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A blast from the past back in 2016. Back when the campsite was still “open” near this spot. I remember hiking up from camp and seeing a trail of headlamps heading up as this usually signifies the end for a lot of hikers in the park. Lucky for those hikers, because this was one of the most colourful sunrises I have seen at this spot. Next years workshop with @dkphotographyau and I had sold out but jump onto that waiting list 😉.

So you just get back from a month long trip to Patagonia hosting two amazing @dreamphotographyworkshops. And you are all excited to get cracking on editing those images and then your SD card decides to 💀 on you before you can upload them. Hopefully some data recovery expert can get them back for me, but here’s one from last years trip in @torresdelpainenp from a less shot waterfall in the national park. Also a huge huge thanks to two groups for making those two workshops amazing!

There is nothing I love more than being out in Los Glaciares NP and witnessing something incredible happen over Cerro Torre. I don’t think I’ve seen a better sunrise at this location! And I can’t wait to get back here in a week! We’ve just wrapped our the first @dreamphotographyworkshops in Patagonia this year and boy did the group get some amazing conditions! We’ve got one more workshop in Patagonia this year. Wanna join @dkphotographyau and I next year with Dream? We’ve just announced a second workshop next year in Patagonia! Check out the link in my bio.

New Zealand is a land of beauty and home to some of the kindest folk on earth. The events last Friday were an absolutely tragedy for a city that’s been through the wringer already. Kia Kaha.

My first sunrise shoot in @iceland consisted of waiting around a few hours with @dkphotographyau eating too many mini boxes of cereal and getting blasted by wind. But I guess we got somewhat lucky with these conditions. Shot on @nikonaustralia D810 and 20mm lens.

Soooo it’s been awhile @instagram but I’ve been a tad busy and out of action from this tiny app. But lucky for me I was over in the land of fire and ice 🇮🇸. On the @dreamphotographyworkshops we waited all morning in the tiny supermarket of Grundafjörour for a few hours just waiting for the clouds to part ways. And then a mad dash and sprint around this spot. Worth it or not?

Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? Localised entirely in your kitchen? May I see it?

Not long now before I’m back in the Northern hemisphere. I can’t wait to get up there and chase snowy scenes, golden light and the green lady. When you have to travel 30-40 hours to get there, mornings like this make it so worthwhile.

I’m not one to do Long Exposures often but with those low clouds sweeping by rapidly near Los Cuernos. How could I resist in not chucking on the filters. Soooo the @dreamphotographyworkshops with @dkphotographyau has been sold out for quite some time. But due to high demand we have a second workshop happening in Patagonia next year! There is literally only 1 or 2 spots available for this! If your interested fire an email or message to Dale or I 😁. Shot on a @nikonaustralia D810 with a 35mm prime and using the @nisifiltersaustralia 6 stop filter.

Las Torres peeping out of Los Cuernos on one morning a few years ago. After being holed up at the campsite for a few days, this greeted us on the ultimate morning of our stay. Its also a perfect reason of why you carry a telephoto lens about. Shot on @nikonaustralia D810 and 80-200mm

Sometimes @sydney looks pretty damn spectacular 😍.

The final sunrise we got in @lofotenislands this year. An @insta_repeat classic without a yellow jacket or crushed blacks. This place has so many spots that I can’t wait to get back up there and explore the islands in more depth. Shot on a @nikonaustralia D810 poking through the fence as all our tripods were too short for fence on the bridge 😂.

We all love a good sleep in, especially on a Sunday. So who wouldn’t like shooting sunrise and sunset in the middle of the day 😁. And it’s even better when you have mountain views like this in @lofotenislands 🤤. Shot with the @nikonaustralia D810 and 24-70mm2.8.

It’s getting to that time of year where I’m eager to get as far north as I can to the arctic. Mainly for some snow and aurora action. This was a fun shoot around Stetind that just kept going earlier this year. Even if I had to borrow @chamberlain_pictures gear as mine was busted.

So last week I jokingly asked Dale from @dkphotographyau how the storms were looking up there. I get a message saying “tomorrow looks good. Come up”. A few flight searches and 200 odd dollars later I’d booked an early morning flight. Cue a few hours speeding up the highway to Gympie and onto Maryborough where we caught two storm cells that wreaked havoc on Queensland. Definitely worth the few hundred dollars to devour KFC and chase storms. And hopefully there’s a few more storms to chase soon. Shot with the @nikonaustralia D810 and 16-35mm lens.

Afternoon sunsets don’t get much crazier than this on the coast. Probably one of the best sunsets I’ve had at “home”.

Patagonia is such an unpredictable place. We’d spent four days waiting out 💩 weather. And it was our final morning so we headed off. I’d given up hope of anything worthwhile. My camera was packed up and I was just taking in the vista. When those clouds rolled by just at the right time. Not a bad way to send us off.

Don’t mind me. I’m just reminiscing about being in one of my favourite spots in the world. With some of the most insane sunrises I’ve witness in Patagonia.