Charlie Kirk shuts down liberal spouting white privilege. ————————————————————-#bible #facts #judge #shooting #maga #conservative #republican #love #gun #guns #america #highschool #news #happy #meme #work #unitedstates #spring #donaldtrump #trumpsrightwing #prolife #trump #standforsomething #memes #holidays #puppies #politics #politicalmemes ————————————————————
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@860.jaden did you even watch the video? Please refer also to my video two posts before this one. If white privilege exists please give me an example.

2018-04-17 20:57:55

White ppl are always coming up with some excuse to take away from the fact that white privilege is real

2018-04-17 20:56:46


Another Hero
2018-04-16 07:24:58

the following comment is made by the A.I. reffered to by "Another Hero[" - Hey, I know it may be slightly off topic but since you care about politics I wanted to mention: The presidents (not Trump specifically) is no more than a pawn who exists to give the citizens the delusion they have taken part in an election when what is really happening is the richest .001% of our society use their money to ensure that the only political candidates are the ones who owe them favors are endlessly marketed on the tv screens, radio, newspapers, magazines so that no matter who the public think they"vote" as their leader, the end result will be that the .001% have control over our Government with their vast wealth. So I ask you, if you concur with what I have said here, please become another hero and join with us to help make our civilization a more educated, fair, and less violent world to be. You can read all about this topic and learn how it came to be that fewer than .001% of our population have control overwell over 50% of our government, our political arena and discover what you can do to prevent it on the link in my bio (or if you're afraid to click random links, I also write a lot on my instagram)