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Final image in the series, was going for the Memorex dBS 90 look with this one πŸ“Ό

Was channeling some Swedish vibes on this one πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

All of my work typically reaches its final form through an iterative process and with this record I wanted to further explore the multiple forks in that process. With the music I approached each song with the intention of making both vocal and instrumental versions. For the Japan single cover art I wanted to use a similar process and create several variations. The original concept was to draw on one of my earliest visual influences: Japanese blank cassette tape packaging design (namely TDK, Maxell and Sony). I loved the colorful graphic layouts of the cases and cassettes themselves. I dubbed a lot of my dads record collection to these tapes and began to associate the design of the tapes with some of my favorite music growing up. I’ll be posting a few of the variations throughout the day 🌞

Very pleased to present the new video for Japan directed by my good friend @cbergquist. In 1995 I moved from Sacramento to San Francisco where a whole new world of experiences opened up for me. I was living near Japantown at the time and spent a lot of time in the village area there. For this video I wanted to revisit that place which was the backdrop for a lot of my earliest experiences outside my hometown. We shot this in and around the Japan Center mall and it was fascinating seeing how little has changed in the past 24 years. The gold staircase was exactly as I remembered it! We had a great time making this video and I hope you all enjoy the results πŸ™ Watch full video at link in profile πŸŽ₯

Excited to announce that two new tracks, Japan and Japan (Instrumental) are out everywhere now! When I wrote this track I had just returned from spending some time in Hakone, Japan with my wife's Japanese relatives. This was right around the time I was starting on this album and I was thinking a lot about the kinds of instruments and methods I had been using when I first started making music in the late '90s. With 'Japan,' I was trying to recapture a part of that sound and combine it with the imagery and experiences from my time in the green forests of Hakone. Once I felt comfortable with the instrumental I sent the song to Hannah / @heysaintsinner with nothing more than the title of 'Japan' and she wrote all of the lyrics. With this record I wanted to explore the idea of approaching each song from two totally different perspectives and so just like 'Pink & Blue', 'Japan' includes both a vocal and and instrumental version. The instrumentals aren't simply versions with the vocals removed, they are totally new arrangements with different melodies and instrumentation. I hope you enjoy the results of this experiment! Stream + save now at link in profile.

Excited to share the new tracks and videos with you all tomorrow! I worked with my good friend @cbergquist on this one. Charles also did the Ascension video and has shot a lot of the footage I have used for the live visuals over the yearsπŸ™

β€ͺNew track πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ drops as #worldrecord tomorrow @zanelowe @beats1official @applemusic at 9:30AM PT πŸ™

Two new tracks coming Tuesday!

Oside or Noside 🌊


Pre-Save Weather @spotify or Pre-Add Weather @applemusic for a chance to win guest list spots on the tour, a #tycho Anthology LP package and an one of a kind art print πŸ™ Link in profile.