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Creamy, dreamy banana ice cream with dates, mixed spice (ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg) and vanilla. I’d forgotten how amazing this is, if you can stand the cold!❄️❄️😁 What have you got planned today? I’ll be starting my day with a 5k run, followed by yoga and a green juice. Exercising everyday (almost 3 months now) has become a passion, mostly outdoors. It’s a terrific boost to circulation, lymphatic drainage and well being. What are your plans today? What ever you do- have a great day! 💖

Such a beautiful kale salad I had yesterday, balanced with spices and the sweetness of pomegranate seeds and tangerines. It would make a great addition to your festive table. Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!💖 * Kale massaged in lemon juice, tangerine juice, cayenne pepper, paprika, onion powder, avocado and a little pink salt. Add thinly sliced Brussels sprouts. Scatter on some pomegranate seeds, add more avocado and some sweet tangerines. Add dulse flakes if you wish. Enjoy! So gorgeous! 😋

Have you had a green juice today? We live in a modern world and it’s a challenge to escape the toxins, stress and strains of modern day living. However, green juices support our health by cleansing, remineralising, alkalising, healing, nourishing and hydrating on a deep cellular level. Alongside lots of fruit and vegetables, you’re on to a winner! Make looking after your temple, a consistent daily habit so we can live out our God-given purpose and enjoy our sacred lives. 💚🌱💚 * Celery Cucumber Apple Lemon Ginger

I’ve been eating masses of sweet tangerines and persimmons! I find them so satisfying and cleansing- they both contain active enzymes that help to break down toxic cells and foreign microbes in the body, so are particularly great at this time of year, with so many viruses around! Plus, colours are significant and interestingly, the orange chakra in our reproductive area corresponds to sensuality, creativity and going with the flow in life. What are your favourite fruits right now?

Mid week essentials. Is anyone else feeling the pull to hibernate? 😄

Green- the colour of life🌱💚🌱 * #smoothie Bananas Spinach Mango Spirulina Barleygrass juice powder Dates Vanilla Ashwaghanda

Smoothies are my go to meals- you can pack in all the goodness and be satisfied you’re being nourished with living food. As you can see- I eat a LOT of fruit too! It’s the heart of my kitchen 😄 #thrivingonfruit * Bananas Blueberries Blackberries Raspberries Mango Beetroot Spinach Chia seeds Dulse flakes Barleygrass juice powder

Happy Monday everyone! This smoothie will energise your mind and body and is so delicious! Look after yourself with a passion during the winter months and keep moving! I’ve been exercising everyday for 10 weeks for at least an hour! Teamed with LOTS of fruit, leafy greens and no nasties, my health and well being is at its best! Join me! 🤗💚💚 * Bananas Mango Blackberries Blueberries Spinach chia seeds Cacao nibs Spirulina Barleygrass juice powder

There’s no better time than NOW for a green juice. Remember to find time for self care and self love today so you can be your best for your loved ones 😊🤗 Sending love and peace 💚🌟 * Celery Cucumber Apple Ginger

Sweet fruit is the most, satisfying, cleansing, healing, nutritious and energy-giving food. Today’s fruit haul included more persimmons, tangerines, navel oranges, pears, pomegranates, and these beauties-Piel de Sapo melons 🤗🌟 Hope you’re having a lovely, relaxing weekend and all the amazing fruit 🌈

We need glucose from fruit to survive and strive: to fuel the heart and liver in order to clean the blood and help to build muscles alongside exercise. Greens provide the mineral salts to help deliver the glucose to the cells more efficiently. That’s why we feel more satisfied eating greens with fruit. So if you want to build muscles, eat all the fruit and greens and work those muscles! I’m seeing great results! Been exercising everyday for 9 weeks and loving the physical and mental benefits. And now for some delicious citrus juice 😉🧡‘Tis the season 🍊🍊🍊

Sending love with a beautiful raspberry smoothie to brighten up your day. The perfect smoothie after 1 and 1/2 hours of a cycling commute in the dark and rain today ☔️ Looking forward to getting cosy with a good book now. Usually ‘Liver Rescue’ or my aromatherapy book, and later, my evening meditation. Hope you have a relaxing evening too 🤗💖 * Bananas Frozen raspberries Mango Pineapple Coconut

Fruit meals are just the best! All beautifully ripened and the organic pineapple had such a soft, sweet edible core too! I have so many persimmons 😆🧡🧡

Living food for a living body. Don’t you just love a good food haul? Fruit and greens for the win! Happy Monday everyone🤗💖

This season, make health, self care and well being a focus, so you can be your best for everyone, enjoy it, continue to inspire and be a light in the darkness. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Who else has filled their home with lights? HAPPY #hannukah to all those celebrating ✨ * Bananas Frozen mango Spinach Coriander Hempseeds Chia seeds Spirulina Barleygrass juice powder Ashwaghanda Wild blueberry powder

Something to add joy to your day! A Happy fruit bowl!🌈 Bought some organic persimmons and an organic pineapple. I could live off persimmons right now! 😄 Have a wonderful weekend friends and happy first day of December 😘

Skin glow smoothie! Glow into the weekend! * Bananas Blackcurrants Pineapple Mango Little avo

Mid week happy vibes to you all! 🌟🌟😊 Here’s a beetroot, pineapple, spinach smoothie to boost your energy for the rest of the week! * Frozen Bananas Pineapple Spinach Beetroot