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Put your soul on paper. You'll be surprised how it looks. 😘

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Good summary for why I'm not a Christian.

Hey ghouls and goblins! Don't forget the party is next Friday! Let me know if you'd like to join and didn't get an invite so I can DM you. 🎃🎉😊😁 #halloween #halloweenparty #costumeparty #itslit #turnup #pleasersvp

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Turning my phone off now. 😋😘 #foodforthought #wordsofwisom #thoughtoftheday #relationshipgoals

10.18.2018 Energy & Advice The Page of Wands represents youthful rebellion and enthusiasm. She's a free spirit and doesn't give a flying f what anyone else thinks of her actions because she wants to have fun. She doesn't take direction easily, preferring to go her own way and figure it out in the process. Whenever any of the Pages show up, I think of them as the human equivalent of the Ace in that suit. Pages and aces are symbolic of the start of something new and maybe a little naiveté. That's not necessarily a bad thing though, because without preconceived notions, your mind is open. Today will likely spark your imagination or enthusiasm. Either for something new, or something you've loved or had interest in since your childhood. ° The Fool functions as our advice for the day. So, jump! Give yourself permission to be a little reckless, get a little messy. The details and logistics can be worked out later, just START! The Universe will catch you, support you, and guide you. Whatever it is that's calling to you today can put some much needed fire and drive in your spirit. Don't delay or make excuses. This is an intense spark, but you have to tend the flame out it will go out. Make the most of it.

This will be my evening. Do not disturb! #sevendeadlysins #anime #sogood @tru_blackhippy

This is what I tell myself when I'm dying from a workout. If you want it, do the work! #fitness #fitnessgoals #fitmomsofig #dripsweat #sweatissexy #strengthtraining #cardio #sculpt #bodygoals #goaldigger

I did a collective reading for all my followers! Energy: Two of Cups. Advice: King of Wands How are you relating to the people around you? Are you being treated with respect? Do your relationships feel like the whole is greater than the sum of its parts? The Two of Cups is about the union of two people (or groups) coming together to create something new. Be willing to pour from your cup into someone else's and know that you will recieve from theirs in return. Whether you're giving love, respect, friendship, admiration, support, remember that your cup can never run out because the source is inexhaustible. Give of yourself freely (to those who deserve it, of course) and the energy will flow back to you. Loving others fosters your own growth. When we do this, it automatically puts us in a position of power and influence. The King of Wands is a visionary. He ushers in change for the good of all around him. He goes after his passions and desires with a willpower unlike any other. People can't help but be drawn to him. His enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious and, somehow, he always seems to have people around him who can help him bring his vision to life. So, today, ask yourself if your relationships make you feel supported and secure enough to move through the world unafraid to show your unique flair. Are you being genuine? The people in your life don't have to share your vision, so long as they don't tear it down. Let others inspire you and be others' inspiration.