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It's such a perfect Fall day. I'm picking peppers with my sweet Braveheart keeping me company.

Kale, kohlrabi, pac choi, lettuce, arugula, turnips, eggplant, beans, winter squash, sweet potatoes, peppers, shishitos, radishes all hanging out @mitchelldeli. Come over and get y'all some.

Our tails are wagging bc it's Wednesday and the sun is out! See y'all @mitchelldeli 4-7 today. I can't believe I finally got a photo of the puppies being still. Snake in the front and Sparrow in the back are 8 months old.

What you cannot see in this photo is the completely enthralled boy making what he called "natural fireworks." It's Fall y'all.

It's downright cold outside. But we're out here harvesting flowers and veggies to bring to lots of fine nashville establishments today. These lovely fall flowers are headed to @thewildcow .

Man, we've got some good stuff for y'all. We're here @mitchelldeli until 7pm. Come on over and get you some.

There are moments when the weeds are under control. I like to document that.

Good morning and happy Wednesday. We're out here harvesting mizuna to bring to @mitchelldeli today 4-7. So much Fall bounty will be coming with us. We hope to see all y'all there.

We're set up @mitchelldeli until 7pm.

It's kale season! And we'll have lots of it @mitchelldeli today 4-7 along with lots of other organically grown veggies..... Winter squash, beans, radishes, sweet potatoes, eggplant, peppers, pac choi, kohlrabi and more. Come on over and get y'all some.

Good morning from the garden. We're out here getting all the veggies and flowers to bring y'all @mitchelldeli today. It may still feel like summer, but it tastes like Fall.

I'm super excited about my first Roselle harvest. We'll be sipping on vit C rich tea all Winter.

We've been so lucky to have lots of monarch visitors this year. Everyone's happy the sun is back out today.

We're set up and will be here til 7pm. Come on over.

It's Wednesday! And our Fall greens and veggies are coming for y'all today @mitchelldeli 4-7. Kale, pac choi, lettuce, winter squash, radishes, okra, peppers, beans, eggplant and more, more, more. Also, last chance for tomatoes. 🍅 We'll be nice and dry inside. See y'all there.

It's debatable that we have too many pets. This guy, Pumpkin, is King of finding a comfy nap spot.

This is the sweet face of a tired angel who's been out patrolling the farm in the rain all night. Get some rest, Solvi Darling.

Quite possibly the most wonderful radishes we've ever grown.