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High raw,nutrient dense, vegan,organic, gmofree,wheat free. HEALYOURSELF🌱🌈✌🏼

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Happy Wednesday everyone. Remember to eat the rainbow 🌈🌈 What raw sauce would you serve up with this fruity salad?

How to get your sunshine in Winter: eat lots of fruit meals! The sunlight is locked in waiting for you. Plus try to keep away from fats until dinner for a great liver detox. Don’t wait until Spring for your liver to naturally detox, start now, give it a helping hand and be one step ahead. Btw, Day 15 of my celery juice challenge. If you’re with me then you’re 10 steps ahead! The healing is real 🌟🌟 * Persimmon Pineapple Pomegranate Grapes

Keeping an abundance of fruit in your diet all year round is essential for overall health and to protect your nervous system. Fruit stores the sunlight energy it requires to ripen, ☀️☀️☀️which we need during the Winter months, as well as all the nutrients and necessary fructose they provide. So when you’re eating your fruit, think of all the sunlight you’re taking in ☀️☀️☀️, feel it energising and bringing you LIFE 🍊🍐🍋🍎🍏🍉🍌🍇🍓🍈🥝🍍🍑🍒🍅 * Frozen Bananas Pineapple Mango Spinach Spirulina Barleygrass juice powder Ashwaghanda

Fruits and vegetables are miracles, they are healing foods-physically, mentally and spiritually. Fruits are cancer-fighters, vegetables flush out acidity, while herbs and spices build the immune system. One of the keys to reaping the benefits is to eat plenty of them.So base your meals around them. Raw for full impact: juices, smoothies, salads, dips, sauces. It’s a beautiful way to eat. * Smoothie: ripe bananas, frozen mango, lots of spinach, spirulina, barleygrass juice powder.

Up early to complete a Saturday 5k Park Run and back for a celery juice. It’s Day 12 of my daily celery juice (first-thing) challenge throughout January. Celery is actually a very powerful and healing herb and taking it as a juice on an empty stomach is one of the most healing things you can do. I have experienced incredible improvements in my digestion: zero bloating, flat stomach, feeling more satisfied with eating fruit meals, even in Winter, plus a feeling of brightness, lightness and clarity that I usually get on a juice fast. It’s benefits go beyond the physical! My teenage daughters are doing the challenge too and have clearer skin and better digestion too. Why not try it. Buy more celery today and get juicing!

A delicious bowl of the sweetest, juiciest fruits after my cycle today. Fruit is the perfect food! 4 pears, 2 persimmons, 1 mango So satisfying and life-giving, high-vibing food for a high-vibing life.

Fruit meals are just incredible. Especially this one: a bowl of persimmons (6 or more), with black grapes and a squeeze of lime. You’ll be so full of energy and it’s the best medicine too! Try incorporating more fruit meals into your diet and be prepared to feel amazing!

Salad prepping. Making huge batches to dip into for the rest of the week. How beautiful are the colours 😍😍🌈🔥 * Cucumber Celery Red cabbage Zucchini (courgette) Carrots Beetroot Bell peppers Radishes Asparagus Mango

Happy Monday everyone! The first one of the year. Started the day with a celery juice, a run, a workout and then this great big bowl of persimmons. Monomials = so much energy! Sending good vibes for a positive day- stay focused on your goals! 🌟🤗💕 * Celery juice update: Day 5 of celery juice first thing and already benefiting from improved digestion, flat stomach and feeling brighter when getting up early in the morning 👍🏼

A large, fruit and greens smoothie is a healing, nutritious and filling meal, a substitute for a cooked meal, an effective liver detox (hclf) and it’s ALIVE!!💚🌟💚 * 1 banana 1 cup fresh pineapple 1 cup mango Big Handful spinach Big handful arugula (rocket) Juice of a lime Squeeze of lemon Barley grass juice powder

What are you allowing to enter your temple today?

Day 3 of drinking celery juice first thing, throughout January. Now is a great time to join. So easy to juice, 1 ingredient, and a whole host of health benefits. Much more gentle than a fast and less time consuming than a complete juice fast. It is the number 1 healing tonic of all time! Celery juice is alkalizing, enzyme-rich, electrolyte-enhancing, liver-repairing, blood-sugar-balancing, antiseptic, pulls out toxins and much much more! So start this year on a wave of healing, confident you are healing anything that needs fixing, as well as hidden illnesses that you don’t even have symptoms for yet!💚💚 #medicalmedium

Let fruits and greens be central to your diet. Now is a great time to clear out kitchen cupboards and fridges of anything that no longer serves you and replace with energy-giving, healing, nourishing, real food. * Bananas Spinach Frozen mixed berries Mango Barleygrass juice powder Chia seeds

Wishing all of my insta friends an incredible new year of health, happiness, prosperity and blessings, thank you so much for being here🌟🌟 * Be strong. Be in charge. Everything that happens is in our favour. See the light in everything. * Celery juice every morning throughout January. Who’s with me?

May the new year be full of love, joy, great health, abundance and miracles for all 🌟💫✨ * Can we just take time out to appreciate how beautiful fruit is! It’s such a blessing 🙏🏽🌟💕 * Acai bowl: Frozen bananas Mango Frozen berries Pineapple acai powder

#tacos . Guacamole, sprouts and baby gems with an aioli sauce (after fruit) yesterday. Simple and delicious. Stay active and hydrated, eat all the fruit and keep your spirits high! ✨🌟💫

The sweetest, fruits are the most satiating and energising comfort food. I made a meal of very ripe mangoes, persimmons and bananas after my daily exercise yesterday. Which fruits do you find satisfying during winter?

Make health happen! Green juice to break -fast (16 hours) after 1 hour gym session * Celery Cucumber Kale Apple Lemon Coriander