambassador #familytravel #safari

Staying in Africa for a few more days... This is Kenya’s Amboseli National Park. I wanted a shot of elephants in front of Mount Kilimanjaro, so I was excited when these guys walked right in front of us! When I was younger I wanted to climb the mountain - the tallest peak in Africa - but at this point I’m good seeing it from a distance! #mountkilimanjaro #elephant #afarambassador #traveldeeper #kenya #amboseli

These boys were waiting on the side of the road between Jinka and Turmi Ethiopia, hoping people would stop and pay them to take their picture. It worked! #natgeoexpeditions #gnomads #ethiopia #stilts #afarambassador #traveldeeper #areyouawake #everythingeverywhere

More from Africa, per my post yesterday! It’s been fun going back through my photos and finding shots I’ve never posted before. I love seeing giraffes in the wild! Easily my favorite animals. This is in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. #takeyourkidseverywhere #giraffe #maasaimara #gnomads #traveldeeper #afarambassador #notashithole

In response to the US president’s comments about Africa, I’ll be posting Africa photos for the next week! Definitely not how he described it. He should travel more. This is Arba Minch, Ethiopia, with Abaya Lake in the distance. I woke up for sunrise and the only other person around was this security guard. He quickly moved so that I could photograph without him in the frame, but I liked it a lot better with him there! Ethiopia is stunning. If you haven’t been, go! #alwayswakeupearly #ethiopia #arbaminch #gnomads #traveldeeper #afarambassador #areyouawake #everythingeverywhere #natgeoexpeditions

One last beach photo from Hawaii! This was on our drive from @holidayinnexpress Waikiki to Kualoa Ranch. We stopped often, sometimes at places recommended by hotel staff, and sometimes simply where it looked pretty! This is Waimanalo Beach. My daughter took her own photos. And yes, the water really looked like that! @ihg #sponsored #takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #truehospitality #anihghotel #hawaiiwithkids #gnomads#afarambassador #traveldeeper #waimanalobeach