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WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE BISHIE???????? First of all, happy 28th birthday for the 5th consecutive year! 🤗 I hate that I can’t bite your anit in person today but I’ll ask Pearling to do it for me. The saying goes... if a friendship exceeds 7 years, it’ll last a lifetime. 6 and a half palang tayo bishie so we still have a couple of months to finally hit the kwan and tarnish this shiiiii. To say that we’ve been through a lot would be the biggest understatement ever. You’ve become my work wife, my work baby and the bane of @ceej899’s and my existence all in one. I wish everyone knew you like I do, bishie. But I know you only show your truest self to the special ones and that makes me feel like a million Milwaukee Bucks (are they still your team or are we hopping on a bandwagon elsewhere, tell me now!) To my person, happy happy birthday!! 🤗❤️