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High raw,nutrient dense, vegan,organic, gmofree,wheat free. HEALYOURSELF🌱🌈✌🏼

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The sweetest, juiciest water melon on earth! ❤️🍉❤️ Happy Sunday friends 🤗

Rest in perfect peace my beautiful mum. 🙏🏽

Day so far: - -celery juice🌱 -10k run in the sun 🏃🏽‍♀️ -this mint choc chip nice cream🍌 -yoga later🧘🏽‍♀️ How are you using your free time today? * 7 Frozen bananas Couple of mint leaves 4 Dates 1 tsp spirulina 1 tsp barleygrass juice powder Ashwaghanda Sprinkle of cacao nibs

Having celery juice consistently everyday on an empty stomach really does clear the ‘hard-to-move’ sludge from the intestines, kill the pathogens, improve digestion, provide valuable minerals, creates strong nails, thicker hair, clear the skin. The benefits are enhanced by being on a raw vegan diet. Its a very beneficial herb and herbs are a strong medicine. 💚🌿 (5 months on celery juice)

Berry and baobab nice cream tower to start off a fabulous weekend. Enjoy this beautiful day friends 🤗💖💖 * Frozen bananas Frozen mixed berries Baobab Spinach Dates

Apple pie nice cream is a great way to bring more apples into your life and with added cinnamon and fresh ginger you’re getting those healing spices, with lots of vitamin C from the baobab too! Who wants to try?... * In a food processor blend: chopped organic apple and dates. After 2 mins or until creamed, add: -frozen banana discs, - -chopped fresh ginger - -baobab -cinnamon Amazing on every possible level 🙌🏼

The creamiest, dreamiest date and cinnamon nice cream post yoga. Fruit is the fountain of youth and is fundamental to life. Hope you’re having a great day everyone 🤗💖 * Frozen banana Dates Cinnamon Baobab

Nice cream is my most satisfying, nourishing, delicious, filling and easily-digested raw vegan meal. This one is ginger and date nice cream with a blueberry ripple. Big love!!🤗💖 * Frozen bananas Fresh ginger Dates Baobab Blueberry ripple: Blend fresh blueberries, dates,lucuma powder.

Yoga, nature, green nice cream and a run in the sunshine: love days like this! 🤩💚 * Frozen bananas Dates Barleygrass juice powder Spirulina Baobab

My 2nd Nice cream of the day! One before my 10k run event and one after. Bananas are ace at providing energy and endurance before, and for recovery and nourishment afterwards. Before the run, I had my green nice cream with added spirulina, barleygrass juice powder, Moringa, baobab and dates: an incredible amount of goodness! I managed to reach my target of sub 55 and alongside training, fruit fuel and the natural protein of the green powders ace any protein powders with artificial ingredients. CRUELTY-FREE POWER!! * This recipe was: Frozen bananas Frozen blueberries Dates Baobab Whizz up in a blender or food processor 👍🏼 Enjoy 💕

Feeling amazing after 3 yoga sessions this week and even better after this amazing Raspberry Ripple and Vanilla nice cream. I’m loading up on fruity carbs ready for getting a PB my 10k run tomorrow. Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend 🤗💕💕 * Frozen bananas Dates Vanilla pod Baobab Raspberry ripple is made by blending fresh raspberries with soft dates. Stir this through the nice cream 😋

Has anyone tried a pineapple, mango and turmeric nice cream? Such a beautiful thing!! 💛💛 Both tangy and mellow at the same time with a subtle hint of spice and great for a cleanse👍🏼 * Frozen bananas Frozen mango Frozen pineapple Turmeric Black pepper Baobab powder

This is how I brake my Monday juice fasts. Who else has a weekly fast? Mine starts on Sunday at 6pm and ends on Monday at 6pm. That equates to 3 or 4 juices and then a fruit mono meal to brake the fast at 6pm. It’s manageable, fills you with pure nutrients, cleanses and gives you’re digestive system a rest each week, but means you can continue to do your daily tasks and workout. I start everyday of the week with celery juice on an empty stomach too. Join me why don’t you ! 😉

Another delicious, Heavy metal detox, Queen 👑Green Nice cream after a 5k run in the sun, followed by yoga. All fuelled up to do some work in the sun ☀️ ☀️☀️ Make some time for yourself today😊💖 * Frozen bananas Dates Barleygrass juice powder Spirulina Moringa Baobab powder Dulse flakes Use a powerful blender or food processor to cream up the ingredients. That’s it! 💚💚

Citrus juice has to be one of the best juices! Who agrees? Dismiss that fructose fear! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Citrus fruits act as an internal antiseptic and because they are so astringent, they help to remove toxic debris from the colon. Fresh Citrus juice is a predigested food and allows for immediate absorption of all of it’s healing properties, although it’s good to know that lots of the phytonutrients are in the fibre and pith too, so I eat lots of whole oranges as well! * Navel oranges Blood oranges Tangerines Grapefruit

Carob, date, cinnamon and maca nice cream topped with raspberries. Another favourite! Sending love into the weekend 💖🤗

Green nice cream: so delicious, so healing, so nourishing! The barleygrass juice powder and spirulina, together remove heavy metals from the body. The baobab adds creamy sweetness and lots of vit C. The dates add a caramel flavour as well as chewy toffee bits. It’s incredible- try it! * Frozen bananas Dates Barleygrass juice powder Spirulina Baobab

I sat down to a rainbow 🌈 and it was 💯 delish! Who else loves the combination of papaya and passion fruit? 👌🏼😋😋 Self care investment so far: -Meditation -Celery juice -OJ and grapefruit juice -High intensity workout -This beautiful fruit platter -Rest