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🔮3 facts about me: 1. Your status or finances doesn’t impress me. I vibe with your energy 2. Bring me peace, joy and I will love you without question 3. If everyone can have it or access I don’t want it! Vibes and actions go side by side 🔑 #FBF #seychelles ps I can already notice a different in my lowerbody 🙌💦👏 Day17 of my challenge #positiveaffirmations #bestversionofyou #grateful

. Naaaah Ini ada juga statement dari pihak lain . Jadi benar ataupun salah Pokoknya tetap dukung aja yukssss olahragawan dan olahragawati indonesia buat berprestasi . Kita tetap satu indonesia . 💪💪💪

Came across the ghost of Christmas future eating a high end arugula salad at the beach a few weeks ago

Who’s ready for tomorrow?! Make sure to get there early! I will be opening up at 6:30! See y’all there ! 💕✨

i tried to take a better one i swear.