Chuẩn bị thiết kế cho chương trình #photokid tuần sau <3 cảm giác thật háo hức <3 #photokids #children #artforkids #vuinhiepanh #vnayoung
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Любишь кататься? 😈

فەرموو دەست پێكەن❤️😍 . @sky_doblazh

4 years apart and a how lot of confidence has grown _ Went from a fragile, not confident 15 year old To a 19 year old who is strong and so much more confident within myself _ I obviously got profession help for my mental health which helped a lot However what helped me over come the last few hurdles was definitely when I started the gym in December 2015 _ Working out whether it being the gym, going for a walk, run, cycle will have a impact on how you feel. When we exercise it releases positive endorphins which is what makes us feel happy ✨ _ This Saturday at 2pm in Bristol pure gym @mentalhealthmuscle are doing a event! Such a amazing charity and very close to my heart Breaking the stigma that mental health is giving and showing how the fitness world can impact our mental health ✨ _ Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of You shouldn’t suffer alone Few free to message me if you ever need someone to talk to ❤️

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خوب ديگه😅😅 سفر طولانى من ديگه داره تموم ميشه و دارم كم كم برميگردم و پيج به روال قبليش برميگرده.. لطفاً زير اين پست برام كامنت بذاريد كه موضوع بعدى چى باشه تا من بدونم اولويت با كدوم موضوع هاست تا سريع تر مطالبش رو تهيه كنم🤗🤗😍😍❤️❤️ به ياد داشته باشيد كه خيلى از موضوعات در پست هاى قبلى مطرح شده. پس اگر پست هاى قبلى رو نخونديد حتماً يه سرى بهشون بزنيد🌹🌹🌹