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First harvest of these little greenhouse gems happening now, at the goldenest hour.

Good morning. I thought I'd bless y'all with a picture of our little Finch, the fiestiest kitten ever. She's getting so big.

Garlic's peaking up.

It's a glorious day to be outside. However, it's a terrible day to re-cover all the field hoops. 😨

2019 is off to a great start. I've just had the most delicious cranberry pecan sourdough bread I have ever tasted. And I freakin' made it!

Snowflake came along to check on the greens in the cat. tunnel. Mizuna, mustard, collards and lettuce are getting big. Golden hour is so early this time of year.

Tennessee Winter sky.

We can't believe it's our last market of 2018. We won't be back until May so come on over to @mitchelldeli before 7pm.

It's a beautiful day and our last market until May 2019. We'll be bringing all the delicious Winter veggies with us to @mitchelldeli today so come on over 4-7 and get you some.

The light is returning and slower days are upon us (for a short while, anyway.) I love to bake and cook more this time of year and this view makes clean up quite nice.

Sweet potatoes, turnips, lettuce, kale, spinach, arugula, butternut, fennel, garlic, rutabagas, radishes, winter squash and all the organic skincare is waiting for a @mitchelldeli til 7pm.

This greenhouse arugula is perhaps the sweetest, most tender arugula you'll ever taste. We only have 2 Wednesdays left @mitchelldeli until next May. Come get some arugula y'all.

These spectacular radishes (along with lots of other winter veggies) are getting cleaned up to come to town today. Come on over to @mitchelldeli 4-7 today for some super fresh, organically grown local veggies.

The dogs were working all night barking at coyotes so a nap in the sunshine is well deserved.

It never fails. When I'm bent over harvesting greens, Snowflake jumps onto my back for a neck nuzzle. It's not very efficient but I try my best to let him stay on for a few minutes. His purr is so soothing.

Calvin came along with me to check on the caterpillar tunnel. Lots of lettuce, mustard, collards and mizuna coming along nicely.

Farm dogs have the best lives! Though we're all enjoying this glorious day!

Winston has been working hard all week to have new art for sale today. We'll be up @mitchelldeli deli until 7pm with lots of organic veggies, small batch skincare and art, of course.