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Providing therapeutic services to individuals, couples, families and groups. ♦Counseling♦Pain Removal♦Life Skills ♦Pain Clinic ♦Training♦Workshops

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Almost half of our adult population suffer from chronic pain. While this may not be life-threatening, chronic pain can cause considerable distress and adversely affect mental health. The most common chronic pain is lower back, which is also the leading cause of disability in the world. Back pain sufferers are more than four times as likely to experience serious psychological distress as people without lower back pain. Other chronic pains include neck pain, joint pain, arthritis, pain from old accidents, fibromyalgia. At UCTS we are dedicated to helping people with these conditions, with over 95% of our clients walking away completely pain free. Using modern holistic techniques we address the pain directly through the subconscious mind and eliminate it completely. If you suffer from any type of chronic pain .... get in touch. @uniquetherapeuticservices

The only limits you have are the ones you place on yourself. @uniquetherapeuticservices

Why CONTENT FREE” Therapy - many persons find their issues too embarrassing or difficult to discuss during therapy. They can now get help without ever having to disclose to the therapist. . The therapist don't need to know the problem and invariably the problem that you are conscious of may not always be the real issue. The Unconscious mind knows what it is; just ask it in the proper way and it will sort it out. If you tell what it was afterwards that's ok. It's your CHOICE. . The therapists lack of knowledge around the subject matter has many various advantages: it avoids issues around secondary or vicarious traumatisation, you don't have to relive past traumatic events etc and can reduce the emotional burden on the therapist. If you want find out more about "content free" therapy, feel free to get in touch. We offer free consultation on all our services. @uniquetherapeuticservices

Schedule your free consultation session today.  Your session can be over the phone. . We can then decide which of our services is best suited for your needs. ( In person or Online) . 🔹Whether you are getting engaged or married. 🔹Experiencing chronic physical and or emotional pain issues 🔹Want to overcome fears, phobias or addictions. . We offer a range of counseling and therapeutic services for individual, families or groups. @uniquetherapeuticservices

Exciting news everyone....We are moving to a new office...💥💥💃🏾 . That's right UCTS is expanding to a new office. In a few weeks you will find us at the WELLNESS HOUSE, Naparima Mayaro Road, Cocoyea, San Fernando. We have outgrown our current location and now moving to a bigger and more modern premise. . We will also be offering larger training workshops and group sessions at this location. There's still a few spaces available for July. @uniquetherapeuticservices

Old nagging pain. Tried everything and its still there? . UCTS can help.. We offer a fast effective pain elimination therapy that is non invasive, no massage or medication is required. . Get results in one session. Call for free consultation. . 🇹🇹398-1795 @uniquetherapeuticservices

You have all the answers. Calm your mind, look within, listen and trust your instincts. "When you quiet your mind you can change your life" -UCTS @uniquetherapeuticservices #mindtherapy #mindcoach

All of our services and training packages are available globally. Our services and training can be done In person & Group- online sessions are available via Zoom Hosted events are organised to suit you. If you come from anywhere in the Caribbean and would like to organize a session or workshop training Get in touch @uniquetherapeuticservices . . 📷@pixaby

When you quiet your mind, you can change your life. @uniquetherapeuticservices

Struggling to keep your relationship together or has it recently ended? . There is a way forward. Stop going in circles as it don't solve anything. . Time to get off that roller coaster of emotions, stop that whirlwind of negative emotions . Get the help you need to make it stop. . 📷@pixabay @uniquetherapeuticservices

Forgiveness is a form of healing.💥💫 Healing does not mean the damage is done and never existed, it means it no longer rules your life. @uniquetherapeuticservices #ucts🇹🇹

READY TO MAKE THAT CHANGE? When is the right time to make those changes you want to make, to take control and to live your life? When do you visualise your dreams coming true? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? NO!!! The time is NOW!! Make that commitment and start the process. Tomorrow never comes, and if you visualise your dreams coming true in the future, that is where they will stay, never reached, never achieved. So make it happen today, now, in this moment. @uniquetherapeuticservices #mindyoga #mindcoach

What are you attracting into your life? What are you manifesting? Pain or Pleasure? Anxiety or Serenity? Fear or Love? Lack or Abundance? Only you can choose? You truly reap what you sow! If you need to make that switch in life for the positives, the pleasures, the serenities, give us a call today or send a message. Contact details in bio. @uniquetherapeuticservices #caribbeantherapist #painreleasepractitioner #uniquetherapeuticservices

Be careful of your thoughts... Ensure that you are nourishing your mind with positive energies that will fuel your soul to be the best version of you. @uniquetherapeuticservices #painreleasepractitioner #mindyoga #uniquetherapeuticservices

How are you today? You have the power to decide. @uniquetherapeuticservices #ucts🇹🇹 #uniquetherapeuticservices

When you quiet your mind, you can change your life. @uniquetherapeuticservices