My Ongoing Series - Photogenic Prague 🇨🇿(15/35) - #travel . [Charles Bridge has two rows of 15 statues each on both sides. This one is Statue No. 3 on the North side of the bridge (on the right as you come from the old town side) - the Crucifix and Calvary.] . This sculpture is one of the most historically interesting sculptures on the bridge. It gained its present appearance over many centuries. This crucifix was originally made in 1629 by H. Hillger based upon a design by W. E. Brohn. In 1666, two lead figures were added, but these were replaced in 1861 by the present sandstone statues by Emanuel Max, portraying the Virgin Mary and John the Evangelist. . The golden Hebrew text on the crucifix was added in 1696 and is a prime example of Medieval European anti-Semitism. Elias Backoffen was accused of blasphemy and as his punishment, he was ordered to raise the funds for purchasing of gold-plated Hebrew letters, placed around the head of the statue, spelling out "Holy, Holy, Holy, the Lord of Hosts.” . A bronze tablet with explanatory text in Czech, English and Hebrew was mounted under the statue by the City of Prague in 2000. The tablet's placement came after an American Rabbi, Ronald Brown of Temple Beth Am in Merrick, New York was passing over the bridge and noted the possibly offensive nature of the placing of the text. Upon a direct request to the mayor, the tablet was soon placed to the side of the statue. . #travelure #tbexostrava2018 #visitczechrepublic #visitczech @TBEXevents . 👉Please follow @imagergram and use #imagergram for your travel photos. We’ll feature a curated set on @imagergram . . . . . . . #crucifixandcalvary #hhillger #webrohn #emanuelmax #virginmary #johntheevangelist #eliasbackoffen #prague #praha #igersczech #czech_insta #vltavariver #charlesbridge #unescoworldheritage #czechia #loves_czech #natgeoindia #artofvisuals #yourshot #travelgoal_s #official_photography_hub #cntgiveitashot #travelstory #charlesiv
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