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Crunchy is our first baby, founder of the Demon Squad and is 14 yrs old. Don't let his chillness fool you, he spent the first 10 yrs of his life causing pure mayhen. We absolutely adore the stinker.

We were frantic to start more okra when an early storm wiped out our transplants but the 2nd round is super healthy and really putting on a show. Look at these giant leaves!

We are not the only ones that desperately needed a few cool, rainy days.

We're set up and ready for yall4. Here til 7pm @mitchelldeli

It's Winston's favorite time of year.... Sweet corn time!! Come get you some sweet ass corn @mitchelldeli 4-7 today.

It's Wednesday! Which means we're out here harvesting veggies, herbs and flowers to bring y'all today. Come over and get some @mitchelldeli 4-7.

The puppies are getting huge!

We have the greenhouse cleaned out!!!! This is the first time we've managed to do this before the end of October. We hope the tarp will do most of the work for us over the next 3 months.

I have to share with y'all my super simple, thirst quenching Summer drink I recently developed. Frozen pineapple and coconut water blended together. That's it! It is insanely good and refreshing. @samanthabaizecreamer you need to try this.


We're all set up and will be holding it down til 7pm.

Now this is one big ol Fennel bulb.

Four types of basil for the csa today and lots more coming with us to @mitchelldeli. Oregano, sage, Mexican tarragon, dill and basil.

It's hard to believe it's Wednesday again already. Which means, we'll be bringing loads of organically grown, fresh veggies, herbs and flowers with us to @mitchelldeli today 4-7. Come over and see us.

Tiny bowl of cherry tomatoes today, more than we know what to do with tomorrow. Tomato season is right around the corner, y'all

I caught Sparrow in mid yawn. Dang gurl! What a tongue.

It's our first time growing potatoes. Mostly bc they take up so much space which we are very limited on. However, we gave in this year and I'm super excited about the unique varieties we've got planted.

Come on over. It's nice and cool inside @mitchelldeli. We'll be holding it down til 7pm.