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Too much unseen art. Too many untold stories. DM us your tattoo pictures,why you got it,the meaning and the story behind it!

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@kamila_boorges : My tattoos are part of what I am. From what I've become. Do not try to understand. Do not try to interpret, judge, know what it is. You could not. Maybe I do not know how to explain either. All this here goes far beyond a line of paint stuck to the skin. Each one represents a story, a particular universe. My universe. It's just that I have such deep memories, such remarkable experiences, that I thought it would be insufficient to keep them in my memory. So I decided to eternalize them in my body. Now, more than ever, they are part of me. The first tattoo usually represents the rebelliousness of youth. That innocent trait we often cover after a while. There's that tattoo that resembles a great love that stayed in the past. And there are others that serve to honor the people who are fundamental in our lives. That moment that we live and that will live forever within us That experience so sensational that deserves to be part not only of our history, but also of our own body. And so we create poetic scars, colorful, incredible. I've already been called a comic book. I've been judged by the doodles I carry. What they forget is that, behind all this ink, a heart beats in peace. And, in the end, that's what matters. My body my Rules. My tattoos, my story. Maybe tomorrow I'll make one more. #whatsyourtattoostory #blackandgreytattoo #newtattoo #sleevetattoo #underboobtattoo #simpletattoo

@lottieslocks123 : I’ve got two tattoos ... one finished off the other knew on Monday last week. The meaning behind this one means a lot too me. It’s a reminder that life’s a journey. To embrace it but always remember to keep moving forward. ❤️x And the meaning behind my other one I’ve just had finished off is : Elephants are strong and independent. They are warriors but also nurturers ❤️ trates that I inspire to have. #whatsyourtattoostory #blackandgreytattoo #newtattoo #backtattoo #dotworkers #dotworktattoo #elephanttattoo #blacktattoo #ornamentaltattoo

@viaaa_xx : My tattoo means a lot to me. It doesn't have a typical story, it's more like a reminder for myself. The thing is, few months ago I broke up with a guy. We were together for five years, but most of the time I wasn't happy. He didn't treat me well, I felt unloved, unhappy. I decided to break up with him. I chose to be happy, even though it was scary at the beggining. So that's why my tattoo says: "Always choose happiness no matter what". I've learned my lesson and now I know, that if I ever feel like that again, unwanted, unhappy, I can always choose to leave, to find something better. I can always choose happiness. #whatsyourtattoostory #blackandgreytattoo #newtattoo #simpletattoo #backtattoo #tattoofont #simplicity #firsttattoo

@picturesnomore : This is Patty, 16 y.o girl who really wanted to have a tattoo. I would refuse to make it but she came with her grandma. We have been talking about tattoos and stuff and decided to make This little friendly heron Bird by the water. She was totally in love with this project and fell in love with tattoo. It was a real pleasure to make them both happy. #whatsyourtattoostory #blackandgreytattoo #newtattoo #firsttattoo #tattoolover #dotworkers #dotworktattoo #blacktattoo

@loserlary : I was in an abusive relationship for 4 years and it took my so long and so much energy to get out. I felt so weak and worthless, but when I finally made it I felt as strong as I never felt before. I wanted to hold on to that feeling, so got a tattoo that always reminds me what I have gone through and that I'm strong. The mermaid is a warrior that symbolizes my power. She's beautiful and happy but always ready to fight. #whatsyourtattoostory #mermaidtattoo #newtattoo #shouldertattoo #traditionaltattoo #boldwillhold #portraittattoo #tattooedmodels

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: @amirasadi.barber : I have a lot of tattoo designs because I have a lot of interest in painting and I'm trying to implement the best Haro design. I am an Iranian ambassador to Iran. Unfortunately, in Iran, Tattoos and Tattoo art are being convicted. I had my first tattoo at 15. I regretted that because it was an ugly design, and I was motivated to become interested in this profession. I can, in Iran, not have tattoo conditions, but I can satisfy those who are interested in tattoos, I have been in this job for about 2 years, I can say that in Iran, the difficult conditions for the cost of tattoos are on the hope that the conditions are getting better. #whatsyourtattoostory #tattoorealism #newtattoo #tattooartist #irantattoo #tattooshop #realistictattoo #skulltattoo #tigertattoo

@vincenzo.stabile8 : My name is vincenzo, I'm 24 and I love tattoos. I have all the American Indian-themed tattooed right arm. I love their culture and their respect for nature .. I have a wolf tattooed on my arm because it's my favorite animal. #whatsyourtattoostory #blackandgreytattoo #newtattoo #indiantattoo #nativeamericantattoo #portraittattoo #sleevetattoo #tattoorealism

@misswinterxo : My arm is roses and butterflies. Which for me symbolizes freedom and growth. Most of my tattoos involve nature. I love how we have the opportunity to wear art. On my back I have a scene of a tiger amongst rocks and waterfalls. On my stomach I have a sword of protection. All of these tattoos are a small story of my life #whatsyourtattoostory #stomachtattoo #sternumtattoo #mandalatattoo #ornamentaltattoo #newtattoo

@xpfeifferx : The story behind my neck tattoo is my mother flipping out telling me I could never do it. When someone says you can’t of course your going to do It. So, I promptly tattooed her hunting knife on my throat. Plus neck tattoos are beautiful. #whatsyourtattoostory #blackandgreytattoo #newtattoo #necktattoo #simpletattoo

@_nicky.ko_ : This is for my mum, in heaven. My mum was ill and fought like a lion. was as beautiful as a rose and therefore the two tattoos. It stands for pure fighter heart.

@xbrandiegravesx : Here’s my tattoo story for you. My fiancé passed away 3 years ago, just 3 weeks before we were going to get married. So on that day, I had this done. A raven represents going through a hard time, growth, and rebirth. The locked heart a piece of my heart that he took with him. His ashes are in the ink so he is always with me. It’s absolutely my most meaningful and cherished tattoo. #whatsyourtattoostory #raventattoo #sleevetattoo #frankensteintattoo #boldwillhold #traditionaltattoo #pinupgirltattoo #newtattoo

@thehairess_ : Most of my ink is for family. I have music notes on my left arm for my grandfather who passed away when I was 14, he was a band director and we use to play the trombone together. #whatsyourtattoostory #blackandgreytattoo #thightattoo #chesttattoo #boldwillhold #traditionaltattoo #handtattoo

@shawna.laurin : We had rabbits when I was younger I was told they had escaped so I had made up a story that they had gone to play hide and seek with a fox. I had found out years later that the mother had killed her babies so the fox had just become this representation of the mother years later. The fairy tale was much better then the reality and I wanted to remember it that way. #whatsyourtattoostory #kneetattoo #legtattoo #neotraditionaltattoo #neotraditional #thightattoo #newtattoo #sleevetattoo #rabbittattoo

@mayaleice : So, my artist is Karl Johnston & he created this beautiful piece. The center flower is a star lily which is my favorite flower, and was also my wedding flower. I wanted something meaningful to my husband & I, as we've endured some battles this past year.

@kelseymctainshxx : The meaning behind my sleeve is: the bottom signifies the hard times you go through life to get where you want to be, I was tested and now I’ve come out on top. The top of my sleeve is my model life and beauty.I am know now as the beauty queen in my field #whatsyourtattoostory #blackandgreytattoo #sleevetattoo #tattoorealism #rosestattoo #realistictattoo #pinuptattoo

@paigeharmonylee : My left arm is Alice in wonderland themed, my last name is Cheshier so ive always been obsessed. On my right forearm i have my moms handwriting in rainbow because my little sister is autistic. My heart on my left ring finger is to remember to always love myself first. And my left knuckles are scissors because im a cosmetologist, lightening bolt cuz idk lol, a moon because why not and the alien i got with one of my best friends. If i was rich i would be covered lol. Photo by : @ikona_photography. #whatsyourtattoostory #aliceinwonderland #tattooedmodel #aliceinwonderlandtattoo #sleevetattoo #newtattoo

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@sarahnickson_ : The lighthouse and red numbers is the latitude and longitude of Salem, Massachusetts which is where I’m from. #whatsyourtattoostory #blackandgreytattoo #newtattoo #lighthousetattoo #traditionaltattoo #boldwillhold #backtattoo