【The Endles Summer】 Local Crew T 税込5.400円 サーフィン映画の最高峰として評価が高い伝説のサーフ・ムービー「The Endless Summer」。 新しいデザインのTシャツが入荷してます‼️ シンプルなブランドロゴなので様々なコーデに合わせられますよ👍 #theendlessummer #ザエンドレスサマー #tes #テス #tシャツ #半袖 #プリントtシャツ #ロゴ #ロゴtシャツ * * #union #union本店 #セレクトショップ #大宮 #大宮西口 #デニム #アメカジ #ミリタリー * * #お洒落さんと繋がりたい #おしゃれさんと繋がりたい #置き画くら部 #ファッション * * #instalike #instagood #instafashion
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“...I saw four rivers flowing out from beneath Sidrat Al-Muntaha (the Lote Tree in the seventh heaven), two visible and two hidden. I asked, ‘O Jibreel (Gabriel), what are these rivers?’ He said, ‘The two hidden rivers are rivers of Paradise, and the two visible rivers are the Nile and the Euphrates.” [Muslim] Moreover, the Messenger of Allah ‎ﷺ said: “In Paradise there is a sea of honey, a sea of wine, a sea of milk and a sea of water, and the rivers flow out of these seas.” [At-Tirmithi] Allahumma salli `ala Muhammadin, wa `ala `ali Muhammadin, kama sallaita `ala `ali Ibrahima, innaka Hamidum Majid. Allahumma barik `ala Muhammadin, wa `ala `ali Muhammadin, kama barakta `ala `ali Ibrahima, innaka Hamidun Majid. O Allah, exalt the mention of Muhammad and the family of Muhammad as you exalted the family of Ibrahim. You are Praised and Glorious. O Allah, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad as You blessed the family of Ibrahim. You are Praised and Glorious.” (Bukhari and Muslim) Dear Brothers and Sisters, it’s a beautiful Jummah. Please send lots of Salawaat on our Beloved Nabi. May Allah accept all our pious Duas and grant us Jannatul Firdaus. Aameen. ❤️ Follow me @muslimah_0229 ❤️ • • #islam #islamicreminders #islamicpost #islamicquotes #followme

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